So what did C add for us that we did not know, or what he knew that we did not know or were not sure about

A. The certain existence of aliens.
– Their ability (The four ways) to move ("universe-canceling" etc.) and communicate ("Telepathic Internet") by methods that bypass distance.
– The lack of interest, common to them and to factors on Earth who know about them, that we will have knowledge of them.
B. The limitation of human consciousness and its inability to see / perceive everything that is in space ("darkness of space") and to store information given through the edge-senses ("constant knowing").

All the rest ("Schools of Galactic Reason", "History of the Bee-Humanoids", "Federation", C's experiences in space, Yahwehs and other extraterrestrial knowledge, ways of using cosmic information) – meanwhile are for advanced and philosophical completion (except, maybe, the last thing).

?And why talk about it

There are many opponents of talking about aliens, and certainly any talk that has information in it. The religious and "conservative" forces, for example, have a clear interest in denying the issue. The religious reaction that is currently threatening from America over the Western world, will not stop at abortions or gay marriage, it will also reach science and its publications, just as it was during the days of the Inquisition. Even today, as C believed and so did other people in our groups, not everything that was revealed is free for publication (and according to what C said, aliens also have an interest, certainly not in our favor, that we will not know anything). There are those who believe that with the development of NASA's research, with the telescopes and discoveries every day of new solar systems, it will eventually not be possible to hide the discoveries related to aliens that have been or will be. We say it is possible, but fear, as C feared, that this celebration may also have an end. And if scientists might have the ability to hide their information in a safe hiding place until the dark passes, for us the only option to leave something in people's memory is to talk about it, write it down. We once thought there was an internet eternity in which all things are preserved. C was skeptical about that too, and indeed many things that have appeared in the past have been erased from internet memory, yet this is the only way we have, to write and hope that something will still be saved from the galactic darkness that may descend, something that will remind people that we are not alone, and that there is more besides us and besides the defective god of the Bibists and Republicans, and the other ass-holes imbued with the motivation of extermination. We as humans in the universe have more options than that, if to old C it once happened.

The eternal flame

The string-pullers: external and mundane

Based on a response from 1/2/23

The strings, also behind what is happening now, are also pulled by bodies of the earth – capital, corporations, etc., as well as external ones. It is possible to differentiate between them according to the results of their operation. For example, those with mundane interests who want Netanyahu – can at a given time also want another person. They could also prefer Bennett or Lapid, but in the end they will go with the winner. And who caused Netanyahu to be the winner until now? "Da people"? No. the external ones. What is stronger is what they write and that is what will be. And the 'world order' works for them. Apparently it should be the other way around – the personal, 'small' details of the one who brings the meat are of less interest to the outsiders, who supposed to be indifferent to the first names, while the mundane, for all kinds of reasons, including emotional ones, bring the personal details. But at least as far as the 'axis of history' is concerned, it turns out that the outsiders have a word, they wrote the name Bibi from haporzim street. In other areas, the mundane factors may be given freedom, not in what is 'etched in rock' and when you check about something what it belongs to – you have to check how 'etched in rock' it is, and nothing will help – it will be, even if we less understand the reason in this, and rather, it seems sometimes that the more it is foreign to our human interests and understanding, the more likely it is 'of the outside', and therefore it is what will be.

The 'world order' is probably what is directly subordinated to outsiders, but what has been seen in recent years is that they don't want order, they want chaos and they want Netanyahu and Putin to lead it, perhaps to burn everything and then introduce a new cycle of seeds into the Earth, or, burn it before leave forever.

The MIB's entire role today and probably also in the past – is to hide the connection between outsiders and the Earth, the truth in short, and to prevent all kinds of access to all kinds of places. MIB never fights 'aliens' unless told to do so by other aliens. This may be what we know from the 70s from the well-known PLANET N. (And maybe this is what also made חפא possible – this inter-alien war). Simply, ask about anything you examine – if it is of 'adamic interests' or of the 'external'. What is more stable along the line of history – and in the last 30 years it is Netanyahu, is, by most chances, of the 'outsiders'.

And beyond that – the higher instances, they are truly indifferent and blind to 'details', and God – which is what is outside the laws of this universe. Transcendent, or Transcendent-Immanent, (the Yahwehs go from the Immanent to the Transcendent) he cares least about the details, and has no interest in Earth. There are also the zodiac signs – which are the coordinates of everything in relation to the universe, and also karma, as the 'payment at the end' for each individual at its time, does not completely affect history. Some associate her with God.

