Guided comets

This week we were informed that Prof. Avi Leib, who heads the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University, has announced a project to search for signs of external visits to Earth, past and present. Prof. Leib is also the one who has argued in recent years that the interstellar bone Umuamua, which passed through the inner solar system in 2017, was probably not "just" an asteroid or comet – but a bone guided by outer ones outside the solar system. This of course can not help but remind me of posts I have posted here in the past, and especially the post "Guided Comets", originally posted on October 7, 2006. As part of the blog's 17th birthday next month, I will re-upload a number of founding posts, and I am happy to open with this post from the series "Back To alternative history".

C0502550-שביטים מונחים


Researchers of species origin in the high schools of galactic intelligence, and certainly in the lower schools as well as some of the readers here were privileged to attend, had no answer to the question of whether the wingless mammals that began appearing 50 million years ago in the blue button at one end of the galaxy, and for one scientist who was known to have somewhat delusional ideas, they reminded in their nature the humans, they are indeed the product of a genetic formula stolen from the labs of one of the high schools (which had the exclusive franchise for the distribution of human DNA in the areas of the inter-stellar-system authority), as argued the scientist. They did not completely disqualify it. The phenomenon of stealing small research spaceships and genetic treasures from school laboratories, and burying them on buttons then found beyond the reach of the inter-stellar authority was, unfortunately, quite common.In fact, this argument (in which some have even argued that the new mammals are a new creation of the ancient masters, who still need slaves as before, but prefer them with more limited mobility, heavier and cumbersome and with slightly smaller brain capacity) is considered boring by most developing communities. All sorts of new species of life that have grown on all sorts of distant planets, have long since ceased to employ the most developed civilization of the interior of the galaxy, which by this time, 49997994 years BC, had already seen it all.
If it was interested in something at those distant, marginal systems whose "low isolated solar radiation reaching their planets is unlikely to ever be enough to provide the energy needed to form thinking and engineering minds", as the president of the scientists put it, at the same meeting of the middle-high schools, where it was decided to limit the budget of the study called 'Species Origin' given hitherto without a line, these were the guided comets caches that were at the ends of many of these systems.

The guided comets
Back then, in the distant past, shrouded in the mists of telepathic reverberations and stories that no one today can know the extent of their veracity, when spacecraft were not yet a common means of transportation because high-speed means of transportation were unfamiliar, hide those whoever hid, knowledge between the stars on guided comets.
Comets, those ice and other frozen materials small stones, and large rocks lumps, which as they approach the sun, as the ice melts, erupt from an aura of gases released from the frozen nucleus, used by those who used it as spacecraft, being the fastest bodies known. On top of those comets, which he learned to guide and control their movements, he transferred from the ends of the systems to their opposite ends, and even from system to system, passengers of various kinds, engineers and workers, raw materials, frozen sperm and other treasures that were valuable to him.

These comets are a known fact in the galaxy. It is not known who used these comets and guided them. Those who still believe in the mythology of the War of the Masters and the bee humans, say that comets are the ancient spaceships of the masters, before the human slaves who worked in their service engineered the small spaceships. Some even claim that the masters themselves are these comets, and their proof of this is that the masters have always been described as long crocodile creatures whose tails have reached innumerable miles, just like the comets.
Others claim that ancient cultures lost from the world preserved on top of these comets, before losing, the basics of their knowledge, shared in encrypted ways, for the sake of the future civilizations thhat will know how to decipher, and continue where they left off.
These comets and their treasures continue to attract treasure hunters on the one hand, especially in remote areas of the galaxy that are less subject to government search bans, and on the other, high school research expeditions, which still find unsolved riddles that justify asking for more budgets from the governments of the galactic civilization.
(From "Etipedia" – the free telepathic encyclopedia of the Galactic Internet)

In the 1950s, according to the count of people in the blue button in one of those remote and low-energy solar systems in the Orion arm, began to be recorded, at listening stations of the Federation which are closest to it, located in Epsilon Aridnus and Sirius Alpha, signals that indicate a new development taking place in the 50-million-year-old young mammals in the button. The signals of nuclear weapons being fired there did not excite the centers of civilization in the universe, whose history is rooted in the warfare of horns that split planets, and no longer is a considered planet, not equipped with 100% safe interceptors. Still, an unsubstantiated broadcast received in late 1961 at one of the unmanned IT stations, according to which the blue-button "human" managed to launch a first spacecraft out of the atmosphere a few years earlier, raised some particular, irrational concern.
Nevertheless, the treasure troves discovered by a high school research spacecraft that arrived at that solar system at one time in one of the comets, treasures of rare material of quality that had long been looted by adventurers from other places in the universe where it once was, occupied galactic civilization and filled its telepathic internet discussions throughout Time, much longer than it was occupied by the expedition reported, according to which it managed to guide the same comet to the vicinity of the blue button and even abducted with it three human cubs, which were taken for follow-up research on one of the historical planets of human civilization in the galaxy.

