Ghost Valley

Many times I thought of C's friends who were Kidnapped with him at the torn school and wondered what happened to them after they were brought back to Earth. C told us that the friends, Ariel and Mirta were their names, were returned to Earth, it was after C and the kidnappers had already become friends, and C, who from the beginning felt guilty that Ariel and Mirta were kidnapped, for he convinced them to meet him in the afternoon at school, that most of the students who studied in it, like C, were the children of foreign citizens and the rest were children from the elite of the capital of Ecuador, to whom Ariel and Mirta belonged. saw himself responsible for their return to Earth and to their normal lives as quickly as possible, so he managed to persuaded the outsiders to bring them back to Earth, and they also assured him that they had a spaceship that could travel back in time. Not only will the friends return to Earth, he was told, they will return to the same time and place they were on the day of the abduction, one moment before the event started to happen, no matter how many years have passed since, and they will not remember what happened, even as a dream, because virtually everything from the abduction will be 'canceled'. Also on people in the area, who could have witnessed the displacement of the building, the power of the journey back in time will be activated, and the event. and everything could have been related to it will be canceled for them and their memory as if it had not been. And so it would have happened to C himself, if he had not chosen not to return to Earth with them, instead he joined as an undercover passenger in the outsiders spacecraft waiting to take off near the spacecraft traveling back in time. I was skeptical if such a trip back in time could really erase the memory, and how could the intensity of the journey back in time also affect the memory of the people who were not on the first trip at all but only 'seemingly present in the environment'. I'm not sure C himself knew how to answer that whole answer. During the years C did not tell about the fate of Ariel and Mirta, and those from the first group of students who met him after returning to Israel in 1986, could not get an answer from him as to whether he tried to look for them when he traveled to Ecuador again. After Google already existed, during his first year in the US, Zvi tried to independently search for details about them, but found no mention of their full names that C mentioned once. A few months before C left for the last time, Zvi came to visit the country, And in a meeting I was also present in,  he confronted with C about these friends, he wanted to know their real names, and what really happened to them.

"These are their real names," C. said. "I do not invent names."
To the second question, C answered an answer that stunned us. He did look for them on his trip to Ecuador, but he, too, just like us, found no sign that they had ever existed. No one remembered them, In their parents' addresses lived new people who did not know how to tell much about the previous tenants, even a member of the same class that C met in Quito (According to his memory, the school 'sank' on the same date of the abduction in the 'flood' and then all the students and teachers were transferred to another building in another suburb of the city, and in place of the school was later established a playground which still existed), did not remember that these two had ever existed in their class. We asked C if he might have hallucinated them. Only one old black-and-white photo taken in class at the beginning of the school year, and a few lines written on the back, testified otherwise. This picture was in C's pocket when he was abducted and stayed with him throughout the journey, and it was almost the only thing that survived from his first life (also a photo I took on my 2006 generation mobile device for this photo and the lines that were on its back, at the same meeting, was deleted along with other things a few months later when a cup of coffee was spilled on the device. Then C was no longer on Earth). C's family also disappeared, apparently for other reasons.

C had an amazing opinion of what could have happened to Ariel and Mirta.

"They have not returned to their normal dimension."

C told us that in the School of Galactic Reason he learned that everything in the universe, everything physical and every event, has a large number of parallel dimensions that exist simultaneously. Only some of them can be perceived by the eye and the senses, especially of humans of the planet Earth, whose visual impairment is known to be deep. "If Ariel and Mirta were returned to a parallel dimension, and apparently so happened, no one in the 'ordinary' dimension could see them, but it seems to have also affected the memory of the people in the 'ordinary' dimension, due to some law, still unfamiliar to me, of space and time, which affected also about consciousness in the field near the 'horizon of events'." In fact said C, only the image in his pocket saved something from that time that was erased for the other people, as it stayed with him at a point far enough away in space.

It was difficult for both me and Zvi to understand his words. To this day I am not sure I fully understood the meaning of all the things C said at that meeting. I could perhaps find psychological explanations for the oblivion of Ariel and Mirta, not for the oblivion that fell on all the other people around them, even those who barely knew them.

C told us that in his opinion many people who were abducted from Earth, were later returned to the ‘parallel dimension’ and made inaccessible to those who knew them before, but were not forgotten by their surroundings. C could not explain the reason why this happened in the case of Ariel and Mirta. "Perhaps because the spacecraft that brought them back also traveled back in time, the power over time-space was activated with double intensity that also affected other people's memory." That was his explanation

"Is this the famous 'Time Possible'"? I asked. "Isn't this the 'reality version' of the alternative history stories I write about us?". "It's not exactly the same, there's a difference, it's the difference between 'space' and 'time'. But for you, let's say it's an insignificant difference, and you can see that answer as 'yes'." To Zvi's question I did not hear, C answered that in his opinion, in that parallel space, Ariel and Mirta live and see the people in a normal way, and the people see them. But they may just be 'creating' them. They don't know it, and it's good for them that way. "

"It's a ghost world, what you describe," I said. "People imagine they live. How do they eat there?"

"I did not say that they are imagining. I said that they are creating. there is a difference. they are creating, and they also create the physical matter, including the food they consume.. But I agree with you, that it is not much different from the world of ghosts."

"Sometimes," C admitted, "I think I did not really go back to my 'original' dimension either. I too am in a kind of what might be called by you a 'ghost dimension'. The whe world I returned to in 1977 is too different from the world I remember before I left."


This week, five years to his Earth leaving, I end the three posts I wrote this week with David Bowie's clips. This post is about returning to Earth of the abducted, perhaps returning to another dimension, as C sometimes thinks happened to him. Ziggy Stardust, according to C is actually the sequel to the story of Major Tom, whow just like him, was kidnapped and returned to Earth after undergoing a process of "alienation".

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