"The End Of Days will be when everyone knows permanently"

C thought that "the End of Days" that the prophets talk about, is a situation where everyone  will know permanently, he had many conversations about it especially with Yehuda Shefa, who believed that the prophets went through something similar to what C went through with extraterrestrial beings. Not only Shefa, who studied in his youth at "yeshiva", believed in it. Also others of the regulars who have followed C almost until his last year on Earth, though not always in one group, have seen it similarly.

C did not explicitly express his opinion on whether they were right or wrong, just as he did not express his opinion on the theories presented by people that some of the Bible stories, such as the Ark of the Covenant story, are actually about aliens. But he called the last generation of humanoids who engineered us "Yahwehs" and adopted the idea of ​​Shefa that the End Of Days meant a situation of everyone knowing permanently, or that it was his idea in the first place, whether or not he believed in the words of the prophets. He always told us that if everyone will know permanently it will change the order of society, even if he did not exactly explain how.

"What will bring the human being to see permanently?" I asked C the day the stolen Stoli and I sat with him, at his house on Zichron Tuvia neighborhood, near the market, and we celebrated 30 years of his return to Earth, we did not know then, that in a year, again he will not be here.

"As much as it depends on them," C said, "it will not happen, and it's because of the politics and hatred that everyone is engaged in, that they invest all their mental forces in it, and everyone is everyone, without exception. You too, he too, she, they, everyone. If, for example, in a joint decision "the people of the Earth" would overcome this, they could prepare themselves or be on the way to adapting themselves for seeing constantly." I don't think that there were many among us, who believed that man is capable for it.

"The other possibility," he added, " is that aliens would force them to see permanently (and let's hope these will be good aliens). I tried to do that with your help, in the first group, in 1977, I thought that my aliens friends (good, ofcourse) are going to give us the complementary momentum, but as you know, they did not."

For years C told us that the failure of the coup that his Blue friend had planned in the Federation prevented the supply of power we needed to complete our private coup in the world on the Earth. "I told myself stories" he admitted that evening, and we realized that "permanent knowledge" is not a guarantee against self-delusion, if one wants to believe in. That evening, C admitted that the Blue apparently did not intend, in any case, to provide him with the promised help. We thought so before.

I further asked C, if it has precedents for this thing in other populations in the universe, who have become ‘permanent knowers’ and were not so at first. "Yes, there is all the time" he said, then Stoli served to us, in tall glass cups from C's kitchen cupboard, the champagne he brought before and kept in the fridge, we drank a toast to the 30 years and to the next 30 years, and to all our friends, who were, who will be, who could have been,and we did not continue talking on that issue.

"So what's left for us, if humans are not eager to change their nature, and the aliens are not helping?" The stolen Stoli asked later.

"Use what we have, explain, lecture, persuade, stimulate people to go out from where they are, and I do that all the time, and you can believe me, I enjoy of it, even though i'm doing it for years", Said C. But in the following months, it seemed to us that he was beginning to despair, and perhaps get bored, of the whole idea of influencing human beings.

Precisely when it seemed to us that there was a beginning of a new thirst for his knowledge and his ideas in people who were beginning to come to meetings, and a group began to form that at certain momentsmoments, in its energies, reminded me energies of old times. Especially since Shefa moved to Jerusalem and made his home available for meetings.

Yehuda Shefa was born in Israel, but his years of adolescence and most of his adulthood until then passed in the USA. C met him in the late 90s, as part of his travels to Europe where he was looking for investors in his 'Rainbow' program, which was designed, as he told us, to renew what we started in 1977, without the help of the aliens. C was looking for a serious investor, "buyer at the level of exit" and Shefa, as a representative of an American venture capital company showed interest and tried to persuade company executives and other investors to invest in projects offered by C. Shefa also supported C financially and in fact financed most of his travels abroad after they were met, and helped him meet people in the field, but in the end, all those people were not convinced (and in C's opinion, there were "instructions from above") and Shefa himself left the company and returned to Israel, about the time when C  separated from his girlfriend of 19 years, Anna, and in 2006 Shefa came to Jerusalem and also C, who rented his apartment near the Mahane Yehuda market. Shefa spoke with C for hours about the Bible, and led C, Who at first was reluctant of all attempts to find in the Bible anything that says something about us or that is related to us, to begin to see positively the idea that the prophets were a kind of permanent-knowers and that the End of the Days they prophesied about, is something that necessarily stems from human history at the end of which humans will know permanently, but there is no knowing when it will be. This is the meaning of the idea that "everyone will know God."