שביטים מונחים

השבוע התבשרנו שפרופ' אבי לייב, העומד בראש המחלקה לאסטרונומיה של אוניברסיטת הרווארד, הכריז על פרוייקט לחיפוש סימנים של ביקורים חיצוניים על כדור הארץ, בעבר ובהווה. פרופ' לייב הוא גם מי שטען בשנים האחרונות כי העצם הבינכוכבי אומואמואה, שחלף במערכת השמש הפנימית ב-2017, לא היה כנראה "סתם" אסטרואיד או כוכב שביט – אלא עצם מונחה על ידי חיצוניים מחוץ למערכת השמש. זה כמובן לא יכול שלא להזכיר לי פוסטים שהעליתי כאן בעבר,ובמיוחד את הפוסט "שביטים מונחים שפורסם במקור ב7 באוקטובר 2006. במסגרת יום ההולדת ה17 של הבלוג שחל בחודש הקרוב, אעלה מחדש מספר פוסטים מכוננים, ואני שמח לפתוח בפוסט זה מתוך סדרת "בחזרה להיסטוריה האלטרנטיבית".

C0502550-שביטים מונחיםאומואמואה. מקור התמונה: מכון דוידסון

לחוקרי מוצא המינים בבתי הספר הגבוהים של התבונה הגלקטית, ובוודאי גם בבתי הספר הנמוכים יותר שאל דומיהם זכו גם חלק מהקוראים כאן להגיע, לא הייתה תשובה לשאלה אם היונקים חסרי הכנפיים שהתחילו להופיע לפני 50 מיליון שנה בכפתור הכחול שבאחת מקצוותיה של הגלכסיה, ושלמדען אחד שהיה ידוע כבעל רעיונות קצת הזויים, הזכירו באופיים את האדמיים, הם אכן תוצר של פורמולה גנטית שנגנבה ממעבדות אחד מבתי הספר הגבוהים (שהיו בעלי הזכיון הבלעדי על הפצת הד.נ.א. האדמי בתחום הרשות האינטר-מערכתית), כפי שטען המדען. הם לא פסלו את זה לגמרי. התופעה של גניבת חלליות מחקר קטנות ואוצרות גנטיים ממעבדות בתי הספר, והטמנתם על כפתורים שנמצאו אז מעבר לטווח הגעת ידה של הרשות האינטר-מערכתית, היתה למרבה הצער די נפוצה.
למען האמת, הויכוח הזה (שבו היו אף שטענו, שהיונקים החדשים הם יצירה חדשה של האדונים העתיקים, שעדיין זקוקים לעבדים כמו פעם, אך מעדיפים אותם מוגבלי תנועה יותר, כבדים ומסורבלים ובעלי קיבולת מוח מעט יותר קטנה) בעיני רוב הקהילה המתפתחת, נחשב משעמם. כל מיני זני חיים חדשים שצמחו בכל מיני פלנטות רחוקות, כבר הפסיקו מזמן להעסיק את הציביליזציה המפותחת ביותר של פנים הגלקסיה, שבתקופה זו, 49997994 שנה לפני הספירה, כבר ראתה הכל.
אם עניין אותה משהו במערכות הרחוקות ההן, השוליות, ש"קרינת השמשות המבודדות הנמוכה המגיעה אל פלנטותיהן ספק אם יהיה אי פעם די בה כדי לספק אנרגיה הדרושה להיווצרות מוחות חושבים ומהנדסים" כפי שהתנסח נשיא המדענים, באותה ישיבה של בית הספר האמצעי-הגבוה, שבה הוחלט להגביל את התקציב של המחקר הנקרא 'מוצא המינים' שניתן עד אז בלי משורה, הרי אלה היו מטמוני השביטים המוּנחים שהיו בקצותיהן של רבות מן המערכות האלה.

השביטים המוּנחים
אי אז, בעבר הרחוק, עטוף בערפילי ההדהודים הטלפתיים והסיפורים שאין היום מי שיכול לדעת את מידת אמיתותם, כאשר עדיין לא היו החלליות כלי נפוץ לתעבורה כיוון שאמצעי התעבורה המהירים לא היו מוכרים, טמן מי שטמן יֵדע שאותו העביר בין הכוכבים על גבי שביטים מונחים.
השביטים, אותם גושי קרח וחומרים קפואים אחרים, אבנים קטנות, וסלעים גדולים, אשר בהתקרבותם לשמש, עם הינמסות הקרח, פורצת מהם הילה של גזים שהשתחררו מהגרעין הקפוא, שימשו את מי ששימשו כחלליות, בהיותם הגופים המהירים ביותר שהכיר. על גבי אותם השביטים, שאותם למד להנחות ולשלוט בתנועותיהם, העביר מי שהעביר מקצוות המערכות לקצוותיהם הנגדיים, ואף ממערכת למערכת, נוסעים מסוגים שונים, מהנדסים ופועלים, חומרי גלם, תאי זרע מוקפאים ועוד אוצרות שהיו לגביו בעלי ערך.
השביטים האלה הם עובדה ידועה בגלקסיה. אין ידוע מי הוא שהשתמש בשביטים האלה והנחה אותם. אלה שמאמינים עדיין במיתולוגיה של מלחמת האדונים ואדמי הדבורה, אומרים שהשביטים הם החלליות הקדמוניות של האדונים, בטרם הינדסו להם העבדים האדמיים שעבדו בשירותם את החלליות הקטנות. יש אף הטוענים, שהאדונים עצמם הם הם השביטים האלה, וההוכחה שלהם לכך היא שהאדונים תוארו תמיד כיצורים תניניים ארוכים שזנבותיהם הגיעו לאורך בלתי נספר של קילומטרים, בדיוק כמו השביטים.
אחרים טוענים שתרבויות קדמוניות שאבדו מן העולם, שימרו על גבי השביטים האלה, בטרם אבדו, את עיקרי הידע שלהם, חלקו בדרכים מוצפנות, למען הציביליזציות העתידיות שיֵדעו לפענח, ולהמשיך במקום שבו הן הפסיקו.
שביטים אלה ומטמונותיהם ממשיכים למשוך עד היום הרפתקנים מחפשי מטמונות מצד אחד, בעיקר באזורים המרוחקים של הגלקסיה שנתונים פחות לאיסורי החיפוש של השלטונות, ומצד שני, משלחות מחקר של בתי הספר הגבוהים, שעדיין מוצאים בהם כתבי חידה בלתי מפוענחים, אשר משמשים להם הצדקה לבקש תקציבים נוספים מממשלות הציביליזציה הגלקטית.
(מתוך "אטיפדיה" – האנציקלופדיה הטלפתית החופשית של האינטרנט הגלקטי)

