Will the outsiders invade here in the coming decades?

Anyone who follows posts written here, actually knows that the right question to ask is ‘will they bring about direct rule here’.

Because they have been here already, since time immemorial but mostly since the 1980s, and they run the world in the form of indirect rule, through those who are called 'the strings-puller'. They set the rulers, and they set other things that seem like 'open play' and 'free market' – including who will have the money. Maybe not in the small, private resolutions, but overall, they set the desired work quota and 'energy power' from Earth, and their sensors respond when there are interruptions (if for example this blog passes a certain readers threshold, their sensors will also respond), when they and these who are supposed to tell us what is beyond here, have a common interest that we will know nothing about al of this. If it was only up to the 'authorities' on Earth, we might already know.

So, of course, according to C, the man who was there and came back.

Still, C stated, there is a possibility that they will intervene directly and it will be the end of the planet as we have known. We sat with him, at the end of the summer of 2007, in the small apartment he had close to the Mahane Yehuda market, he hosted there some of our meetings, but usually he preferred to host the meetings with others. It was very hot, and it was a somewhat solemn meeting to mark the 30th anniversary of his return to Earth and our acquaintance. The "stolen" Stoli brought us a champagne-flavored wine that I have no idea where he found it, and C demonstrated cooking abilities with a vegetarian stir-fried food that was very tasty. We talked about the world 30 years ago (i.e. of the 70s), and "the stolen" Stoly asked him what the world would look like in 30 years, and C said there is a good chance there would be direct intervention. He justified this in two opposite look-like reasons: on the one hand, in spite of everything, technology and science are evolving and may bring humanity ( or rather a part of humanity, the one that is more nurtured), to a kind of 'strategic equality' with the adjacent 'intelligence A' systems. (Named 'Intelligence A' he referred to the most developed intelligences that are close to us, among the 'Yahwes', the rulers of near space). This is a situation that can be dangerous and according to what he concluded, already in 2007 caused arousal in space. Humans are discovering new planets, developing technologies to be longer time in space and to reach places faster, it will soon be impossible to hide from them the truth, that we are not alone. Externals have answers to many of the situations that an evolving culture can create, but never about everything. On the other hand, global sanity is being undermined, sound and responsible leaderships are disappearing, Israel is of course a model for this (Netanyahu was not yet in power at the time, but one could already see signs of the system's frenzy, for example in the crazy campaign against the IDF-been-dropouts at the time. And before that, the economic engineering against the weak that has not been halted to this day) while privatization and capitalism are eating up all the social textures like a black hole. It is possible that this is a situation that the external founders encourage, a situation in which everyone will be for himself and there will be no 'society' to deal with them even if people will know how to recognize their existence. On the other hand, they may just be taking advantage of an existing situation that indicates the calcification of the human story. Thus, technology on the one hand, and public social and mental calcification on the other, is a situation that may remove the inhibitions and fears that external competitors have of overt invasion, as in movies, in broad daylight. Everything could have been different, C noted, if his friends who were with him on the journey and brought him back to Earth, had managed to take over things there in the influential intelligence A centers (the 'Federation'), for this purpose they traveled. But they failed, and what is left for him is only to tell us about the telepathic internet and try to convince someone, after his initiatives that could 'prove' something were deliberately disrupted (although, given the uses the Bibian regime could make of the fruits of the initiatives, and also other 'Israel friendly' regimes, he may have not been sorry about that today, as far as he is concerned).

When I asked if I had heard well, and all of this would indeed happen within 30 years, Hafa replied that I would not catch him in the exact number of years, but more or less yes.

When I asked if I had heard well, and all of this would indeed happen within 30 years, C replied that I would not catch him in the exact number of years, but more or less yes.
Almost 14 years have passed since then, so we have, if C is right, another 16 years. Meanwhile, in my view, Netanyahu and the rest of the world's lunatics are doing the work of outsiders who do not want us free and strong, and do not want a healthy and stable social fabric here (the capitalists who contribute to this serve them, more directly than politicians who are puppets). And Netanyahu is a kind of world king of these forces and it seems, if you follow all what is written here, that this is why he is in power. But when he leaves he will leave a country, if not an entire planetary region (Iran Iran), in a state of scorched earth. "He came to destroy, what he can, is his role on earth," C said. And scorched planet is just the right situation for direct invasion. So it seems like we have a few more years to endure Netanyahu, then start getting used to surviving in an occupied and ruined world, or trying to apply what C learned in his galactic school studies. Even if we do not seem to know how.

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  1. חפא אמר גם, שהפלישה תתחיל, יותר נכון עשויה להתחיל (אני משתדל לפשט את זה) בהתגרות כדור ארצית עד כדי הכרזת מלחמה על 'החייזרים' או על 'נכסים חייזריים'.
    כשחפא אמר את זה בשנת 2007, במציאות הלא אלטרנטיבית זה היה נשמע מטורף לגמרי, לי לפחות, היום כשבפנטגון מודים בעצמים בלתי מזוהים ואפילו משתמשים בביטוי 'סכנה לבטחון הלאומי', ועוד דברים, זה נראה לי שעד 2037 אפשרי בהחלט שידברו על חייזרים בצורה אחרת לגמרי ממה שמדברים היום. ובכלל זה גם עשוי להיות שירדפו אנשים על סמך 'שיתוף פעולה עם חייזרים' אמיתי או מדומה. נגיד שכיום, אם איזה משטרה/ כוחות הבטחון כלשהו תבקש להעריך מעצר חשוד על רקע 'שיתוף פעולה עם חייזרים' כלשהו, או הפצת מחלות חייזריות, כל שופט יגיד שזו הבדיחה הכי טובה שבית המשפט שמע מעודו ויזרוק את המבקשים מהאולם. בעוד כמה שנים, עוד לפני 2037, זה יכול להישמע אחרת לגמרי, ולמדינה יהיו אפשרויות שאין אותן עכשיו כשאין 'הכרה' בחייזרים.
    חפא כאמור פקפק כל הזמן בדיכוטומיה הטהורה שבין אדמים לחייזרים, אבל למי שיצית את מלחמת העולמות הזאת במשהו כמו ציד חייזרים, לא תהיה בעיה להציג את זה ככה.


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