The alternative history (part I) – The final cahpter

originally written at March 5, 2006, about the alternative history line between 1977-1992

Immersed in the sands, near the place where I climbed in the dark to the west bank of the crater, stood the building. A two-story stone house, in a style familiar to me, but alien to the wild landscape of the desert planet. I have always seen it on the horizon as a small dot opposite, since we arrived on foot from the Golden Gate and went down to the crater through the opposite bank.
I never paid attention to it, until a sliver of consciousness struck me, at the height of the great sunrise night celebration, when dizzy from the dancing and drunk, but fully aware and sharper than ever, I looked at the view above the cliffs opposite, and the rays of the suns shining behind me in a multitude of colors highlighted the features of the building , which is a days' walk away, but in the clean air of the star and with nothing to block it, seems close and clear.

The earth-torn school.

This is where I had to go to, from the beginning. Here will be the answer.

A short time later, the period of total darkness descended upon us, when it is impossible to see anything, and it lasted for days, maybe months. It is very difficult to measure time here. While everyone was shouting and running in panic from one direction to another and back again, I began to walk in the direction where my eyes became directed before the darkness fell, and as I walked I felt that my body knew how to walk, and I also felt that there was something inside me that was leading me, and it was strange and foreinger to me at first, and for it the darkness like It didn't exist at all. My normal eyes couldn't see anything special through the darkness that enveloped everything, but I knew where everything was. I also helped the aliens who lost their way in the dark and guided them how to get where they wanted. I also stayed with some of them, in houses similar to tabernacles, for hours, maybe days. I also slept there.
Then I got up again, and I was walking and walking, it seems to me that I walked for whole days and maybe it was only hours. Sometimes I sat down to drink from the from-air-refillable bottles that I always have with me. Sometimes I was falling asleep, and even then I didn't lose direction. That something in me that saw through the darkness and it was as if a foreign planted, something that didn't really belong to me, grew stronger, until I felt that this thing became the real me.
And so, despite the darkness, I found the place to climb from the crater, a narrow path between the rocks.
As I reached the top, the first cracks of light began to seep through the heavy curtain of darkness. I fell into a deep sleep and when I woke up everything was already flooded with the normal light of one sun, and I, at least I thought so, was again in my old and familiar self, next to the building sunk between sands and rocks.

I went up the stairs. It was very quiet. My previous concerns came back to me again. Maybe all the walking in the dark and climbing the steep path were unnecessary. חפא and the others are no longer here, and I am the only one left of all on this planet. The feeling grew when I went inside, to the empty classrooms that told stories from other days, from another planet that may no longer exist at all.
The reports from the galactic war that managed to infiltrate the planet in the days before the dark did not sound good for planets that had rebellion.
My goal was the balcony on the top floor, which I could see clearly even from a distance. I went upstairs and looked for the classroom that leads to it.From there I looked at the view. The crater spread out in front of me in all its glory. The great sun dazzled me with its infrared light, and I moved my head to the side, until I saw the "Noamis" houses little to the south. Just like חפא always described.
I didn't go there. I flew there. Literally. I knew that's where they were.
And I haven't seen anyone yet.
Then I realized, or the new me realized in me, that I needed to change dimension, to look from the point of view of the permanent knower, from the dimension through which the one who passed through Lindigra looks. and now i can.

חפא was there. His hair and beard have turned white, but he looks healthier than ever. They all stood next to him, among the little Noamis houses, and clapped their hands when they realized I could see them, finally.
They were always by my side, from the moment I arrived on the planet. Not all of them, but at least one or two were accompanying me everywhere, from the moment I stayed at the musicians' inn, and also when I wandered across the crater with the telepathic guitar. Even when I stayed in houses, they were with me and in the last hours of darkness, when I came up from the crater, almost all of them went with me. Although I thought I was alone, I was not alone for a moment.
After all, חפא taught us in the meetings of the "purple triangle" how to turn off and turn on our auras at will, and he told them to leave the auras off, until the moment I know that I need to look from the perspective of a permanent knower, not of an ordinary person.
"Come on," said חפא, "it's time to return to the galaxy, and defeat the dark forces."
Blue lights flickered in agreement around our group.

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