'Hallucinated', 'rememberers' and 'receivers'

C worked in 1989 at a central psychiatric hospital in the country, in fact he researched there, in order to ascertain the degree of external validity that inpatients' hallucinations have, and whether their various hallucination worlds can be contacted via the telepathic Internet. He worked there for several months until the staff, who he said was the most psychic thing there and not the patients, decided he was too weird to work there. These months have not been able to bring him to any conclusion because he says that if the patients have an extraordinary communication ability, the medication they receive from the moment they enter the hospital kills it, and perhaps not all patients have it exceptionally well compared to other humans. In some people he recognized such an ability, despite their being suppressed by the drugs and said it was not necessarily due to or related to their health condition. However in his opinion, mental illness was 'invented' for many of the people and this is a practice that the establishment took, he did not say about everyone and did not deny that there is 'mental illness' or nerve disease. The possibility of 'hallucinations communication' he said, should be explored elsewhere and one of his ideas was to do it among children. He did not start implementing it because he did not want to get involved with all kinds of legality systems, when he was afraid of systems anyway, he hoped to invest more in telepathy research between people when his 'Rainbow' project would allow him to fund it financially, which did not happen. When I read to him excerpts from Carlos Castaneda from his early books, which dealt with peyote rituals that might be a kind of inner circle of communication (although as I understand there is no 'hallucination sharing') he said it was true, that he also saw similar rituals among American natives in Ecuador and Peru in the years 1980-82 and he says there is no doubt that these plants are especially connected to the telepathic internet and also that shamans, at least there are some, know something even though it is not a 'permanent knower'. But certainly more than the 'experts' of the classical system know.
C speculated that the first shamans were Yahwehs who remained on Earth after the last human insemination project (according to his opinion this insemination had several rounds).
C told me during his time working at the hospital that for his opinion, I am the last person he knows, who may come to be hospitalized in such places. He was not the first and only one to tell me that, but from his mouth then it was the best reinforcement I could hear.
C, who introduced himself to the staff as a graduate psychology student, characterized a certain type of inpatients, that what challenged them was a kind of memory, or knowledge that was in them but they did not know how to 'target' it and to know where, when and what exactly they knew or remembered. They were constantly trying to 'catch' something and it ran away from them. The chief psychiatrist and the nurses thought that this was due to the "madness" of those hospitalized, C thought the opposite, that the madness was caused to them by the fact that they had this knowledge / remembrance and they could not grasp it. C asked these people to try to draw him something from what they remembered, as much as they could, and concluded that these people have a kind of spacedarkness-penetrating ability that other people do not have, because of the general 'visual impairment' of the human race on Earth, and what they remembered or knew was compatible C's knowledge of this invisible behind the spacedarkness, such as the existence of 'lifings' and other entities in the 'space of Earth' and even the landing of spacecraft and the presence of tools and facilities of the Federation and external forces in general on Earth. After a few months the staff began to restrict the free contact that C especially had with these people, or to a staff him to employees which did not exactly ‘flow’ with him. In the following years, C also sought contact with such people, but said that outside the 'therapeutic' world it is difficult to locate them and make contact with them.
C distinguished between 'rememberers' as he called these people and 'receivers', most of whom he says get along without going to psychiatry, and some of them play roles in 'pulling the strings' and MIB of all kinds, he identified several politicians as such. The majority group, however, is the 'hallucinators' we talked about earlier, and C failed to reach an unequivocal conclusion about them regarding the 'external validity' of their evidence, althought he had some theory about it. C also hypothesized that the MIB in the reality version and other bodies of 'Real Research' entered psychiatric hospitals and made experiments with inpatients' minds, and even used inpatients, especially of the 'rememberers' and 'receivers' types, to break the 'fog' of mental consciousness outside the worlds 'constantly-known' to the human minds on Earth.

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