ambassadors (May 1979, The Roof)

Zvi has been living in the U.S., Pennsylvania since the mid-1980s, from the photos he sends from there he seems completely such an American businessman, round, prone to baldness. He never understood why C returned to Israel again. He says that in other countries he could have made for his alien knowledge much more crowd, also make real money from it, and most importantly, he was not constantly persecuted in a game of cats and a mouse, between the hammer and anvil of the Zionist-Nationalist-Jewishist KGB on the one hand, and the other authority that persecuted him, the one with the white jeeps, probably the reality version of the MIB here in its Israeli sub-version,and if this is indeed the case the global version may be everywhere, and also in Portugal, also in Finland or Kenya or anywhere else, he would have a chance to meet them, But at least. Zvi says, C only had it "on his back", without the Zionist-Nationalist-Jewishist KGB who just wants eternal control over everything that moves in the Israeli space, even what is in the realm of spirit and soul. I always tell him that I'm not sure that the two authorities in Israel do not employ the same people, and that, by the way, was also the opinion of C. Zvi also does not understand how I stayed in Israel. He visits the country once every few years, over the years the frequency of his visits decreases, he met C for the last time in April 2008, two months before the trip which is currently called the C's last trip. Zvi became over the years C's great criticizer and did not hesitate in the last meeting to confront C, Among other things, about the fact that the first time he left us, it was while guys like me, for example, were called to “Mental Health Officer”, and were about to go through an omission, perhaps because of him. Precisely there, then, we needed him. C claimed he had disengaged to protect us, because the heavy fire was aimed at him. Exactly as he claimed then, as we stood on the roof of that building, above the wide road, at the end of the old land.

More than a year and eight months after C arrived, he no longer expected the help he had been promised to come from The Blue and his teammates from the High School of Galactic Wisdom, who parted ways with him on their way to revolutionize the Federation Center. He said they had probably forgotten him, and might have failed in their attempt to make the revolution .Something withered about him, since the arrest, we had not seen him for many days, and when we saw him, he always called us from some hiding place, like he had feared of all the people, the people of Earth, just to let us know where and when to meet him. On Tuesday of that week, May 15, he joined us for the weekly parade ranking meeting. So he heard from me about the extra summons, the second in the number I received to the “Mental Health Officer”, and said 'no matter what army you will be in, you are a soldier of the federation, there is no honor greater than that. I appointed you, I have the authority, as a member of the Order of the Bright Ray. No one can take that away from me. And you all too' he told others, who all heard what he told me. 'You are soldiers of the Cosmic Federation, one day it will have value on this planet as well.' It was the first time we heard from him that he had been accepted into the Order of the Bright Ray Warriors, he had already told us about this order, but did not reveal to us that he himself had been accepted into it, we only knew that he had been admitted to the School of Galactic Wisdom. The spirits had flown up afterwards because long days the whole bunch did not met together, Stoli collected all the ratings while the songs played on a cassette I recorded, and C was in a cheerful mood all evening as he had not been long ago, telling us stories from the depths of the universe. Don’t know why, we felt like we were finally advancing, heading towards something new, maybe because of the spring spirit that was still out there. Zvi was not at the meeting, I do not remember for what reason, and so he did not hear what I, the stolen Stoli and Elton heard when we went to the kitchen to put the dishes for washing. So suddenly C passed by us on his way out to the door and told us casually that he is leaving on Friday, not knowing for how long. He said he will talk to us in the next few days, promised, and left, before we could say a word.. At first we did not digest the meaning of things, but we no longer rated the parade at the end of that evening. The next morning I waited for the newspaper deliverer, hoping it is still C, that will talk to me, explain. But Zvi came, and told me that C had talked to him earlier, and he asked him to let me  know that he want me to accompany him with Zvi on Friday night.

C did a kata of fighting in front of the darkness, of the kind he used to show us from time to time, but we still could not do it either, so we looked at him and at the road below with the orange lights, right from us was built across the road some luxury neighborhood that climbed the hill, and opposite, the city like opens up to a mysterious valley, which seems to have led to another world. We had memories from there, where there was the early recruitment, close we passed with C the day he arrived, there, we told ourselves as a kind of joke, the first UFO should appear. On the road we saw a white jeep again, of the ones we also saw on the way there when we walked in silence, and C like a shadow disappeared for long moments and was appearing again, until we reached this tall building and he signaled us to go up to the roof. We knew the jeep belonged to those who arrested C in November, the MANIACS, and we were horrified at the thought that they are following us. C heard our thoughts and said they are not following us now. Then he told us that he is not leaving yet, he will stay in the country for a while longer, for us it is good that we will not know where he is, he also asked us not to tell the gang that he has not left yet. He wants to pull the MANIACS away from us and the less we know, the less we will interest them, because it is him they are interested in. But, he added, "if there is any need you feel even just to talk to me, leave me a message," then pointing to the fence that closed the neighborhood on the hill on the right, where there were drainage openings, he pointed with his finger over one of those openings. Inside, he said, we can leave for him a message on a note, in an airtight plastic bag, in sign language that taught us, for C was unable to read ordinary letters. "As long as I am in the country I can approach and read, and also answer you, by telepathy or on a note I will leave."

All this time we expected him to say something else, to tell us where he was leaving. And why. We knew he was not satisfied with the "official" answer he received on the day of his release from detention, regarding the fate of his family in Ecuador, and we thought he might be going there to find out for himself, but he said nothing about it, just did another kata and then realized we had to leave. "Chow, maybe we'll meet again." "And if not, remember that you, like me, are ambassadors of something, bigger than me and you, from the moment you met me it was determined. You have something to do with it in life" This last line, to this day, I'm not sure I heard out loud. Just sure we gave a handshake, and without a word we left it on the roof and went down, and started running back to the neighborhood. We met again after 7 years, the meetings were with a slightly different character, with different people, we were no longer teenagers. But his last words from this parting that I may have heard aloud and perhaps in telepathy, remain true and valid to me even today.

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