"The Devices"

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The fact is, that with the devices we started tinkering and building them long before we knew C. Nearly a year before we heard about its existence, and we had no idea what we were building.

At first it seemed like something artistic. Started with it, in his room, one of us, who had hands for craft and affection for all sorts of shapes (I too was with a fondness for shapes, but not "hands for craft"). Someone told him it looked like "an alien absorption device" (he did not use that word, alien, which was not yet used in our places, I don't remember exactly what he said, I think it was "creatures from space" or "space people"). Another said it was a "spaceship", another said it was a "time machine", I said it was a "space and time machine". But it was none of those. The first builder said it was an "energy device."

Then we too began to build structures, as if inspired by the first builder. We collected all sorts of 'things' in the lots, in one industrial area that was nearby. All kinds of boards, plastics, parts of devices, boxes, pieces of metal and slowly we felt we were making up a story around it, or rather, getting into the story with purpose and intent, and we all participated in it, everyone added a line to it. Stoli "The stolen" (in Hebrew: GANUV, that is a slang for: 'crazy' and also 'cool'), a relatively new member of the group, was the leader. Anyone who had some space in his house, in the yard, on the porch, in a warehouse, a room in the house, some space that the parents allowed, even if they did not exactly understand, built, even if he did not have hands for construction. Poor was someone who had no space.

Zvi, the oldest in the bunch, and my best friend since childhood, was the first to say it was not us who invented the story, someone telling us it, and giving us the roles. When he said that, others confirmed that this is what they feel all the time, but were afraid to say.

When C arrived, it was as understandable and clear to us as naturally that he was the one who transmitted the things to us from the beginning, through the telepathic network (such a thing exists, natural and free, in the universe). But in those days, it was not clear to us who was transmitting us the "ideas", whether they were 'people' or .'entity' or 'entities' perhaps 'from space'. The majority of us thought at first that it was more than one entity that should and could transmit all of it to us (we still thought a bit that we were inventing everything), later we realized it was one man, and he was probably really in space, waiting in the sky, like "The Star Man" ("איש הכוכב") from the beloved song . (We even called him by that name sometimes, before he was C).

Gradually we also realized that all our "devices", these are components that even though they are in different places, they complement to one machine, no component is independent, and only the completion of construction of all will operate the machine, which at this point in time seemed to us to be fulfilling all the roles we said at the beginning: aliens absorption machine, space machine, time machine, energy machine. (We were later discovered more, perhaps really important, roles of the machine). It was something we did not know where it would lead us. It started to get scary, but no one thought to stop. And all the time, all this time, we had a feeling, that we had to keep a low profile, not to let the environment know, to be interested in our activities at all. It seemed to us that we had succeeded, for some it was an effort.

We started connecting wires and electrical components, and then, on the end of Purim, came the short-circuit. After that we stopped everything.

And for a few months, we did not talk about it, the feeling was of failure, and we tried to go back to the 'normal things'. For example, the rating of the 'Punch Hit Parade', and we seemed to have forgotten that 'strange' period. But on the last day of the summer holiday, just as I was about to go for a swim in the pool Zvi came and said that the transmitter man had arrived. He's here, on this land, and he's close to here, Zvi said he was going to meet him, and asked if I was coming.

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