בשנות ה50 של המאה ה20, לפי ספירת האנשים בכפתור הכחול שבאחת מאותן מערכות שמש נידחות ודלות אנרגיה אלה שבזרוע אוריון, התחילו להיקלט בתחנות התיקשוב של הפדרציה הסמוכות אליה ביותר, הממוקמות באפסילון ארידנוס ובסיריוס אלפא, אותות שהעידו על התפתחות חדשה שמתרחשת אצל היונקים הצעירים בני ה50 מיליון שנים שבכפתור. האותות שבישרו על נשק גרעיני שהופעל שם, לא ריגשו את מרכזי הציבילזציה ביקום, שההסטוריה שלהם מורגלת בלוחמת קרניים מבקעות פלנטות, ואין היום פלנטה נחשבת, שאינה מצויידת מכבר באמצעי יירוט בטוחים ב100% מכל הצעצועונים האלה. בכל זאת, שדר בלתי מבוסס שנקלט בסוף 1961 באחת מתחנות התקשוב הבלתי מאויישות, ועל פיו הצליח "האדמי" בן הכפתור הכחול לשגר חללית ראשונה אל מחוץ לאטמוספרה כמה שנים לפני כן, עורר איזה דאגה מסויימת, לא רציונלית במהותה.
אף על פי כן, המטמונים שגילתה חללית מחקר של בית הספר הגבוה שהגיעה באותה תקופה למערכת השמש ההיא באחד השביטים, מטמונים של חומר נדיר באיכותו שכבר מזמן נשדד על ידי הרפתקנים משאר המקומות ביקום שבהם היה בעבר, העסיקו את הציביליזציה הגלקטית ומילאו את דיוניה באינטרנט הטלפתי לאורך זמן, הרבה יותר מכפי שהעסיק אותה דיווח המשלחת, על פיו הצליחה להנחות את אותו שביט אל סביבת הכפתור הכחול ואף חטפה בעזרתו משם שלושה גורי אדם, אשר נלקחו למחקר מעקב באחת הפלנטות ההסטוריות של הציביליזציה האדמית בגלקסיה.

Profile 21: Encyclopedic entry

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1. Profile 21, technical definition and the reasons why it is given

2. The actual uses of the profile
3. The situation during the end of the last century and the beginning of this century
4. Organizations and public activities
5. The media and social reference
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1. Profile 21, technical definition and the reasons why it is given

Profile 21 is the Israeli military code for permanent exemption from service in the IDF (dropouting  השמטה), according to a 'profile book' that targets the candidates for security service (מלש"ב) in numbers, according to their degree of necessity, suitability for systemic placement and the degree of desire of the system for their serving inside it. The code 'Profile 21' is defined as a code that the reasons for giving it are healthy. For examples: height of less than 1.50 m, less than 5 fingers in one hand, complete blindness or in one eye, and more, and only a minority are mental (i.e .: reflect an "invisible defect"). In fact, those with a profile of 21 may also be perfectly healthy people, that no way was found to place them in the military, however, the system for some reason tends to easily 'invent' a health defect for them and classify their specific case as a disease. Profile 21 may be given as a result of an incorrect registration (due to a malfunction or due to someone's revenge) on the IDF computer, as evidenced by cases that have been published in the past (such as the case of Reservist A – an article in Haaretz dated September 3, 2007, which cannot be found online anymore) 21 may also be given to cover up situations created by the system, when fears of exposing them (which may involve exposing "secrets") bringing the system to its convenient solution of defamation, and there is also a profile 21 on a political background.

