Chimney (2)

Chimney's other name is the elimination of the universe. This is a situation that is at the base of every dense cargo flight today, especially the flights that shorten the route by jumping. The cancellation of the universe in these situations is "in the blink of an eye" (fast and short), and there are guarantees that they are standard at every station. any situation of extending the abolition of the universe is like a long dive underwater, or more, stopping breathing for a long time. It is the responsibility of the operator. But Chapa is experienced in chimney diving, as is the vibrating Blue, Chapa had no doubt about that. Once upon a time, everyone crossed the universe just like that. The ancients did not know the short, pampering combinations. Chapa only feared that he would not understand the telepathy of the blue, because the telepathic internet is weak in these areas.

Chapa described to us the situation of being in a chimney also as being in a dark elevator, only there are no walls and no door, there is nothing. At the same moment that any spacecraft is in the universe elimination, if someone inside it performs chimney diving, as Chapa and the Blue did at the exact moment the spacecraft reached the peak of its possible velocity, which is the stage that allows the magnetization to the state of abolition, it causes Spaceship time to replicate to dimensions. It is at its place of flight and at the same time in the chimney, without the non-diving passengers feeling it. Chapa could not really explain to me, and he himself probably did not understand how this happens, but the length of the divers' presence in the chimney will be as long as it is, in terms of the total time of the spacecraft it is a zero time unit, that means, time that had been doubled, that had split, returns to the spacecraft (especially if it's a powerful spaceship, and this spaceship was a powerful one), as if it did not split from it, and as if what happened in it, did not happen. From our limited point of view, it's like going back to the past. It's not, but I will not go into detail here. Sometimes it can happen that a split time will return to the spacecraft without the chimney divers who created it. And at some point after the diving began, Chapa could see the spacecraft at the end of the jump, continuing to travel when he is not on it.

The Blue actually had no problem transmitting to Chapa direct telepathy, brain to brain, while they were diving plummeting into the space filled with nothingness. In his own words, in earthly human language, Chapa told me what the Blue had told him. He told him that in this leap they were going out of a side path, such a cosmic 'neighborhood' (which Earth is barely in its margine) to a primary junction and that means that whatever they do from this stage until the Blue reaches the power center of The federation, will be exposed and visible 'to the whole universe'. Almost literally. The galactic media that accompanies them, our media on Earth, even in the Internet age (when Chapa told me it, there were not social networks yet) is a joke compared to it. So the fact that the Blue separates from one who inhabits 'non-graded' planet and lets him return, with knowledge he acquired in the High School of Galactic Wisdom, to his world, will be exposed to all and also the protocol of the interpreter confirming the Blue agreement that Chapa will return to Earth, cannot be hidden, when requested and it will be requested. And what's the problem with that? The problem is that it is not acceptable in the federation, that knowledge of the federation, and more, from the highest school in it, will be found in one who has no status of 'belonging', or among a 'non-graded' planet and a 'non-graded' civilization. (Because of this, among other things, they do not usually return 'kidnapped' like Chapa to their native planets) and things will make particularly bad vibrations now after the war, when it is already known that many of the most severe blows inflicted on the Federation and took life in numbers of 90 or even 100 digits among the citizens of the Federation and caused complete destruction of planets, were caused by knowledge that was in the hands of 'non-graded' civilizations and should not have been in their hands, which was used to brutally attack the Federation outposts, and the mainstream movement that supports the Blue's revolt accuses the government of selling the knowledge to such populations in exchange for satisfying greed for energy, materials and minerals. The blue must not be perceived from the beginning as one who is no different from the previous rulers, precisely at this point where it also allows the transfer of knowledge to unfamiliar worlds. No matter how brave Chapa is and how much he has contributed to the battles of the Federation, no matter that he has saved his life and his plans for the use of knowledge are in the interests of the Federation. All this will be worthless for the masses whose Blue needs their coalition partnership to succeed in the revolution, at least at this point. And another thing, is what Chapa called in his description "the neighbors." They are found in systems relatively close to Earth, Chapa believes that even in Alpha or Proxima Centauri near the solar system. Chapa saw their representatives, orange creatures, in the world they were in before the last jump, they came to talk to the Blue in his space-darkness. They are the 'border citizens' of the federation and for them, transferring knowledge to the 'blue knob' that is our planet, knowledge that will be available to a civilization that is not currently strong enough to endanger them but can be in the future, will cause a regional imbalance. Their threat, to join the enemies of the Federation and rekindle the war, was very tangible. In the light or darkness of all this, the Blue explained to Chapa, although subscribed and finished with him that Chapa will return to Earth, he can not let a situation where he allowed it, be visible, they can not even be seen together, at the exit station from this jump, when they are separating and under the Blue's 'open eye', Chapa returns to his star. And therefore will have to part now, in this chimney. Only one will return to the spacecraft to complete its jump.

Chapa knew it was possible to change exit stations while chimney diving but it's a pretty theoretical thing. He's never tried it and no one in the Bright Ray Order has ever tried it. The risk was too great, especially when it was done from the new jumps. Mostly, the risk of not going out in where you want to go out in. Since the days of the Tamket people who were forced to do the first abolition of the universe when they were thrown into a black hole, and had no real choice, a few things have been learned. It was known that the desire / intention of the "psychic consciousness", in the right combination of mass and energy, has a decisive influence on the place to which a chimney diver goes from his dive. And yet, the people of this time, are not in much better condition than the people of the ancient Tamket people, if they are forced to change station while diving in a chimney. In part because no one today is really doing really long chimney dives like they used to, certainly not changing stations in the meantime. The jump on its systems performs everything for them. No one has the experience and habits and character that the divers of previous generations had, who knew where to go, not even the energy to change a destination station in the middle, while diving. The average personal energy today is usually barely enough to mean one station, and today, for the most part, all of that is theoretical. But Chapa had no choice now.

The Blue gave Chapa the name and markings of the station to which he should mean himself. From that place it will take him a little longer to reach Earth than it would have taken him if he would continued with them, but not too much, and his path is under the radar of the "neighbors." On the way, the Blue asked Chapa to do another little mission for him, a mission that would also provide him with the tool with which he will fly back to Earth. The Blue then promised Chapa that after a while, when he was already in power, he would send a force to Earth, a great force. The only question Chapa asked, after hearing all this, is how will his disappearance in the spacecraft be received, the blue said that at the moment, no one will notice. Later, when those who know him discover that he is gone, they will assume that he was lost in a jump, such things happen sometimes, even if not frequently. Close friends will of course assume the truth, but will not speak. Chapa and the vibrating blue, the comming ruler of the federation, approached, Chapa felt a wave that meant a hug enveloping him, he did not believe that Blue could embrace such a warm hug. Then he would dive all alone, in the chimney of nothingness.

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