The four ways to move in space

First published in Hebrew on September 30, 2006

C told us about four ancient ways known to the Adamians, by which they solved the problem of speed of light, which makes it difficult to move between distant worlds in space.
"The four ways to move in space," he called them:
The first way was the temporarily abolishing the universe, which, according to the myth of the Galactic Intelligence High School, discovered by the rebel (bee-shaped) slave Adamians thrown into the black hole by their alligator-masters..
But in the distant planet, to which the head of the rebel and his pair were later exiled, no spacecraft was allowed to approach, and there were no means and raw materials to produce the appropriate spacecraft. To perform the universe-abolishing meditations they were familiar with, it was necessary the initial acceleration speed that was in these spaceships, which were invented by the alligator-masters.

The rebel leader didn't really care where he was. Over time, he made friendships with the hostile nature of the distant planet, and he also found food sources, apart from the food supply that was plunged every year (according to the galactic time) from a spacecraft allowed to approach the planet for that purpose. He and his pair built a house for themselves in the shade of one of the low, dark trees that filled the world. They never missed the worlds before.
But it was important for him to pass on the wealth of knowledge he possessed, to provide students.
He had to find an alternative way to the spacecraft's way.
And that way, the second way, was through telepathy.
Some say that the trees, which sheltered him as a house, were the ones who discovered and transmitted it to his mind.
Others say he always knew it. Some even say that the ancients Adamians knew no other way of speaking.
(And there are those who reconcile the two versions by explaining that the ancient Adamians spoke telepathy between them, but could not speak it to what is outside their world: Inanimate and other creatures).
The rebel leader has wondered where telepathy can go, how far distances a single broadcast can reach, and how long the broadcast reaches its destination.
Then the first principle of telepathy theory was revealed to him:
"Thought is the fastest power."
The second principle, he also discovered, was quite fast:
"The range of thought has no boundaries."
These two principles, to this day, are regarded as the basic principles of the telepathic web on its various levels: the galactic and the super-galactic.
That rebel was one of the first surfers, at least among the Adamians.
He broadcasted his words to the distances, and he knew he was was received because he was asked questions and he immediately answered. Over time he also learned the identities of his regular students, most of whom he never knew. He felt them, and over time he also learned to recognize the features of their faces, and to recognize the landscape of the worlds around them, worlds some of which were a million light years away. Every common thought that Adamians were concerned with had created its own moment in time – telepathy time, where distance was void.
The future generations also learned and taught that with each telepathic message, the sender sends something of his own mass, which is of physical value. Something in his body travels, bypasses the speed of light and is, literally, in the other worlds.
Later generations elaborated the second way to the point of being able to transport their full self and body from place to place.
Telepathic Internet users distinguish between 'light charge' and 'dense charge' passing through the telepathic network.

Originally written on May 22, 2009
Another way is the substitution, the exchange of particles between bodies in the distance. Some see the telepathic way as a kind of substitution. With the abolishing of the universe all wholeness is transmitted.
Substitution does not force the wholeness to be transmitted, it is a kind of exchange of atoms in the correspondence. This is probably the more common and more accessible way, but since the body is the field of action of substitution, the price can be higher. because all the methods here are based on substitution, wherever you left you basically leave a duplicate.
The duplicates usually fade away over time. Telepathic Internet users call it 'light-dense transference'
The fourth way, considered the newest, is called the "shrinking of the Universe" or "The Lone Atom."

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