2. The actual uses of the profile

Despite its technical-dry medical definitions, profile 21, by its very nature, is used for things that go far beyond the basic military need of recruiting soldiers appropriate to its work needs, and has served over the years as the most powerful political tool for a total dropouting of people, not only from the army but also from social and professional life in general in Israel, as a result of the social and professional exclusion which came as a result of the various stigmas that exist on profile 21, and hence the profile has been used for many years not only as a technical tool for exemption from the army but also as a key deterrent ("see and fear") for a desirable education for the system and oppression of exceptional people who do not 'integrate' into state programs, do not go ‘in the groove’, and potential ‘unfaithful’ according to the dominant ideology that defines ‘loyalty’, and so the formation of the tribe around the denunciation of victims (whose reason for choice may be random). This is due to the prevailing belief in society that a person who is being dropout from army with this profile is not an "entire person" but a defective person (especially when it comes to a physical profile) or mentally handicapped (when it comes to a mental profile) or "dodger" – an abstract concept that essentially assumes person who is normatively abnorma, who initiated his non-recruitment with an egotistical intention not to serve in the army, and is also suspected of falsifying a defect for that purpose and therefore is also a criminal, and in any case he is unreliable or unfaithful to the state, or at least immature, and hence not worthy to come in society, get a job and more. Because the concepts of the mental wherever they are refer to something that no one has yet seen, military authorities find it easier to grant exemption from the military by 'mental profile' than by physical profiles, and this is also the preferred profile by voluntary dropouts (some of which take the means of impersonation of those with a mental problem), in cases where they exist, since there is no way to prove a mental problem is not "hidden somewhere".
Profile 21 also served as a tool for political revenge against those who hold opinions that are not acceptable at one time by the establishment (and may be acceptable at another time, such as supporting communism which was considered dangerous and treacherous in the 1950s and is now at most 'strange'), punishing anomalies that are at some point inconsistent with the norm (such as homosexuality or suspicion of homosexuality, which is now acceptable and today it is acceptable and does not constitute a reason for preventing recruitment, but was in the past a reason for "mental" exemption) and even "treatment by avoiding" on complex personal situations (such as adolescent crises that may be typical of the over-intelligent peaople, and may pass over time) and even dealing with bureaucratic problems of manpower surplus (a phenomenon that is widely manifested During the time of Chief of Staff Ehud Barak, who aspired to a "small and smart army," something which did not prevent him years later from advancing his political career in incitement against non-servants).

On the one hand the army claims that it cannot recruit anyone, and on the other hand it do not provide its dropouts with protection or compensation from the social trap into which the vast majority are expected to enter. which exists not least due to the social indoctrination that the military and publicly influential officials who have cooperated with it have been responsible for since the establishment of the state, which has rooted these stigmas in society. The manipulative power of Profile 21 as a tool for omission-exclusion is more powerful than tools held by civilian workplaces, both because of the existing stigma on "mental cases" and because conscription into the army in Israel is compulsory conscription and the army was perceived for many years as the "People's Army." Dropouting is also an effective tool for manipulative exploitation of people by the feeling instilled in them that they are not perfect enough, or good enough, which will make them work harder for less, both "for the homeland" and for jobs and other frameworks, in a pointless effort to 'justify the Their existence 'and root out the stigma imprinted on them.

3. The situation during the end of the last century and the beginning of this century

Until 2007:

Trends and processes of the 1980s and 1990s, such as the peace process on the one hand and the process of privatization and strengthening of the rich on the other (which led to the desire to relieve the burden on the sons of the rich and famous, as well as the trend noted earlier for "small and smart army"). along with the fear of organizing a critical mass of dropouts, from different strata of society, who would act politically to exercise rights robbed from them (a trend that began to emerge with the establishment of an association for profile 21 victims in 1994), brought some relief to the dropouts. Today, for example, since section 2A of the Equal Employment Rights Act was enacted, workplaces are not allowed to ask about a military profile, and a court has even ruled that a requirement for military service as a condition for accepting work is not required, constitutes discrimination.
It seemed to many that by the end of the first half of the present century, the number of voluntary dropouts who were not afraid of the stigma of profile 21 and its revenge had increased, and that society at that time was more liberal towards dropouts at all, but this claim was not statistically tested. In particular, it has not been examined whether this trend reflects all social classes (some believe it was unique only to families with means, and especially to pop stars, models, etc.), and some see it as a fiction of the establishment to shake out from responsibility for the dropouts and perhaps even justify dropouts' future persecution, or a common fiction out of opposing goals of the establishment and of elements supporting the reduction of conscription (there is no doubt that in the early 1990s the argument was used by those who tried to advance the "small and smart army" program). In those years, Israeli society was perceived by many as a post-Zionist society, but still the army was perhaps even more used, as the last "fig leaf" of the social-Zionist myth in an era of expanding global and Israeli capitalism and the privatization of the economy.

From 2007:

After the Second Lebanon War, in which the heads of the army and the state found it difficult to cover up their failures, a process of delegitimization of the dropouts began, led from 2007 by an incitement campaign called 'A Real Israeli Does Not Dodge', it was led by military personnel such as Major General Elazar Stern, who claimed during the Lebanon war that he "does not visit the funerals of soldiers in North Tel Aviv" (although his remarks were based on false data) and politicians such as Ehud Barak. Although the campaign stated in some of its ads that "a dodger is only someone who can be in the army but does not serve", this decleration added to ads was made in very small letters, thus directed the visible and prominent part of the campaign and incitement against anyone who does not wear an IDF uniform for any reason.
Employers have stated their intention to discriminate against dropouts (even if the number of work places who discriminated against dropouts actually depreciated). As part of the campaign, a public lynching was held in the media on artists who did not serve full service or were dropouted, such as the winner of 'Star Born' for 2006 Jaco Eisenberg, Ivri Lider and others, and even a law initiative was passed to prevent these singers from performing in state-funded institutions.
In the Netanyahu-Lieberman coalition, in the years 2009-2013, declarations were made of intentions to pass laws that granting citizenship in compliance with the controlling ideology ('loyalty-citizenship'), such initiatives were allegedly directed in particular against Arab citizens, a bad idea for itself. However, all those who recieved 21 profile and are not from rich or "connected" ("ranked") backgrounds could be harmed by this policy (which matched the government's capitalist-nationalist stance against anyone who is ineffective in killing Arabs and strengthening settlements and is not estimated at capital), for example in discrimination in tuition rights and work in the civil service. The effort to discriminate dropouts in the law was led in 2009-2013 by the Yisrael Beiteinu party, despite (and some claim because of) the fact that the average military resume of its representatives in the Knesset, was very small and perhaps the smallest among the coalition parties belonging to the non-orthodox ('Charedi') sector.
One symbolic bill was the proposal to discriminate dropouts in admission to the civil service – the first place where discrimination against dropouts was banned in 1994 by order of the Service Commissioner as a first step before a comprehensive law was enacted (see below).
In 2013, MK Yariv Levin of the Likud tried to pass the law of discrimination against dropouts, including those with a profile of 21, under the name "Donors' Rights Law", when he claims that those serving in the army, despite the privileges granted to them by the state, they are truly discriminated against because they "give 3 years of their lives" when the one who has been dropped has supposedly the option in those years to build himself up and find a job worthy of his skills.