C said that even then there would be faith, but it would be different.

This, he knew  to say, "is because aliens also believe".

Bodies of outsiders

Uri Geller claims that the scientist Warner von Brown showed him the bodies of aliens, during the time he allegedly worked for the CIA, in the first part of the 1970s.
Interestingly, according to PLANET N, a series that aired on our telepathic Internet in those years or so (our friend "The stolen" Stoli had a connection to this Internet, and so others as well), institutions on Earth were interested in the bodies of outsiders for 'real research'. As already mentioned, according to PLANET N, young people from Earth were recruited for the external wars. Some of them were approached by such institutions to obtain the bodies of outsiders and some of those young people even approached them on their own initiative and offered to bring them outsiders, dead or alive, for 'real research' purposes, for handsome sums…

מצעדים אבודים (5): עברי גל"ץ, 7.5.72 לועזי גל"ץ 7.5.72

אנחנו ממשיכים ב'החייאת' מצעדים מלפני 50 שנה, ולכבוד היום ספיישל – גם המצעד העברי של אותו שבוע, בו יש כמה דברים מעניינים כמו 'עכשיו' של תיקי דיין (תחנות הרכבת) שיר נדיר השמעה ומצויין שהגיע למקום הששי, 'עולם ישן' של עמי שביט ו'לבד ועוד לבד' של צוות סיני (קיים גם בלחן של מישה סגל בביצוע עופרה פוקס) עם שלמה ידוב כסולן, וכן 'שני דגים' של צוות הווי הנדסה קרבית, שיר של דליה רביקוביץ מולחן ע"י מתי כספי. במצעד מורגשת נוכחותו של פסטיבל הזמר. שירים שלא מצאתי – בקצה הרחוב – דני וסלי (לחן של שם טוב לוי) ו'יש לי סבתא צוענייה' של דני גולן. בראש המצעד 'ציור' של שלמה גרוניך ומתי כספי (המפגין נוכחות גבוהה גם בשירים מולחנים של אחרים, כמו 'כמו גלגל' של עופרה פוקס ו'שני דגים' וגם שר בעצמו 'ואותך'). ברשימה ניתן לשמוע עדיין שירים מ'פסטיבל שירי המשוררים' שבדיוק עזבו את המצעד.

ה (הדירוג המלא יופיע בתגובות)


ורשימת המצעד הלועזי, בה כצפוי בתקופה זו מסתמנת עלייה של שירי האירוויזיון. דירוג מלא בתגובות.

באדיבות חבורת הפליק פליקים.

"בכל משחק שאתה משחק, הטבע משחק איתך חזרה, דרך בינה A ובינה אלפא שלו".

A one-time accident in history

I have a belief that things I write about, even if the source is not currently present, will return and float, and what we experienced through C, was experienced, remembered and will be experience by other people, otherwise, I would not continue to write. For what I write and which is not understood now, so I believe, will be understood in the future, because it is in the the orbit of the earth, the orbit of future human history, even if the earth does not know it now. My opinion, from the things I learned from C and also from what "the stolen" Stoli told after he returned from the first and last travel with him, is that we are surrounded by a sea of ​​knowledge carried by another intelligence, or another intelligences, and it is our destiny one day to dive into it whether we like it or not. Therefore, as C used to say, it is better for us to dive into it with our eyes open. Zvi, for example, thinks otherwise.

Last Passover he was in the country, after many years of not coming, since his mother passed away and the legal matters related to inheritance were settled, as far as I know. With his sister he no longer speaks long before, only with the nephew he has contact. I have never been able to understand the complicated relationship in his family but that is not my business. Since then, he has also had problems with his American ex-wife, about he tells me a little. He knows that in alternative history I wished him something better.

