Tearing off

Two days after turning C twelve years old, he was abducted.
At first it seemed like an earthquake, to him and his friends, the boy and girl who stayed with him at the school in the suburbs of Quito after school. He arranged with them to stay there to find out what interest there was between them, and so he later felt responsible for their fate and their return to Earth. They entered a classroom in the old building, it was still early afternoon. C began to speak, and then the earth shook, and after that everything darkened, lightning flashed somewhere, and a sound like that of a mighty storm was heard in the air. With everything under them still shaking, they ran down the hall and managed to find the front door of the building in the dark, but could not open it, the wind outside literally locked them inside.
Having no choice, they returned to the classroom, and C looking out the window said, "Toto, I'm feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." His friends, did not exactly understand. "We are not on earth anymore" he told them.
"It's the comet," said the other boy, who was known as a wise scholar, and told them a few days ago about a comet that scientists say is approaching Earth. "His tail displaced us by his gravity from the ground."
Then it was very cold, and they went into a state of a kind of fainting, perhaps of hours, perhaps of days and months.
Then suddenly there was a big light in the windows, light of sun, and heat, and when they tried to open the door again, the door obeyed them and they found themselves in another world, a bit like Earth. You could say it was a desert world, full of sand and heat and at the same time the air in it is very comfortable to breathe, pleasant air, you could say.
In the sky above them stood two suns: one large, strong and warming, and one smaller that in the early days they even called it 'Moon' and only later learned to recognize its heat. And it was actually the closer sun.
C, the girl and the other boy found that the air they breathed was saturated with something that quenched their thirst and they did not need water, and in the first days did not feel hungry either. Then the hunger began to bother them, and they began to walk and walk, without a break, until they came to small buildings with an antique look made of brown stone, and realized, without anyone telling them, that in these houses 'hoarding dreams'. Then those who kept the dreams were revealed to them, they were short and very kind, and invited them to choose one of the small stone houses and live there. They themselves lived elsewhere. C later realized that those who invited them to the houses had nothing to do with who brought them.
For many days they lived there, alone in that place.
Somewhere behind them, in the sands, remained sunk their school building with which they had been torn from the earth.
And all this time, they did not once see those who tore them up and brought them to this place, but those watched from a safe distance at every step, every little movement of theirs.

from Earth to Lindigra

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extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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