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The Real Research – The "real research" is any scientific research done by governmental authorities and other bodies or private individuals, usually in the knowledge of the authorities, without any official acknowledgment of its existence or any publicity regarding its findings and actions arising therefrom.

1. The Real Research fields and its confidentiality

Budget, security and manpower

2. The Real Research until the second decade of the 21st century

A. in the 19th century

B. 1945 and followed

– The external-adamite cooperation

– The "new generation"

– the 80s and 90s

– 21st Century

3. Findings and Achievements to which the Real Research allegedly came:

In the field of parapsychology and telepathy

'Invisible World'


Biogenetics and cloning

1. The Real Research fields and its confidentiality

"Real Research" exists in all fields, but the areas where the highest degree of secrecy is invested are military, climate and atmospheric, bio-genetics, medical engineering, and areas whose very existence is denied: parapsychology and telepathy, "hidden world" and aliens.

The interest in concealing "real research" reaches the ranks of the security services and heads of states, and it always has partners from the other side as well. The concealment lies in a denial that presents the issues in question as dubious subjects that do not have any real information worth exploring or useful, which, therefore, does not result in a budget by any serious factor, but, the assessments are that the various bodies have accumulated a great deal of knowledge that the reasons for it being unreleased are related to their fear of loss of power and control of the public if the knowledge will be disseminated and the engaging in this research will gain a considerable status and bring many to it, because of the existing arrangements it may undermine (for example, the exposure to spacecraft that will weaken the status of energy tycoons on Earth or the loss of religious narrative as a result of the encounter with Aliens), and the opposition of the external factors to the earth that the human race will receive full knowledge and awareness of those around it and thereby the state of which the human race is subjected in relation to them (which may cause earth humanity to demand 'independence' and to threaten external entities and 'kingdoms' in the future). for this reason, knowledge is stored in forbidden areas that are blocked for cognitive access of human, and the guarantee of its preservation is not only in the hands of mankind, and access to it may be in most cases in a state of conscious obscurity or hypnotism.

The aliens field of RR is the most popular and many believe that governments and organizations like NASA hold a lot of information related to UFOs that has been viewed by people, kidnappings and experiments done by aliens and on aliens. Many series and films have been made on the subject, including the "X-FILE" series or the parody movies Men In Black series, while in other fields there is at least less engagement, but it is difficult to know how much of what is published leads to Real Research and how much of it has no basis or it is dummy that can be planted by the establishment itself for the purpose of distraction from the things that are really done.

Budget, security and manpower

The "Real Research" budget comes in a "back door" from state budgets allocated to apparent things, some of them unique budgets bearing some 'innocent name', and some through funding court-protected projects that release the state from having to disclose all project details (project managers may also not be informed of some of what is being done in their field) and from private institutions supported by equity owners. In cases where there is a leak despite the security measures, there are those who are quick to create the impression that there is a 'corruption' or 'executive exception' which is always 'accidental', until the leak sources are blocked.

The RR security, including facility security, also lurks behind the security of other 'security' facilities and most of the security practitioners are unaware of the uniqueness of security for 'real research'. However, private security groups exist only for the purpose of securing the RR. These security groups, due to the secrecy nature of the issue must include a small number of people, the same is true of the Real Research manpower, which in Israel probably does not exceed more than a few dozen people, and when necessary, additional manpower is 'borrowed' from other jobs, as far as certain jobs require 'head work'. There are manpower companies that specialize in hiring temporary workers for RR needs (for example, transportation and transportation), but none seem to be concerned about that alone, and the heads of these companies don't know much about the nature of the jobs to which they assign employees. At the lower echelons of the work, the secrecy procedures are no different from those of ordinary work requiring confidentiality, so as not to stand out in the field. At the levels that require access to more classified knowledge, the most severe practices of secrecy are taken, to the point of working under hypnosis which at it end there is oblivion.

2. The Real Research until the second decade of the 21st century

A. in the 19th century

The real research begins at least the 19th century, although it may well be that the time has coincided with the beginning of modern scientific research. The research in the 19th century was largely done by societies and individuals, with subjects of occult, parapsychology, spiritualism and occultism developed, and some of the research was based on ancient mystic or non-Western teachings that supposedly preserved ancient information destroyed by modernity. Knowledge was also gathered by Orders and Churches and also came from external pulling-in-strings found on the earth all the time, and some of the ancient knowledge that was on Earth before, they may have provided too. It is generally assumed that pulling-in-strings, for the most part, if they were revealed in public, they were revealed as "gray" people who did not attract attention. Although things are titled 'research', an inquiry must be distinguished from knowledge retention, and it is unclear how much it was possible for people who wanted to do free and unbiased research, and this may be true not only to the 19th century. In any case, the knowledge accumulated during this period by humans does not appear to have seriously threatened external entities.

