C was asked, in his meetings with potential investors, to present "things that work", or "proofs", things offered to him in return were legendary. But he insisted they first rely only on his reason, and they did not want.
During the time of the first group, the kids group, we collected all kinds of objects and assembled them and built devices, according to his instruction and his spirit instruction, some of them also worked, despite the delay in 'force' that had to activate them all. For example, he showed us the 'beings' with the help of two or three standing halogen lamps that was covered with a type of cellophane paper, with darkening of everything around, but there was another, unexplained force that he was able to produce.

Of these devices nothing is left. Some remained after his first departure with the stolen Stoli, in his rooms, until Stoli had left these rooms in 1988 when he disappeared for four years, and when he returned he told us that he had to hide, because he was wanted, by the forces and police of the 'agreement', not by the ordinary forces on Earth. He, it turns out, knew the most among us, there are things he knew even more than C. To this day he is wanted, according to him, which is why he never accompanied C abroad in his search for investors, and this is also why I was quite surprised that he did accompany him on his last trip, because from there, from space, come the instructions to the 'agreement' police. Anyway, the devices are no more available, and C who used to rely on our volunteer spirit, the bunch of kids, did not want to build new ones without investment flowing to him, the investors were not ready to invast without 'proof', but I have a feeling, sometimes that he did not want to prove, at least not to these people , and did not really intend to build new devices.

פורסם על ידי הצועד בנעליו In-his-shoes walker

extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

2 תגובות בנושא “proofs

  1. There are frequencies, I can pick them up because I passed through Lindigra.
    Through those frequencies I can get instructions and tell you how to build the devices.
    – Who gives you these instructions ?
    – The instructions are in something like such a cosmic internet, when there are the devices you too can connect to it.
    – Explain to us what exactly Lindigra is?
    – In what language is it at all?
    – For our level of common understanding at the moment, it is said to be like an extension of the capacity of the mind, of its capabilities. It's more than that because it also affects personality, but we will not go into that here.
    – We would be really interested to know what was caused to your personality, something was undoubtedly caused to it by something, but that's really not the topic of conversation.
    – Excuse me, did we come to talk about me or the devices I offer you to invest in?
    – You must understand, our goal is to make money. We do not distribute money. We invest to make a profit, and it is true that with investment we take a risk. Therefore we need some indication that will show us that it is worth taking a risk, in your case some proof that such devices can work. We are not interested in the teaching you present, we do not have the tools to judge whether it is true or not, your resume may interest some of us personally, but you are right, it is irrelevant, what interests us is to see something work. One thing give us. Even one second of work, can be worth gold, for us and for you. But give it to us.


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