The alternative history (part I, II): Epilogue / We glided over the waves


  Originally written at March 5, 2006, about the alternative History line between 1992-95 

The lightning made available to us by The Blue, the leader of the galactic rebellion, was in our hands, ready to wear.
When the ceremony ends here, with the handshakes and farewell rubs with our galactic allies in The Blue forces, we will wear the lightning bolts, with which we will be fired back into the galaxy.
In a fraction of a second we will pass back through a distance that took us years (who knew how many) to make to reach this far. We will unite with the lightning. We will become lightning ourselves when we penetrate into the heart of the galaxy, as part of the final attack on the dark forces that took the galaxy from us.
חפא will stand at the end of the leading lightning structure. He will give the order, and guide us where to go.
I hold my wearable gloss, wondering if I should measure it first. Standing next to me, with their lightning bolts, are Zvi, Alva and "the stolen" Stoli. Zvi asks me if I think חפא will land us again on Earth, or somewhere else in the galaxy. I told him that to a large extent it depends on our will. חפא knows us best.
A small, green and bouncy creature approaches us. Did he lose his galaxy too? No, he's just a trickster pretending to be. There are many of them here. We ignore him.Suddenly I notice my watch. This is a watch I got for my birthday the year the alternative history started (which at this point we all know it's alternative but we don't care), and it has been stopped since the dark forces took over Earth, yet it has remained on my hand all these years. Now it is walking again. I wonder when it started walking again. The date on the watch – the !5/3 – exactly like the day it all started.
For a moment I thought if the 5/3 to which we will return, is in the continuation of the history in this story, which was caused by the malfunction that threw us into "possible time", or if, like חפא's friends before, we will go back in time to that exact day in 1977, and all the history we have lived in since then will be erased, as if wasn't there at all? Isn't that what the date on the watch says?
And maybe this means that we are about to land in another, completely new, alternative history?

We glided over the waves

  Based on posts originally written at June 14June 21, June 28 2006, about the alternative History line between 1992-95 

Like them, we slowed down, the closer we got to the strip where the water became browner, even before the lumps of iron, concrete and muddy soil started to mix between. But we still had the energy to go on.

Only an hour ago, we were lightning, cosmic lightning that came out at a speed higher than the speed of light from the place where the jump order was given, outside the galaxy. חפא gave it, after we met again in the desert planet, after a very long journey that each member of the group made alone.

Now the group split up again. חפא once again scattered us to the parts of the world, after establishing the new world headquarters in that Greek village, Zografiai, or rather what survived from the island on which was the village where חפא spent the last year of his childhood with his family, before they went to equador, before he was kidnapped.

And again I was on my way to Israel, but not alone this time, and not weak. I had three others with me, and we were energized, equipped with everything necessary, trained in all the techniques of dealing with the galactic darkness and its servants, who still rule this region of the solar system. Not for long, we hope.

The water below us felt more and more adrift, as it became shallower. If we didn't have the galactic acceleration energy pushing us on the back, we would have undoubtedly drowned in the eddies that were there, but mostly we had to be careful not to collide with the pieces of concrete and iron. This didn't tell us anything yet.

with me, over the water, glided-ran my old friends "The stolen" Stoli and Zvi, and a new friend, Alva, Zvi's girlfriend whom he knew in Jerusalem where he arrived after the breakup of the group. After Stoli brought me in a spaceship to the meeting-planet, he returned to Earth to pick up Zvi, then picked her up as well. She was the newest member of the group, but learned things very quickly, including turning the auras off and on, which perhaps will be the most important thing here later. We splashed water on each other, happy for the feeling of the body returning to us, Stoli and I laughted on Zvi and Alva, the nice couple, and everyone again made fun of me for the fact that for so many months I didn't notice that the guys turned off the aura and I didn't know they were around me. I 'spoiled' "the stolen" Stoli's songs while changing their words and hoped they will quickly send me the telepathic guitar I left in the planet.

I debated whether to leave the lable "21" on my forehead, or find at the first opportunity a plastic surgeon to remove it.

And then when the "stolen" told me that such a surgeon might not be found so soon, I suddenly realized that there are many more things that I will not find, soon or ever.

"The stolen Stoli" said that we will save the water, because we will still enter the camp in the form of steam from the sea.
Our first objective is to team up with Ricardo and his men, who were co-leaders of the first "Labled" Rebellion, and are now imprisoned in Camp of Latrun, near where the endless mud ends and a walkable coastline begins.


