(Misty Spaces (a perpetual fog screen

The "Real Research" people work through a perpetual fog screen (a situation related to what is called by C: the lack of a "Knowing permanently" state, in which we are all in), in which things disappear and appear, and it is not clear to them themselves who they are dealing with in this space. It is clear to them that it has energies, and whole images appear in it that represent something else. In the "Real Research" it is customary to identify the origin of the others that appear in the conditions of the obfuscation with what used to be called "outer space", although it never had solid and stable evidence, capable of being presented in "commercial quantity", or as it is also called "smoking gun". There are communication methods that sometimes work, when individuals, who have received "authorization / appointment" are working with the 'external' – seemingly aliens or other 'somethings'  which are 'there' and difficult to define and they too need to work with them carefully. It is not possible to "move an entire city" through the "misty spaces". Those who work in the field are forced to recognize that the identification in which they identify their partners with "space people" is a methodical identification that is convenient for them for work purposes, and may match what they are told, by other human beings or perhaps by the others themselves, but says nothing about 'where they really are '. While working and experimenting, theories have been developed that place the "partners" in a cosmic space, but the visible manifestations of the cosmos for most people in a state of alertness and clarity, create a gap between ordinary reality and the reality in which Real Research lives and works. 

There are several explanations for this, which are generally divided into two types:

1. Conspiratorial explanations – of the type "upgraders / instances" and their partner – the establishment, deliberately creating this fog and engineering us so that we can not act from a complete picture vision that unites the two worlds.

2. "Genetic" explanations (in engineering and in essence) – this is how we are built / this is how our consciousness is built, or this is how the material in which we operate is built. Maybe this is also a conspiracy – ("The Matrix of Nature" that built us with limited brain capacity).

The encounter with the different types of what was called by humans "space men" (long before the word "aliens", which C incidentally did not tolerate, came into use, at least in Israel) created, with general agreement, three types of reference:

Opposing attitude – who sees the "space people" in general as a threat that must be fought.

Collaborative reference – which accepts at least some of the "space people" as allies or potential allies.

Negative / denial reference – which does not recognize "space people" as an objective reality, and this reference may be found precisely and especially in those who met them. This reference prefers to see them as a "psychic phenomenon" whose treatment is not of interest to science other than psycho-science. In each of the three references, there are different levels depending on the character of the referent, his education and his general level of experience in the subject. 

Either way, C said, few ‘real research’ people have, if at all, real control over what they do and know, and the success of ‘projects’ in ‘real research’ depends on an external guarantee, the same guarantee that kept those things under almost complete secrecy for all or most of these years.

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extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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