From the first decade of the 2000s, the national service that was previously exclusively attended by religious girls, was greatly expanded, and is now open to sectors that were previously dropouted from any service, such as Arabs and people with disabilities, some of whom even volunteer for the military. The fact of its existence and the claim that "anyone can do it" is used by supporters of excluding dropouts and discriminating against them if they have not served national service, but the claim that national service is open to all has not been examined and to this day an administration has not been established, which would regulate and enable a solution of national service to all, the national service certainly does not relieve the state of its obligations to past dropouts for whom no such framework has been found, and national service servants are not yet valued in all sectors like 'real soldiers'.

Some argue that the military as a whole should become professional, and reward its servants through adequate pay for the difficulty and importance of their job.

4. Organizations and public activities


The first known organization that was established with the aim of fighting the stigma of profile 21 and for the rights of the profilerics is of the "Profile 10" group that was established in 1993 in Jerusalem at the initiative of Ayal Badt. In 1994, the organization was registered as an association for the victims of Profile 21 and operated in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for two years through meetings and support groups of those with profile 21.
The organization's manifesto reads: "Profile 10 has set itself the primary goal of bringing about a complete separation of the military profile from the civilian system, but in the future we would like to see the complete abolition of this degrading Cain sign, which violates human dignity, called profile 21, along with the profile and stigma we want to see the question "what did you do in the army" or "were you in the army" disappear from places where she should not appear.
We want to do this through advocacy (social lobbying and public education) and legislation (strengthening the laws of freedom of occupation and individual rights in a way that prohibits, through severe enforcement, any discrimination for non-service in the military). "
To the credit of the organization's activity in meetings with MKs and appearances in the media, are attributed, among other things, Amendment 2A to the Equality in Employment Rights Law, which was enacted as a continuation of the directive of State Commissioner Prof. Yitzhak Gal-Nur to stop requiring a military profile from candidates for admission to the civil service, and perhaps in general the beginning of a change in the attitude of Israeli society towards dropouts, following their exit from the closet. However, the lack of broader public-political support (apart from some assistance from Shatil), power struggles and controversy mainly over the attitude towards voluntary dropouting ("evasion" or "refusal") and the inexperience of most members in conducting political struggles (as well as the need to conduct the The private daily war of existence of the dropouts) resulted in a reduction in activity.

In 1998, it was founded on the initiative of a feminist group that drew some inspiration from the activities of "Profile 10" "A New Profile Movement – A Movement for Citizenship of Society in Israel".
In the basic charter, the founders of the movement write: "We – a feminist group of women as well as men – know that it is possible to live in a country that is not a state of soldiers. The State of Israel can adopt a decisive peace policy today. It can cease to be a military state. It is clear to us that our children, our spouses, ourselves, do not have to continue to be recruited, you do not have to live as soldiers. Today it is clear to us that the slogan of national security often hid the choice of war, as a way of realizing policy goals. We do not want to continue to take part in this choice. We do not want to continue to allow it in an obedient, uncritical supply of male and female soldiers to the army that executes it. We are not ready to continue enlisting, raising children for enlistment, supporting spouses, siblings, fathers enlisting, as heads of state continue to use, easily, the military instead of designing other solutions. "New profile", which also maintains an active online forum, focuses on assisting involuntary dropouts and calls for "recognizing the right of men and women to express their participation in society through alternative civic service.
Some members of the Profile movement were interrogated shortly after the second Netanyahu government came to power in 2009, and as part of this investigation, their computers were confiscated. After a few months, this 'investigation' against the organization ended without any real results.

5. The media and social reference

During the years of the state, there has been public, media and research silence around Profile 21 and especially around the social status of its recipients, and disregard continues even today, and its origins seem to be from two opposite directions. On the one hand, state and national-central control in most research and media tools is interested in determining the demonic attitude on the one hand and the abolitionist on the other hand towards the recipients of profile 21 as negative or mentally ill people, and to silence criticism of the IDF and its responsibility towards their fate, or to suppress its own responsibility for the issue, and when there is a preoccupation it is mostly one-sided and false, which portrays the dropouts as "dodgers" From the other side, pacifist factors or left-radical or boast as such, who have a grip on certain positions of the establishment, research and media, and also the ability to 'get along', have a tendency to see profile 21 as something sexy, or something which, in any case, is a small price for them, which should be paid as part of their overall ideological struggle in the IDF or what it represents, and they also see partnership with involuntary dropouts as partnership with "fate-stricken" or "unfortunate circumstances" (as the definition of a pacifist artist interviewed in 1994) that does not suit their self-image, but also from the side of the involuntary and non-ideological dropouts, many of them come from the weak / weakened classes and the periphery, and many of them have right political position, (and there is also stigma according to which "most of the dodgers are from the right political wing"), they do not want to partnership with 'Ashkenazis, anarchists and leftists', as they see the other side. It can be said that one of the barriers to organizing of the dropouts, is the gap of views in relation to the army of groups and classes in Israeli society, which is a reflection of the socio-political gaps in Israeli society as a whole.