The alternative history (part I) – The final cahpter

originally written at March 5, 2006, about the alternative history line between 1977-1992

Immersed in the sands, near the place where I climbed in the dark to the west bank of the crater, stood the building. A two-story stone house, in a style familiar to me, but alien to the wild landscape of the desert planet. I have always seen it on the horizon as a small dot opposite, since we arrived on foot from the Golden Gate and went down to the crater through the opposite bank.
I never paid attention to it, until a sliver of consciousness struck me, at the height of the great sunrise night celebration, when dizzy from the dancing and drunk, but fully aware and sharper than ever, I looked at the view above the cliffs opposite, and the rays of the suns shining behind me in a multitude of colors highlighted the features of the building , which is a days' walk away, but in the clean air of the star and with nothing to block it, seems close and clear.

The earth-torn school.

This is where I had to go to, from the beginning. Here will be the answer.

A short time later, the period of total darkness descended upon us, when it is impossible to see anything, and it lasted for days, maybe months. It is very difficult to measure time here. While everyone was shouting and running in panic from one direction to another and back again, I began to walk in the direction where my eyes became directed before the darkness fell, and as I walked I felt that my body knew how to walk, and I also felt that there was something inside me that was leading me, and it was strange and foreinger to me at first, and for it the darkness like It didn't exist at all. My normal eyes couldn't see anything special through the darkness that enveloped everything, but I knew where everything was. I also helped the aliens who lost their way in the dark and guided them how to get where they wanted. I also stayed with some of them, in houses similar to tabernacles, for hours, maybe days. I also slept there.
Then I got up again, and I was walking and walking, it seems to me that I walked for whole days and maybe it was only hours. Sometimes I sat down to drink from the from-air-refillable bottles that I always have with me. Sometimes I was falling asleep, and even then I didn't lose direction. That something in me that saw through the darkness and it was as if a foreign planted, something that didn't really belong to me, grew stronger, until I felt that this thing became the real me.
And so, despite the darkness, I found the place to climb from the crater, a narrow path between the rocks.
As I reached the top, the first cracks of light began to seep through the heavy curtain of darkness. I fell into a deep sleep and when I woke up everything was already flooded with the normal light of one sun, and I, at least I thought so, was again in my old and familiar self, next to the building sunk between sands and rocks.

I went up the stairs. It was very quiet. My previous concerns came back to me again. Maybe all the walking in the dark and climbing the steep path were unnecessary. חפא and the others are no longer here, and I am the only one left of all on this planet. The feeling grew when I went inside, to the empty classrooms that told stories from other days, from another planet that may no longer exist at all.
The reports from the galactic war that managed to infiltrate the planet in the days before the dark did not sound good for planets that had rebellion.
My goal was the balcony on the top floor, which I could see clearly even from a distance. I went upstairs and looked for the classroom that leads to it.From there I looked at the view. The crater spread out in front of me in all its glory. The great sun dazzled me with its infrared light, and I moved my head to the side, until I saw the "Noamis" houses little to the south. Just like חפא always described.
I didn't go there. I flew there. Literally. I knew that's where they were.
And I haven't seen anyone yet.
Then I realized, or the new me realized in me, that I needed to change dimension, to look from the point of view of the permanent knower, from the dimension through which the one who passed through Lindigra looks. and now i can.

חפא was there. His hair and beard have turned white, but he looks healthier than ever. They all stood next to him, among the little Noamis houses, and clapped their hands when they realized I could see them, finally.
They were always by my side, from the moment I arrived on the planet. Not all of them, but at least one or two were accompanying me everywhere, from the moment I stayed at the musicians' inn, and also when I wandered across the crater with the telepathic guitar. Even when I stayed in houses, they were with me and in the last hours of darkness, when I came up from the crater, almost all of them went with me. Although I thought I was alone, I was not alone for a moment.
After all, חפא taught us in the meetings of the "purple triangle" how to turn off and turn on our auras at will, and he told them to leave the auras off, until the moment I know that I need to look from the perspective of a permanent knower, not of an ordinary person.
"Come on," said חפא, "it's time to return to the galaxy, and defeat the dark forces."
Blue lights flickered in agreement around our group.

C's science book ספר המדע של חפא


חפא worked for years on writing a book, a "science book" he called it. His partner Anna, who was a 'scientific secretary' in Chernobyl before escaping to the West, a year before the reactor disaster, helped him. After their separation in 2004, he did not talk about the book anymore, but he hinted that the drafts remained with her (I think that she lives now in Canada). The book is designed to make the science that חפא studied at the school of galactic intelligence accessible to the language of science known on Earth.