We met on the eve of the second holiday, and sat in the same cafe at the entrance of the market, which is also a spice shop, we sat in it the last time he was in the country, C was also still here then, and he joined us. That meeting was a little before Pesach, and two months later C has left. And like at that meeting 14 years ago, from there we made a short walk to the place that was then C's house, and then Zvi surprised me when he asked that from there we will make a restore walk of the trajectory of that last day, untill the point which C and Stoli disappeared from me and I no longer saw C.


"Hey, you do not have to go so fast" Zvi told me when we started to do the way that most of it was a going down, "I am not so young anymore"

"You asked me to restor, so that's how I went then, fast, but it was not fast enough, it turns out."

"I meant we're restoring the route, not your walking pace"

"Have you not learned yet that with C it is impossible to separate things?"

"Oh, stop being like the stolen Stoli"


We got to the garden where I was waiting for them that day to come from C's house, and I told Zvi how, when they came, they went so fast that in the end I lost them, it's if he thought before, that I was going fast. Then suddenly he asked me "So what, do you think, happened to C in the end?", And in response I summed up things that Shefa said, that others in the groups who tried to continue later said, the common side to the  all explanations and also to what I thought, is that C chose to disappear and never return to Earth. "And what if it's different?" Zvi asked me. “Are you sure there is no other option? "

"Like what?" I was wondering.

"That the Galactic Federation has ‘rewarded’ him, maybe even the blue himself"

"Rewarded him? What kind of reward? For what?"

"For revealing us the secrets we were not supposed to know." said Zvi as saing the obvious.

Zvi told me that he thought about it a lot ("Do not think I have not thought of you, friends, all these years" he said, and something I had not seen for years reappeared for a moment), and came to the conclusion that a situation in which alien knowledge like we received would be received among ordinary humans, can only happen as a result of historical mistake, a one-time accident – in terms of the history of that side, the alien side. This is what happened in 1977, and we happened to be there and rarely enjoyed the fruits of the rare mistake, which was that C, the man of Earth was given alien knowledge and was allowed to return to Earth with that knowledge.

"Note that we all relied on the impression C made, and I always felt that he enjoyed it, that the Blue allowed him to come here and organize us, and we did not bother to think to ask him, even if it is so, if the Blue allowed him at all to tell us where he came from, and so all What he told us"

"And how would he organize us in a different way?" In the meantime we continued on the strange route where C then led us through the Rehavia neighborhood.

"I do not know how, but C himself told us that on Earth there are many string pullers, who do not tell where they came from and what their motive is. They appear, if they appear, as ordinary human beings. C could tell us a different story, at least until the blue came to power. So, at least as I see things, he was supposed to do and did not, and as I got to know the blue from C stories, and as I see the things in general,  as they are conducted in those worlds, which might not have been different with us, if we knew what they know, the Blue did not in any way mean that C would be different, and would tell us the full truth."

"If so, then, C's decision to tell us things we are not qualified to know, that was the rare historical mistake."

"Yes," said Zvi, "and C, for them, violated their trust, and had to punished in some way, from the moment they knew what he did, and perhaps therefore he traveled or was forced to travel. He was always under their rules, and only their rules."

I was silent. Zvi's words illuminated everything in a new light, full of unpleasant consequences. Even a little scary, for us. And for C, and what he had to go through, if Zvi's analysis is correct, I did not even want to imagine it.

"When do you think they discovered it?"

"I Do not know, I believe that at an early stage. C kept trying to postpone the end and stay with us, in the end he had no choice. That's why he was afraid all the time, that was the real reason".

"And why has he kept telling us all these years, and more and more people?"

"I do not know, really. Maybe he went for 'if already-then already.' The end, will come anyway."

"And maybe he wanted revenge on them for something, for example that the blue actually threw him out of the spaceship"

"Maybe, but really, I Don't think we will ever know”.

"So such a mistake will not happen again, to them and to us, in the near future" I said.

"No" he said "they probably won't let that happen"

"And there will be no more C, who will reveal new secrets to us," I said

"will not be"..

We continued walking, quietly, until we reached the last endpoint on the route, where I still saw then "the stolen" Stoli and C, before disappearing completely.

"But there is a possibility," I said, "that what C told us is also not the true story, the full truth."