Dropouting (encyclopedic entry)

Originally posted at 19/3/2007

Dropouting is a process or set of processes through which young people who the IDF does not want are released from the military system.
The dropouting has been accompanied over the years by the giving of a stigma to the dropouts that caused them to be deprived and excluded and excluded from citizenship, which often made the dropout from the army a first step in the process of general dropout from society. In this way, Dropouting served as a "see and fear" political tool for forming the tribe around the goals of political-security hegemony in a country that uses the military as a crystallizing myth while sacrificing the dropouts (among other population groups) as a scapegoat, while trying to get rid of "unwanted" that they are ineffective for achieving the state goals in the Middle East, or that their very existence threatens the dominant Zionist narrative.

The dropouts, those that go through the dropouting process, are divided into two general categories:

Voluntary (active) or seemingly voluntary dropouts: The dropouts cooperate with their dropouting process and are even interested in it, when more than once they are actually manipulated into it through the feeling given to them that things are done of their choice. This category can include quite a few of those who are commonly called dodgers or abstainers or refusers.

Involuntary droputs: Dropouts that do not cooperate with their droputouting process, some cannot be recruited due to poor health, some have been dropouted for bureaucratic reasons such as manpower surplus, or belonging to unwanted groups (such as "low Quality groups") or minorities undesirable, unacceptable political positions at a given time, or a complex or unusual personal character for which the military is afraid to take responsibility.
It is also possible that dropouting is done as a punishment or revenge, as a "see and fear" against those who did not show sufficient motivation in the recruitment process. It is known that people have droppedout, at least in the past, also on a homosexual background.

Dropouting in Israel is done in a number of ways. The common way is through  "profile 21" that is divided into "mental" and "physical" (although among its recipients may be those who are healthy in body and mind, but the IDF bureaucratic approach presses to classify their cases as types of illness), and this may itself be used by the military as a political tool For the sake of 'see and fear', or it is done by not sending recruitment orders (to the Arabs).
There are also dropoutings through exemption for reasons of religious recognition for women (Jews only), exemption for reasons of "mismatch" (usually for people whom the army brings to prolonged incarceration through economic pressure on their families), exemption for a very small group for reasons of conscience, and the "arrangement" ("Hesder") of deferring service in exchange for a commitment to a life of abject poverty for ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students, Druze religious students and to a lesser extent – Jehovah's Witnesses.

Israeli society is dominated by a perception that sees military service as the only expression of loyalty to the state and a criterion for human quality and mental health, a perception that despite growing criticism, continues to be dictated to the Israeli public by senior politicians, officers and media people, the education system and other factors that serve the ruling power groups building the dropouting as a political tool for comprehensive social exclusion towards the "undesirable": groups (such as leftists), minorities (mostly Arabs) and individuals who did not conform to the "new Jewish" Zionist myth, and even today the establishment is not always interested in taking responsibility for them and helping them participate in the social discourse (such as the poor, the sick and those who have 'anomalies').
Various stigmas are implanted about the dropouts, which have caused them to carry with them everywhere the "Cain signal" of people who are considered or mentally immature, unable to take responsibility for or unfaithful to the state, or mentally unstable (if they have been dropouted on mental health clauses) or "damaged" / 'impaired' people (if they have been dropouded on physical health clauses). There is a tendency to call all dropouts or a high percentage of them "dodgers", which serves the purpose of the creators of the dropouting by hiding and encrypting their part in the process.

Etipedia – The Free Galactic Encyclopedia

Dropouts' (encyclopedic entry)

Originally posted 19/3/2007

Dropouts' are those that have undergone a dropouting process, and are divided into two general categories:

dropout's (active) or seemingly voluntary: the participants in their dropouting process and even interested in it, when often they are actually manipulated into it by the feeling given to them that things are done of their choice. This category may include those who are commonly referred to as dodgers or abstainers or refusers.

Involuntary dropouts: dropouts that do not cooperate with their dropouting process, some of which cannot be recruited due to poor health, some beeing dropout for bureaucratic reasons such as manpower surplus, or belonging to unwanted groups (such as "low IBA" groups) or Unwanted minorities (such as Arabs), unacceptable political positions at a given time, or a complex or unusual personal character that the military is afraid to take responsibility for dealing with.

In the State of Israel, dropouting is usually done through a profile 21 that is ostensibly divided into "mental" (which is also given to healthy people for the sake of "see and fear") and "physical", or by not sending recruitment orders (to Arabs).

For many years, dropouts suffered from social exclusion and deprivation, bearing the "mark of Cain" of "dodgers" or "defects," and this was in fact the political purpose of the act of dropouting – dropouting from the military as the beginning of dropouting from Israeli society and life.

Etipedia – The Free Galactic Encyclopedia

Left and right according to C

Zvi was the most leftist among us, Stoli was a liberal of ‘Live and Let Live’ and the love and music energies of Planet N, of which he was the main representative of its ‘bag’. I've always been somewhere between them. C always said that when we reach his level of permanent-knowing, most of the political questions we deal with will dwarf, but it is not that we will stop being political animals.