He had a number of difficulties to write this book, first of all his 'reading dyslexia' which he got in his 'Lindigra' in space, which also made it difficult for him to write, and beyond that there were barriers of language. Not only the fact that חפא knew mostly Hebrew and a little Spanish, and Anna spoke Russian, and knew a little English, and since this included scientific English (some of the participants of the lectures thought, at least in the years of the 'glaznost', that Anna was actually a spy), most of the drafts of the book were written in this language. But these were not the only language barriers that חפא faced.The main difficulty he faced was to find a match between the concepts he acquired in the galactic intelligence higher school and the concepts of the physics of the Earthlings, and it was not easy at all. 

Because of the huge gaps in time and experience, between the physics of the galactic intelligence, which was developed over billions of years and was based on extensive cosmic knowledge accumulated over these billions of years from different worlds, and brought with it its own system of concepts, and the young physics developed at a point on Earth, a point in space that most of its inhabitants did not leave, and knew very little about the universe, at least 30-40 years ago, and had her own concepts. And of course the fact that cosmic knowledge was stored and built by beings whose systems of absorption and perception, even if they belonged to the extended 'adamic family', are different, even very different, from that of the adamics on earth.

It was about completely two different languages.

It had to be "casting from one tool set, ancient, to a completely different set of tools", as חפא said. Therefore, he had to make clear cosmic physics concepts that were created at stages that humanity on Earth had not yet reached, but he also had to update his own concepts, from where the 'local' physics had reached. חפא was looking for the points of compatibility, the connection between the two physics, and for that he had to study the concepts of the Earthling physics, and for one who studied at the school of galactic reason, it was like returning from the position of a professor, to first grade studies. even much more than that.

But חפא made an effort. He listened to broadcast lectures of the Open University (he was unable to read books or written material at all), and Anna also helped him, and sometimes also friends who read books to him, I read him chapters from 'A Brief History of Time' and 'Until the Sun Dies'.

One point of difference between mundane science and חפא's form of study is that mundane science, like the Greek philosophy with which it grew since the time of the pre-Socratic philosophers, separates research from myth. Galactic science may also have followed this path at different stages of its history, but חפא's teachings embodied myths, which he treated as truth, almost axiomatic truth.

And the founding myth in his teaching, is undoubtedly the myth of the Tamket people who were thrown into a black hole (if indeed this is the correct translation of what חפא talked about, and I assume it is. Here I must humbly comment that I was the first to propose this concept as translation, during the first group period, from what I learned at that time in class in physics class at the teacher Yaffa) and in their exit from the black hole they laid the foundation for the first Adamic species to break out of their solar system, which was close to that black hole, and their overcoming of the crocodile lords. All the times חפא repeated the story, in the days of the first group and in the lecture groups of the following years, he was asked to explain how the ancient event of crossing the black hole by Tamket and his people could have happened.

One of חפא's explanations was, to use his own words, that in fact after the rulers threw Tamket and his people into the black hole, the black hole threw them back from it, חפא didn't know to explain why it happened, ("but it could be something in the spaceship's matter") with a power that exceeded many times the power with which they were thrown, which turned them, as he defined, into 'photons of light faster than light', that is, light that is faster than itself. That speed, prevented them from disintegrating and also prevented them from dying, although they ceased to be solid, in fact, as far as the universe was concerned, they were non-existent, "flowing zero" or "non-existent charge". "And then they were incorporeal, and then, as their speed slowed down and approached the speed of normal light, they became a charge with a density that gradually increased, until they dropped below the threshold of the speed of light, and the charge they were, returned to what it was before they were thrown. They re-embodied." On this description, by the way, I based the story of our transformation into lightning on the way back to Earth, at the end of the first part of the alternative history and our return to body form at the beginning of the second part.

This event was the basis for the ways of bypassing the speed of light in which the spaceships have moved since then – mainly the 'universe cancellation' that he himself went through in his body, and also to all the 'jumps' – the main tool by which they bypass the speed of light in the Federation, and in which חפא and "the stolen" Stoli used in the last journey. How exactly all things were based on Temakt's 'throwing' from the black hole, חפא could not find an  accessible to our language explanation.

