"The End Of Days will be when everyone knows permanently"

C thought that "the End of Days" that the prophets talk about, is a situation where everyone  will know permanently, he had many conversations about it especially with Yehuda Shefa, who believed that the prophets went through something similar to what C went through with extraterrestrial beings. Not only Shefa, who studied in his youth at "yeshiva", believed in it. Also others of the regulars who have followed C almost until his last year on Earth, though not always in one group, have seen it similarly.

C did not explicitly express his opinion on whether they were right or wrong, just as he did not express his opinion on the theories presented by people that some of the Bible stories, such as the Ark of the Covenant story, are actually about aliens. But he called the last generation of humanoids who engineered us "Yahwehs" and adopted the idea of ​​Shefa that the End Of Days meant a situation of everyone knowing permanently, or that it was his idea in the first place, whether or not he believed in the words of the prophets. He always told us that if everyone will know permanently it will change the order of society, even if he did not exactly explain how.

"What will bring the human being to see permanently?" I asked C the day the stolen Stoli and I sat with him, at his house on Zichron Tuvia neighborhood, near the market, and we celebrated 30 years of his return to Earth, we did not know then, that in a year, again he will not be here.

"As much as it depends on them," C said, "it will not happen, and it's because of the politics and hatred that everyone is engaged in, that they invest all their mental forces in it, and everyone is everyone, without exception. You too, he too, she, they, everyone. If, for example, in a joint decision "the people of the Earth" would overcome this, they could prepare themselves or be on the way to adapting themselves for seeing constantly." I don't think that there were many among us, who believed that man is capable for it.

"The other possibility," he added, " is that aliens would force them to see permanently (and let's hope these will be good aliens). I tried to do that with your help, in the first group, in 1977, I thought that my aliens friends (good, ofcourse) are going to give us the complementary momentum, but as you know, they did not."

For years C told us that the failure of the coup that his Blue friend had planned in the Federation prevented the supply of power we needed to complete our private coup in the world on the Earth. "I told myself stories" he admitted that evening, and we realized that "permanent knowledge" is not a guarantee against self-delusion, if one wants to believe in. That evening, C admitted that the Blue apparently did not intend, in any case, to provide him with the promised help. We thought so before.

I further asked C, if it has precedents for this thing in other populations in the universe, who have become ‘permanent knowers’ and were not so at first. "Yes, there is all the time" he said, then Stoli served to us, in tall glass cups from C's kitchen cupboard, the champagne he brought before and kept in the fridge, we drank a toast to the 30 years and to the next 30 years, and to all our friends, who were, who will be, who could have been,and we did not continue talking on that issue.

"So what's left for us, if humans are not eager to change their nature, and the aliens are not helping?" The stolen Stoli asked later.

"Use what we have, explain, lecture, persuade, stimulate people to go out from where they are, and I do that all the time, and you can believe me, I enjoy of it, even though i'm doing it for years", Said C. But in the following months, it seemed to us that he was beginning to despair, and perhaps get bored, of the whole idea of influencing human beings.

Precisely when it seemed to us that there was a beginning of a new thirst for his knowledge and his ideas in people who were beginning to come to meetings, and a group began to form that at certain momentsmoments, in its energies, reminded me energies of old times. Especially since Shefa moved to Jerusalem and made his home available for meetings.

Yehuda Shefa was born in Israel, but his years of adolescence and most of his adulthood until then passed in the USA. C met him in the late 90s, as part of his travels to Europe where he was looking for investors in his 'Rainbow' program, which was designed, as he told us, to renew what we started in 1977, without the help of the aliens. C was looking for a serious investor, "buyer at the level of exit" and Shefa, as a representative of an American venture capital company showed interest and tried to persuade company executives and other investors to invest in projects offered by C. Shefa also supported C financially and in fact financed most of his travels abroad after they were met, and helped him meet people in the field, but in the end, all those people were not convinced (and in C's opinion, there were "instructions from above") and Shefa himself left the company and returned to Israel, about the time when C  separated from his girlfriend of 19 years, Anna, and in 2006 Shefa came to Jerusalem and also C, who rented his apartment near the Mahane Yehuda market. Shefa spoke with C for hours about the Bible, and led C, Who at first was reluctant of all attempts to find in the Bible anything that says something about us or that is related to us, to begin to see positively the idea that the prophets were a kind of permanent-knowers and that the End of the Days they prophesied about, is something that necessarily stems from human history at the end of which humans will know permanently, but there is no knowing when it will be. This is the meaning of the idea that "everyone will know God."

C said that even then there would be faith, but it would be different.

This, he knew  to say, "is because aliens also believe".

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extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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