The world will not become John Lennon's world, when we know permanently, he said, at least not in one day. People will continue to believe in the things they believe in, depending on their genetic predispositions, national and cultural affiliation will still be a decisive factor, and states will exist. Still, we will have another dimension, when we see things from the place he sees them. Not only will it be harder to lie to our consciousness and sell it fakes in the conscious and subconscious methods it is done today. 'We will not need a TV to tell us what's going on' because we will know something that will be 'fixed' in our common sense, which nowadays constantly needs to be redesigned over and over again. There were times he was able to taste us in the experience of this thing, but not always. Our attitude; he said, to issues that shape the debate between 'right' and 'left' such as the issue of land and ownership, as well as the issue of property, private and common, will be seen in a slightly different light, especially when we get to know some more intelligent forms a little older than us in the universe, who once walked the great road we walked. But still, we will be right and left, or something that creates them, at the base.

Becoming a ‘permanent knower’ will inevitably involve a struggle with some Matrix of consciousness, which C did not always know whether it is in our ‘natural engineering’ or the directed product of Yahwehs' engineering. One of our tasks, when we know pernanently, will be to find out, he said. And to me it sounds paradoxical, how can we know constant before we find out why we do not know constant? Isn’t it a bit like lifting ourselves up in the hair of our head? But C said that there are more other things that 'their first revelations are even before they can be discovered' and this sentence was obscure to me for many years. C believed that in the struggle against this Matrix , the differences between the basic 'left' and the 'right' in the human race would be manifested. The right, he told us, is more conservative and the people on the right will have a tendency to continue the Matrix and cooperate with it, even at the expense of injustice, not social injustice but injustice to self-awareness. Not that leftists, and certainly not the Israeli 'leftist camp', are better or smarter, or less dogmatic. And C had quite a bit to tell about the dogmatism he encountered on the part of the 'enlightened'. And yet, he said, the learning tradition in which the left has grown is the one that may, if used correctly, "bring the person out of darkness into the light" in the transition to permanent knowledge and beyond. ‘The advantage that the traditionalists have’ C said ‘is in the belief that there is something outside the human world of causes. It can make them modest. ‘Enlightened’ tend to be arrogant, know everything, no one can tell them anything, and also, if they are already getting something new, they will only get it from the mouth of an authority figure, doctor, professor, or general. Not from anyone else. The poor man's wisdom is despised. 'And better they get it from rabbis?' Zvi asked. 'Same thing' said C. I have said many times that the 'right' and 'religious' do not lack arrogance, dogmatism and condescension and if I had met C today I would say that they have become stronger over the years. C agreed with me mainly on 'Religious Zionism'. We also agreed that 'left' and 'right' in the country is much more a matter of clans – what tribe you belong to, than a matter of thought, and people who were 'salt of the earth' are very conservative as to what they perceive as belonging to their 'veterans' rights'. ('We Founded the State!'). It was only a reinforcement of his claim that 'there is no real left and right here' and who we really are, who each of us is, we will only know when we know permanently or maybe a little before, when we are cleansed off the Matrix, even for moments. (C said he knows 'the base colors' of each of us. He analyzed a lot of the base colors, our 'essence colors', and on occasion I will write about it, but he did not want to say which of us is' right' and which 'left'. 'You will have to complete it alone 'he said). And in a state of ‘true left and right’ C said, he prefers the left, for a main reason, that the left is guided by the attitude that all people are equal, leading to the humility needed for those who want to maintain ‘constant knowledge’. The right, in essence, seeks the power, the supremacy of its status and the divine justification for it.

I have asked myself over the years two questions about these things: One question is whether all people really want, or will want, to maintain ‘constant knowledge’. The second question was what significance does 'equality of all people' have in the world of aliens, what is more the opinion of C was, that not all human beings came from the same source. Over time I have come to understand more the concept of C " equality ', which is a cosmic concept, which I still think it's a matter of a lifetime to grasp, understand and internalize to the end.

שמאל וימין על פי חפא

צבי היה הכי שמאלני ביננו, סטולי היה ליברלי של 'חיה ותן לחיות' ואנרגיות האהבה והמוסיקה של פלנטה N, שהוא היה הנציג העיקרי של 'התיק' שלה. אני תמיד הייתי איפושהוא ביניהם. חפא אמר תמיד שכשנגיע לרמת היודע קבוע שלו, רוב השאלות הפוליטיות שאנחנו עוסקים בהן יתגמדו, אבל זה לא שנפסיק להיות חיות פוליטיות.

העולם לא יהפוך להיות העולם החזוי של ג'ון לנון, כשנדע קבוע, הוא אמר, על כל פנים לא ביום אחד. אנשים ימשיכו להאמין בדברים שהם מאמינים בהם, בהתאם לנטיות הגנטיות שלהם, שייכות לאומית ותרבותית עדיין תהיה גורם מכריע, ומדינות יתקיימו. ובכל זאת, יהיה לנו מימד נוסף, כשנראה את הדברים מהמקום שהוא רואה אותם. לא רק שיהיה קשה יותר לשקר לתודעה שלנו ולמכור לה פייקים בשיטות ההכרתיות והתת הכרתיות שזה נעשה היום. 'לא נצטרך טלויזיה שתספר לנו מה קורה' כי נדע משהו שיהיה קבוע בקומון סנס שלנו, שכיום צריך כל הזמן לעצב אותו שוב ושוב מחדש. היו פעמים שהוא הצליח להטעים אותנו בחוויה של הדבר הזה, אבל לא תמיד. גם היחס שלנו לנושאים שמעצבים את הויכוח בין 'ימין' ו'שמאל' כגון הנושא של אדמה ובעלות עליה, וכן הנושא של רכוש, פרטי ומשותף, ייראה באור קצת אחר, בייחוד כשנכיר, כשנדע לדבר עם כמה צורות אינטליגנטיות ותיקות קצת יותר מאיתנו ביקום, שהלכו פעם את כיברת הדרך שאנחנו הלכנו. אבל עדיין, נהיה ימין ושמאל, או משהו שיוצר אותם, בבסיס.