חפא said that in his opinion, when Tamket and his people returned from the black hole, they actually 'erased the time' of the part they passed through them before being thrown into the black hole, returning to a point in their past where they could 're-edit' their lives. Just like what happened to "Ariel and Myrta", חפא's first friends who were kidnapped with him and returned to Earth before him, and חפא also believed that, just like them, Tamket's people were not really returned to the same point in space and time from which they were thrown, but to something that perhaps had characteristics of that point- period, and yet it was a new universe, and he too, so he sometimes feels, did not return to the same world from which he was abducted but to 'another world of the same kind but not exactly' world that is very similar to him but not the same. And it is very possible, חפא said, that this happens in some way to everyone, to all those who fly.

But I feel sometimes, that same things happened to me too, without even moving from my place.

The returning to the mode of the universe

When C contacted us for the first time, through Stoli's erasing-board, his question, after telling us he was born in Earth, in Haifa (although he actually was born in Jerusalem), appeared on the board, in Hebrew, "Is Ben Gurion still alive?" Ben-Gurion was the prime minister when C left the earth in 1962. We told him no, and when he asked who is the current prime minister in Israel, we answered that it's Yitzhak Rabin. The day he came back, after we met him and we started walking, he reminded us that conversation and asked if Rabin was still the prime minister. He then had in mind to go and meet the Prime Minister. We told him "no", and Zvi said "You landed today on Begin Planet. Welcome." Stoli and I laughed at Zvi's words, including his political fervor. Over time I realized that Zvi was right, and that not only C, we also landed in a completely new world.

C's parents were patriotic-Zionist Israelis, who as archaeologists felt a special connection to the landscape of the country and its land, therefore they gave C and his sister very biblical names. They were proud to represent their country in that international archeology project as part of which they went to Ecuador, first to Greece.

It took C about a year or so, after his return here, alone, at 1977, to realize that he does not belong here to anything anymore, that he has no country, and the same feeling that accompanied him in space, is the reality on Earth as well. "I don't have a country, I don't belong to a country, I belong to the universe" he said. "When I was outside I was a space wanderer, move and wander in space, and here too I move and wander in space." He said it for the first time in the first group, the boys group forum, and he said it again in the years to come.

C was careful not to make us pessimistic, he didn't want to do that to us. He just said, "One day this may happen to you too. Try even before then, this is the advice I offer you now, to belong to the universe. If once the country or any framework , to which you are loyal and think as your prymary belonging base, falls to pieces, or throw you away, remember the universe, it is still there, and this universe, and this is the truth, is your primary belonging. That won't be changed. It can also give you a way." I think it was at the bonfire of the names burning with the group, anyway on one of those days, that he told us this. In later years, he talked about an Internet whose servers are not on Earth, and not controlled by humans from here, to which we need to connect. "And it's completely not "God", anyway not in the meaning that "his" 'ground teams' give it.

For me, in those years, it was very easy to connect with this spirit of C. I also felt that I did not belong to anything, did not identify with anything, with a country or a society, even though materially I had no shortage. I, too, in some place, did not belong to this Earth. Moving and wandering in space I was, just like C. Then better years came to me, in which I did feel a sense of belonging to what was happening here and even pride, even happiness for periods. Then came years again when I had to re-remember C's words, "return and connect to the mode of the universe" as Zvi, who chose from the mid-80s to do it in another country, called it. It happens from time to time, and every time it happens again, this thing, getting back into universe mode, gets harder.

UFO's and "areas" – real and fake

C was here when the UFO craze started at the end of 1996. Then he traveled again (and on one of the trips he included me). His opinion was that most of the stories were fake and even if people really saw UFOs, they were not UFOs but the product of some kind of Earthian deception industry. But there are really visits from extraterrestrials, as those who know C know. He identified them all these years, and he gave us signs on how to identify real aliens. A large part of the UFO industry, answered C to those who asked him, was indeed designed to make spin, to distract from where the "objects" really are present.
"So if you want to look for them, you have to go in the opposite direction from where everyone is looking for or 'finding' them" I said.

"What is the direction in which everyone is looking for or 'finding' them"? asked someone else. "Do you have a paterns-characterization?"
"There is a lot of justice in The walker's words," C said. "But we should really characterize paterns, make a list of the places where people who claim to have met UFOs, met them according to their words, try to find the characteristic lines common to all of them, and then I will rule out everything. This is your homework."

And the same goes for sites, such as "Area 51" that C actually tried to reach when he was in the US, but in his opinion it is a fake site that was specifically announced to draw people's attention away from the REAL places of the MIB or the real "research". So where are these REAL places? C expressed the belief that some of them are indeed in military bases that are apparently used formaly for something else. "So how does no one know about it? A lot of people serve in these places and someone needs to know." C said in response that since it is only a small number of people who are engaged in this ("and you will never see more than 5 of them at one time in one place, and that is generous") the attention of other people is small, what's more, these People who are specially trained not to attract attention. "You see movies like "close encounters of the third kind", where entire areas are closed and those who are there encounter UFOs, it's not like that."