B. 1945 and followed

– The external-adamite cooperation

The new era of Real Research begins in Nazi Germany, which first received government-level direct information from external entities and exploited a state of Space war, in which external control of the Earth loosened, to initiate large-scale, institutional-backed research to secure the Aryan race rule "in the sea, air, space, in the ground and underground". With the fall of the Nazi regime, knowledge (through scientists and technicians or through "objects") was smuggled to the United States, the USSR, and other countries, which established agencies and bodies for real research, usually camouflaged for other purposes and under the protection of the security authorities. When the external systems re-established their control over space around the Earth, they found it difficult to monitor and control and retake the knowledge held by human agencies, and all they could do was to make sure it was not used beyond certain boundaries. Against this backdrop, and under the interest of most authorities, to hold knowledge and exclude it from the majority of the public for the reasons stated, a partnership that was difficult to gauge was formed, under which the outsiders themselves provided knowledge to 'qualified' bodies and in return humans 'worked for them'. 

Some view this situation as a continuation of a condition that has always existed, because the earth was networked to the "Cosmic Internet" on a network known always  only to a few people. 

– The "new generation"

In the 1950s and 1960s a very small group of people engaged in "Real Research" and held knowledge, and this was one of the guarantees of its non-dissemination, but from the second half of the 1960s, a new generation of "Real Research" began to emerge among the few secret professionals and "employees recruited as part of the partnership." It was a generation that experienced experiences beyond what its predecessors had experienced, some of which were extraterrestrial. The 1970s are reported as years in which the external order has deteriorated and things have also affected the situation on Earth, mostly around 1974-1977. Against this backdrop, the new generation whose boundaries were loosening seemed to break into a power that the previous generations had not, utilizing their knowledge, which the order deterioration allowed them to obtain 'beyond quotas', and gaining autonomy from the establishment of government and authorities.

– the 80s and 90s

During the 1980s, states and institutional bodies regained control of exceptional knowledge, and the "new generation" became part of the establishment bodies and some took a role in the high-tech revolution, which is said to be the "bleaching/laundering" of "Real Research" knowledge, which in any case remains in the world on a wider scale than it was before 1974, but its essentials remained hidden from most of the public. 

Between 1977 and 1985, knowledge transfer from space to Earth was blocked. Secret signing of the Interstellar Agreements in 1985 revived the old relationships. The RR continues on a low profile, now with the approval of the 'externals', while continuing to give assurances that the full truth will be revealed to a few. At the same time, permission was given for the public release of much knowledge gathered and hidden in previous years in all areas of "real research" concerning development and inventions, high-tech, space discoveries (such as discovering the existence of other solar systems), and what appeared to be humanity's training for aliens-meeting through series such as 'X-Files' and stories of alien-like found in various parts of the world, such as the story of the alien from the Ahihud moshav in Israel, and the story of the alien-bacterium found in the "stone from Mars" during President Bill Clinton's era. However, there are claims that revelations pull the human spirit toward the technological expense at the spiritual expense (whose related research remains in the shadow) and in any case, divert attention from the right focus to it, and that the revelations about aliens are purposefully released into the structure for the future fear and seclusion, all connected as an insurance certificate that the control of the institutions and corporations over humans will not be harmed for the inevitable revelations of the future.

There is a claim that, under the Interstellar Peace Agreements, some of the Internet and cellular infrastructure services were provided through external devices, until "Earthlings" embedded the technology. This continued from the 1980s to the middle of the first decade of the 21st century.

– 21st Century

From the late 1990s, the interest of rulers and capitalists especially in the right, seems to be increasing, using the "institutes" in the private development of real research to achieve political power, and by 2012 there is news that the "RR" has reached smelting ability – an activity that relies on "smelting" of field and worlds materials in different spaces that allow things like teleportation and other rapid passage into space, alien and extraterrestrial life in control, and a rapid clone of life. On the other hand, since 2006, there has been an outward shift from Earth, which suggests that Space is preparing for a new war with Earth where the region's outside landlords may be trying to suppress the Adamic breakthrough to Space, on the other hand, they may have decided to leave Earth alone, or have already decided between them. Who will be his master.

In Israel and the United States under Trump's rule, Real Research resources are increasingly being diverted to anti-enemy "domestic and foreign" programs – eliminating rival political forces and speeding up the final solution that right-wing regimes and their economic masters in these countries believe in for the "unproductive and unhelpful" (and, in general, unnecessary at a given time) section of the population.

RR is now being done by "private institutes" and with state encouragement, but "private institutes" are more concerned with arms development and surveillance for quick-profit trade, while the state is engaged in master plans for elimination, but it can be said that today's Real Research is largely destructive and works for the sake of extermination (alongside the development of disease and their medication as means of life extension that will serve the rulers and others 'Marked to live').

3. Findings and Achievements to which the real Research allegedly came:

In the field of parapsychology and telepathy – processing brain energies into rays, creating 'brain networks', providing whole environments under the influence of 'imaginary brain' ('shaman'), remote hacking of 'brain walls' and internet brain broadcasting (remote brain control ) And creating devices that imitate telepathy – an area that goes 'whitening' on computers and smartphones. Psychobacteriological warfare.

'Invisible World' – 'diving', teleportation, hiding areas and objects. Reaching distances in space beyond what was specified.

Aliens – control of aliens and tiny non-physical beings in Earth and even growing them independently. Reconstruction and construction of spaceships and other tools. Widespread  information (wider than published) about other planets.

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Biogenetics and cloning  – In many actions the Real Research is a collaborator in cloningwhich belongs to the biogenetic field of 'Real Research’.

פורסם על ידי הצועד בנעליו In-his-shoes walker

extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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