ההפיכה ל'יודעים קבוע' תהיה בהכרח כרוכה במאבק עם איזה מטריקס של התודעה, שחפא לא ידע תמיד אם הוא ב'הנדסה הטבעית' שלנו או תוצר ההנדסה היהווית המכוונת. אחת המשימות שלנו, כשנדע קבוע, תהיה לגלות את זה, אמר. ולי זה נשמע פרדוקסלי, איך נוכל לדעת קבוע לפני שנגלה מדוע איננו יודעים קבוע? האם זה לא קצת להרים את עצמנו בשיער ראשנו? אבל חפא אמר שיש עוד דברים ש'ראשית גילויים היא עוד לפני שאפשר לגלות אותם' ומשפט זה היה סתום בעיני הרבה שנים. חפא האמין שבמאבק במטריקס הזה, יבואו לידי ביטוי ההבדלים בין 'השמאל' ו'הימין' הבסיסיים שבמין האדמי. ימין, הוא אמר לנו, שמרני יותר ולאנשים ש'בימין' תהיה נטייה להמשיך את המטריקס ולשתף איתו פעולה, גם על חשבון אי צדק, לא אי צדק חברתי אלא אי צדק להכרה של עצמם. לא שאנשי שמאל ובוודאי לא 'מחנה השמאל' הישראלי, טובים או חכמים יותר, או פחות דוגמטיים. ולחפא היה לא מעט מה לספר על הדוגמטיות שנתקל בה מצד ה'נאורים'. ובכל זאת, אמר, מסורת הלמידה שבה צמח השמאל, היא זו שעשויה, אם ישתמשו בה נכון, "להוציא את האדם מחושך אל האור" בשלב המעבר לידיעה קבוע וגם אחרי זה. 'היתרון שיש למסורתיים' אמר חפא 'הוא באמונה שיש משהו מחוץ לעולם הסיבות האנושי. זה יכול לעשות אותם צנועים. 'נאורים' נוטים להיות שחצנים, יודעים הכל, אף אחד לא יכול לספר להם כלום, וגם, אם הם כבר מקבלים משהו חדש, הם יקבלו אותו רק מפי בעל סמכות, מדוקטור, מפרופסור, או מאלוף. לא ממישהו אחר. חוכמת המסכן בזוייה'. 'ועדיף שיקבלו אותו מרבנים?' שאל צבי. 'אותו דבר' אמר חפא. אני אמרתי לא פעם שגם ל'ימין' ול'דתיים' לא חסר שחצנות, דוגמטיות והתנשאות ואם הייתי פוגש את חפא היום הייתי אומר שהם התחזקו עם השנים. חפא הסכים איתי בעיקר לגבי 'הציונות הדתית'. הסכמנו גם ש'שמאל' ו'ימין' בארץ זה הרבה יותר עניין של חמולות – לאיזה שבט אתה שייך, מאשר עניין של מחשבה, ואנשים שהיו 'מלח הארץ' שמרנים מאוד באשר למה שהם תופסים כמה ששייך ל'זכויות הוותיקים' שלהם. ('אנחנו הקמנו את המדינה'). זה היה רק חיזוק לטענה שלו ש'אין כאן שמאל וימין אמיתי' ומי אנחנו באמת, מי כל אחד מאיתנו, נדע רק כש'נדע קבוע' או אולי קצת לפני כן, כשניטהר מהמטריקס, אפילו לרגעים. (חפא אמר שהוא יודע לגבי כל אחד מאיתנו 'את צבעי הבסיס'. הוא ניתח הרבה את צבעי הבסיס, 'צבעי המהות' שלנו, ובהזדמנות אכתוב על זה, אך לא רצה לומר מי מאיתנו 'ימני' ומי 'שמאלני'. 'תצטרכו להשלים לבד' הוא אמר). ובמצב של 'שמאל וימין אמיתי' אמר חפא, הוא מעדיף את השמאל, מסיבה עיקרית, שהשמאל מונחה על ידי הגישה שכל האנשים שווים, המובילה לענווה הדרושה למי שרוצה לשמור על 'ידיעה קבוע'. הימין, במהות, מחפש את הכח, את העליונות של המעמד שלו ואת ההצדקה האלוהית לכך.

שאלתי את עצמי במשך השנים שתי שאלות על הדברים האלה: שאלה אחת האם באמת כל האנשים רוצים, או ירצו, לשמור על 'ידיעה קבוע'. השאלה השנייה הייתה איזה משמעות יש ל'שוויון כל האנשים' בעולם של חוצנים, מה גם שדעתו של חפא הייתה, שלא כל בני האדם באו מאותו מקור. במשך הזמן הבנתי יותר את תפיסת "השוויון' של חפא, שהיא תפיסה קוסמית, שעדיין אני חושב שזה עניין של חיים שלמים לתפוס, להבין ולהפנים אותה עד הסוף.