Other places are all kinds of gray-looking buildings, like the abandoned-looking factory he showed us one night, a long time ago, in Har Chotzvim (an industrial area in north Jeruslalem, which was then a rather 'end of the universe' area). I remember this building as an unattractive place, and even was in it something that causes a very unpleasant feeling, a feeling of rejection, a kind of terible nausea to those who look at it. "There are places like this in the city as well" he told us "you pass by them and ignore them, and you don't even ask yourself why".

Not long before he left, he mentioned a more radical possibility. "There are areas that are even more interesting than what you saw the movies, but you will never see them, because the mind is removed from them. And this is in a built-in way. They are here, but in another dimension." The area of ​​evasion, to which C and "The stolen" Stoli disappeared to me when I accompanied them, on C's last day on earth, is in such a dimension. It's not "there", it's here.

 אז מה הוסיף לנו חפא שלא ידענו, או מה הוא ידע שלא ידענו, או לא היינו בטוחים לגביו

א. קיומם הוודאי של חייזרים
– יכולתם (ארבעת הדרכים) לנוע ("ביטול היקום" וכו') ולתקשר ("אינטרנט טלפתי") בשיטות עוקפות מרחק.
חוסר העניין, המשותף להם ולגורמים על כדור הארץ שיודעים עליהם, שלנו תהיה ידיעה עליהם.
ב. מגבלת התודעה האנושית ואי יכולתה לראות / לתפוס את כל מה שנמצא במרחב ("עלטת המרחב") ולאגור מידע הניתן באמצעות חושי הקצה ("לדעת קבוע").

כל השאר ("בתי ספר של התבונה הגלקטית", "תולדות אדמי הדבורה", "הפדרציה", ההתנסויות של חפא בחלל, יהווים וידע חוץ-ארצי אחר, דרכי שימוש במידע קוסמי) – בינתיים מיועד להשלמה מתקדמת ופילוסופית (חוץ, אולי, מהדבר האחרון).

ולמה לדבר על זה?

יש הרבה מתנגדים לדיבור על חייזרים, ובוודאי לכל דיבור שיש בו מידע. לכוחות הדתיים וה"שמרנים", למשל, יש אינטרס ברור להכחיש את הנושא. הריאקציה הדתית שמאיימת כיום מאמריקה על העולם המערבי, לא תיעצר בהפלות או בנישואי הומוסקסואלים, היא תגיע גם למדע ולפרסומיו, בדיוק כפי שהיה בימי האינקוויזיציה. גם היום, כפי שחפא סבר, וכך גם אנשים אחרים בקבוצות שלנו, לא כל מה שנחשף הוא חופשי לפרסום (ולפי מה שאמר חפא, גם לחייזרים יש אינטרס, בטח לא לטובתנו, שלא נדע כלום). יש הסבורים שעם התפתחות המחקר של נאס"א, עם הטלסקופים והתגליות בכל יום של מערכות שמש חדשות, בסופו של דבר לא ניתן יהיה להסתיר את התגליות הקשורות לחייזרים, שהיו או יהיו. אנחנו אומרים שזה אפשרי, אבל חוששים, כפי שחשש חפא, שאולי גם לחגיגה הזו יהיה סוף. ואם למדענים יש אולי את היכולת להסתיר את המידע שלהם במקום מסתור בטוח עד שהחושך יעבור, עבורנו האפשרות היחידה להשאיר משהו בזיכרון של אנשים היא לדבר על זה, לכתוב את זה.

פעם חשבנו שישנו נצח אינטרנטי שבו כל הדברים נשמרים. חפא היה סקפטי גם לגבי זה, ואכן דברים רבים שהופיעו בעבר נמחקו מהזיכרון האינטרנטי, ובכל זאת זו הדרך היחידה שיש לנו, לכתוב ולקוות שמשהו בכל זאת יינצל מהחושך הגלקטי שעלול לרדת, משהו שיזכיר לאנשים שאנחנו לא לבד, ושיש עוד מלבדנו ומלבד האל הפגום של הביביסטים והרפובליקנים, ושאר המטומטמים החדורים במוטיבציה של השמדה. לנו כבני אדם ביקום יש יותר אפשרויות מזה, אם לחפא הזקן זה קרה פעם.

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