But everyone was there

Beyond that place, where the capacity of the mind is blocked.
There are even some who are there all the time, even now.

We all wander there, but most of the time we forget.

And we all had the Understandings there. Understandings of the whole body.
We are unable, because of our brain limitation as human beings, to be a constant knower and therefore we forget. But the body remembers.

Everyone wants us to forget. Politicians, advertising agencies, the tribal bonfire, the Ministry of Oblivion, all the agents of 'socialization' of all kinds.

My motto has always been to remember. Even if it's weird to others.
If you're weird, it's a sign you remember.
And until my last day, I hope not to lose memory. Whatever happens to me will happen.

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com


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