How to connect to the telepathic internet

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C said that in order to connect to the telepathic, cosmic Internet, whose servers are out of reach of Earth governments, we need to disable the constant monitoring that is being exercised on us on Earth, a monitoring that uses interfering energies. He could not say whether it was "nature" monitoring or government monitoring (the contractors of the pullers in the strings), but it should be noted that he did not so much believe in the concept of "nature", and as the years passed his disbelief grew.
People tend to believe that while talking about the 'disruptive energies' – the best place to neutralize it is the desert, so one can reach inner peace, which is a prerequisite for connecting to transmissions from distant and near external sources. And C did not completely rule it out. "In the desert you can remember your name, because there is no one to give you pain" loved to quote the band America. The desert neutralizes disturbances caused by contact with people, but, he added, it should be remembered that the energies of the type that are neutralized in the desert are human and man-made energies (if we do not take into account all kinds of antennas, especially military located in desert areas, and it is possible that some of them were even created for this purpose). To cosmic energies the desert is more exposed than the 'inhabited areas', and not all energies are friendly to the effort to connect to some source of truth, some of the energies are hostile, blocking and misleading and you need to know to recognize them and identify which energies to beware of and which to connect to.
"For a telepathic connection, a quiet place is not enough," he once said, and another time also said, that whoever has the kit will be able to do so in the heart of New York City as well. We had already heard the term 'kit' from him during time of the “punch hit parade rankers” group, in the year and eight months he was with us after he arrived for the first time. So he promised we could travel with him into space when we have the kit. Well it turns out, I told Zvi, that telepathy also has a kit. C heard my remark, he was not angry. He noted that the space flight kit had not been presented to us, and he regretted it. But the telepathic kit, which is more important, he said, he intends to get us to know so that we can use it even if we wake up in the middle of the night.
And despite these words, he planned to purchase land in a remote area in the deserts of Australia, to set up there what he called a 'channeling farm'. He assured us that there would be no antennas. C, if I did not say, disliked very much the use of devices with antennas or antenna-based. Only when there was no choice did he use them. You would not catch him connected to a cellphone, in those days before the smartphone, and I guess he wouldn't use it after that too. The purchase of the farm and the entire project he planned to carry out on it, he intended to finance through the profits of the 'Rainbow' company he established, which he intended to engage in the 'temporary' 'fields channeling' through colors.

A small gray and metallic device, similar in size and shape to a radio, or a recording device, a tape recorder as it was once called, or CD, was the thing he planned to manufacture and sell as a 'communication device to other worlds'.

C said that high-level telepathy, which he experienced with his fellow warriors in the Galactic Federation, requires a special kind of connection between the members, beyond absolute trust. C was in doubt whether such a thing could be found between humans on Earth, perhaps between two people who are very close. However, people with high concentration or who are in a 'constant knowing' state can transmit messages that will be received, in the form of 'send your message across the waves', and also receive an answer. But even people who know constantly, need to learn to recognize the messages, among all the noises that go through every person's head (and thoughts are also "noises"), and they also need to decipher them, which also requires learning on its own. These, he said, are things he will deal with on the farm in Australia, when it is established, and he will teach the people in it, though not all people are or will ever be fit, he said, but he will do anything to teach most people who will.

In the meantime, he will provide people with this thing, the box, which he also called the 'color transmitter'.

C argued that everything has a 'field' and a 'frequency'. Everything, inanimate, living, or vegetative has its own code, completely private, through which it transmits its very being. He believed that even things that cannot be measured materially in space, such as 'events occurring', have frequencies that differentiate them from the rest of the 'fields' in the cosmos, and define them completely and not only proportionately, and these frequencies have color. And it's different from discoveries that human devices are familiar to, he believed it's undiscovered radiation, but its' base material 'or' root 'as he called it, is the same thing that creates the' telepathic network 'in the universe, which he introduced to us as' telepathic internet '. Through his device he intended to be able to 'paint' anything in space, whose radiation reaches a suitable radius around the device, characterize it with its 'broadcast' colors, which are supposed to be absorbed into the device and projected on a screen, a round screen. And hence, to be able to identify sources of transmission which are not visible to man, both sources which are outside the earth, but also from near sources, right near, but which are not perceived by the senses and not measured by any device, because they are in another dimension, or because of the same absence 'constant knowledge' which prevent their existence perception, nor do they assume it and therefore do not even try to predict it with measuring instruments. These are the 'other worlds' that C spoke of, but he also spoke of visible and nearby sources, which we would not at all think are 'transmitting', such as trees and stones, and, yes, animals as well. All of these, when they radiate, and because the 'base material' of radiation is the material of the telepathic Internet, this radiation can be converted into thought (and even more so, said C, and still did not elaborate on it then), and through the C device, into a unique color. 'You will know what your cat really thinks of you, by the color projected from the device' he told Shefa, the first time he met him, and tried to persuade him to purchase the first device, it was in 1999, when success seemed very close.

Clearly, using such a device, at least at the basic level at which C planned to market it, it was not possible to develop an in-depth conversation with any other entity, human, alien, cat, or stardust. 'You will not be able to talk to them about the literature they read, if there is anything parallel to it in their world, or about complicated mathematical formulas.' Such things, C planned to teach in the future, in which he will also teach how to regularly overcome the famous 'visual impairment' of human beings. In the meantime with the devices that C expected it to become a marketing hit, you could mostly know about other entities more than the existing means showed you, if at all allowed you to know about their existence, and a bit about what they 'think' or 'feel'.

"Governments, intelligence agencies, secret police and other enemies of individual freedom will be eager to achieve this," C was warned by a well-known human rights activist.
"I took it as a risk, I will not sell it to such people, and I have ways to make sure it does not reach them. In any case, the sale of this gadget will be temporary and it is only a means to achieve the ability for the main purpose, which is in a field where such people, so I Very believing, will not be able to find their hands and feet, and will even prefer to run away from there as long as their soul, or something similar, is in them."

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