Some people have gone through what they claim, in childhood or adolescence, was an experience similar to the UFOs experience, only in which human figures (though usually hidden faces) appeared and human voices were heard, all evidence spoke of night hours, sometimes near dawn, as meeting hours. They felt that they were under a kind of hypnosis, and although they had mixed dream elements in their memory, it was clear to them that what happened in these encounters was not a dream, their bodies felt tired after a grueling night walk, and memories like the cold outside, smells of the environment, etc. (Some also recognized the environment where they were), remained with some of them as a continuous memory with a logic that did not fit their dreams, and almost everyone had a feeling that whoever brought them to the same place, wanted things to be remembered as a dream, and at the same time, people acted on things they heard in those night meetings.

At some point between the end of the last century and the beginning of this century, people were able and willing to talk about these experiences and in ways that are not yet clear to me, someone somehow managed to gather some of them into meeting groups, where they talked openly about everything. As someone who attended these meetings with C, these people seemed normative to me in every way, and from what little I know about them today, most of them are still considered such, only today they are no longer willing to talk about it, and maybe that's the price they pay to stay, or be considered as such..

C took me to lectures he gave at several sessions of these groups. He thought he had an explanation linking betweem the things they went through, and the things he went through. At every meeting I printed his words with the Hermes Baby typewriter I had then, and so I acquired the fast typing skills that sometimes helped me make a living when needed.

 C believed that all the evidence of the people was real, and he thought it all had to do with Real Research and to a preparation of people for war or confrontation with the aliens, and this althought he used to say, that the phobia of aliens is not at all related to the thing per se. There is a bank of phobias that is held somewhere, in order to discipline the public on the "day of an order". AIDS, radical Islam, communists (mostly in the 1950s), leftists, passport thieves (because of which it was urgent a few years ago to establish the 'biometric database' for all citizens in Israel), military-omitted … And the same goes for aliens, as a kind of a potential intimidation.

 C told me that there is someone who even bothers to grow, nurture and realize sources of phobia. For example, attempts were made with monkeys on an African farm until they succeeded in developing a 'gay disease'.C also said that bodies belonging to Israel and the United States encouraged the growth of fundamentalist Islamic organizations in the territories under their auspices, and they know how to control the fire and exploits it for government purposes. Such things C did not tell us in the first days he came to us. Just over a year later, after being detained for a few days by some ‘special forces’, before disappearing from the country, he started talking about it, and continued after seven years, when he returned.

But regardless of the deliberately nurtured phobias, C believed that Real Research does indeed know more about aliens than has ever been officially written and published, and that there are indeed preparations to deal with them. He also believed, that is, knew, that the other side was also aware of the matter. and more than this.

"But this war," C said, "will not be a war of humans against aliens in the style of 'War of the Worlds'. i.e, a war between independed forces. It will be a war of human groups trained by outsiders, against other groups of humans, who may also receive help from outsiders, but as it looks now, it will be less."
Some believe that this is what is already happening now (and also already happened in the past).

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extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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