constant knower) Knowing constantly)

Constant knowledge ("Knowing constantly") is the same situation that C tried to bring us all to through the telepathic network.
He argued that because our brain capacity as humans is limited, we perceive only a small part of the dimensions of the universe, and when we go beyond the dimensions and worlds we usually see, what we encounter is SPACE darkness, clogged and impenetrable. It is possible that the evolutionary mechanism blocked the absorption of these dimensions, which had no relevance to the survival or non-survival of the human race. On the other hand, according to the Matrix approach, the programmer doesn't want us to know too much.
Nonetheless, the brain has flashes where it penetrates the sphere of space and absorbs and knows. Each of us has been there and called it intuition, dream or other names. But for the most part we forget and don't have a state of "Knowing constantly", for the reasons I mentioned. He believed, contrary to the position of some of his acquaintances, that it was necessary and possible to solve this problem and to help everyone reach a steady state of knowledge. Some argue that it is simply listening to ourselves, the 'heart' or inner voice – which is lacking in the day-to-day situation, for all kinds of reasons.

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extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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