extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

מנורת ירח

I was among the students of this one known as "Chapa" ("C"). He told us he was kidnapped when he was 12 by aliens who did research on Adamic "puppies" on Earth. They brought him to the High Galactic School of the Federation to which they belonged, where he acquired "cosmic knowledge." In the middle of his studies, Star Wars came to the planet he was in, and after participating in the war alongside them, the aliens who kidnapped him allowed him to return to Earth, which they usually do not allow who they take far.

C did not want to share his knowledge with the earthy authorities, of any country, and therefore lived most of his years in hiding and running away. He argued that he want to help humans free themselves from the consciousness matrix they are in, and argued that humans suffer from a "visual impairment" that prevents them from connecting to extraterrestrial sources of knowledge that cannot be achieved in day-to-day activities within the limits of human cognitive ability.  According to him, human ability can be enhanced by concentrating and attention exercises and a corresponding theoretical study designed to practice the consciousness and prepare it for exiting the Matrix, all of which he has worked with us. At the same time, he set up a company that tried to develop devices that would facilitate the human consciousness structure to penetrate through what he called the "darkness of space" and to be in a condition called "permanent knowing." After the company closed in the previous decade, he began lecturing to people outside his regular student groups, and I was also assigned to these lectures as a transcriber, until he disappeared from Earth in June 2008.

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