Dictionary of Alternative History: Elimination of the Universe

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Adapted and expanded according to posts written on 5/7 and 18/7/2005

How do you travel faster than light?
Chapa answered me with this simple answer: "eliminate the universe".

But how do you eliminate the universe?

This is the complicated question, the question of the questions. Galactic libraries are full of attempts to answer this, through stories marking milestones in the space travel history of "developed cultures," a billion years or more before the Adamian Earth's species began to ask its first questions on this subject.

eliminating (abolishing) of the universe is a nickname for a basic technique required to cross the speed of light barrier, and all existing space flights are based on it, to one degree or another.

But it is not enough to eliminate the universe.
It should, then, be returned.

Not all the passengers who managed to ro abolish the universe, also managed to bring it back, and those who did not, remained outside the universe and never returned.

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Some argue that the first to travel faster than light was the telepathy that made it through the ancient web, created "naturally" in the ancient universe.

But there are also those who claim that the first to do so were the rebellious slaves of the Tamket group, the bee humans who were thrown into a black hole and in order to survive they had to find a way to hide the universe and bring it back later. But more up-to-date versions claim, that it already happened somewhere in the middle, between the first telepathy, and the bee humans.

What is probably clear is that the eliminations of the universe and its return were initially made by way of meditation until spaceships. and Jumps, later, capable of translating the process into their 'brains', were developed, and the entire space travel industry today, is built on this development. The meditation of eliminating the universe has become a thing of the past for most flying civilizations, but in the schools of galactic wisdom its teaching is a basic obligation and the school graduate must perform exercises and tasks in it as part of the concluding journey, before passing Lindigra (change). Apart from the schools of galactic wisdom, the method is also taught in private schools of skimmers.




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