מצעדים אבודים (4): לועזי גל"ץ, 9.4.75

"ינואר" היה ראשון בשבוע השני של אפריל. תקופה שהיא בהחלט לא ה"מאני טיים" של הסבנטיז, אבל כאן אנחנו כידוע לא עובדים בשביל משרד ההשכחה. בהשוואה למצעדים מאותה תקופה שלוש שנים קודם, אין אף שיר אחד שאני לפחות זיהיתי כפוליטי או שיר מחאה. 6 שירים בצרפתית, 1 באיטלקית, שירים אירוויזיוניים מהולנד ושוודיה, ספרדי אחד, 3 ישראלים ובהם שוב ה'הדים' מבאר שבע, העיר של אלופת המדינה החדשה. תקופת רבין הראשונה. עדיין הכל, תקופת מעבר כזאת אל פלנטה אחרת.

מקוםשירמבצעחודש שעברשבוע שעברשבוע הבא (23.4)הערות
1JanuaryPilot 733
2Let me be the one The Shadows161מקום 2 באירוויזיון
3  Philadelphia FreedomElton John2074
4Lady MarmaladeLaBelle318
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7Lonely PeopleAmerica1057
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10Roll On Down The Highway Bachman Turner Overdrive11815
11Only You CanFox 171218
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29Dessine Moi Le BonheurNoam Kaniel29המקור של "מאמי מאמי"
30The Man With The Golden Gun Lulu25

הוצגו בפינה "תוסס ורענן" – פינה בינלאומית

שירמבצעתכניסה ב23.4
CIRCLE OF LOVEלהקת ההדים21
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Bandolero Juan Carlos Calderón30
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הפינה במצעד הבא, ה23.4

שירמבצעתכניסה ב30.4
Swing Your DaddyJim Gilstrap21
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יצאו בחוץ (בסוגריים – המקום ממנו יצאו):

You're No Good Linda Ronstadt21
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Good Love Can Never DieAlvin Stardust 28

לא נכנסו משבוע שעבר

Earth, Wind & Fire – Shining Star עוד ידברו בשנים הבאות

Ben E.King – Supernatural Thing

רשימת המצעד באדיבות Nedgorer1974

מצעדים אבודים (2) לועזי גל"צ פסח 1972

המצעד הלועזי של פסח תשל"ב שודר ב3.4, 15 שירים שרדו בו מן המצעד של חודש לפני, סך הכל 27 שירים, הרוב כמובן באנגלית, 3 באיטלקית מסן רמו, 2 בצרפתית, 1 ביוונית, 2 מהאירוויזיון האחרון לפני שישראל התחילה להשתתף, שני ישראלים, ישראלי אחד "של כבוד". במקום ה23: להיט הבכורה של ניל יאנג. מלחמת החיפושיות: שניים של ג'ון, שניים של פול. בפינה 'לשיפוטכם' הוצגו, לכבוד החג כנראה, 6 ישראלים בלעז, אחד לא מצאתי ברשת (דני גולן "אלי היקר"), בין אלה שמצאתי "מטאמורפוזיס" של ההדים מבאר שבע, "קפיטן הו קפיטן" הידוע בגירסה לא מוכרת של מישה סגל, ולהיטו הראשון של אחד דני סנדרסון.

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4 שבועות בראש
7Jealous Guy John Lennon813
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9Under tropical moonlight Shalom hanoch  11הוצג
10Without YouHarry Nilsson11 או 1222השיר המצליח ביותר של השנה בשקלול שני המצעדים
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21Border SongElton John 156
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הפינה לשיפוטכם – 'פינה ישראלית'

Don't you let me down The Churchill's
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או קפטן מיי קפטןמישה סגל
אלי היקרדני גולןלא מצאתי את ההקלטה הזאת
Like to Tag Alongדני סנדרסון 
Blue as the seaBoaz Sharabi 

לא נכנסו מהפינה הקודמת

Puppy LoveDonny Osmond
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Alone Again  Gilbert O'Sullivanקשה להאמין, השיר הזה לא נכנס אז למצעד. מאוחר יותר נכנס, ובגדול.

יצאו בחוץ

שבוע שעברלפני חודש
One Fine MorningLighthouse1311
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Day After DayBadfinger 1619
JoyApollo 100 2024

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