Interplanetary Federation (1)

Originally published on 12/5/2007
Interplanetary Federation is the product of a connection of ancient kingdoms and cultures several million years from the Adamite culture on earth. The entities that make it up have a brain volume and a different and developed absorption capacity than the semi-human ape, an "uninteresting" entity in one blue knob, quite remote in relation to the cultural centers of the Federation, near the center of the galaxy, where life in the universe began.
(And thanks to Zvi, without whom I would not have arrived at these exact formulations).

The federation itself is relatively young, and was formed after hundreds of thousands of generations of attempts of entities and contrary entities to mutually annihilate each other, and themselves. Nothing that the human race has experienced and will experience is new. Only the variations are different and are found in the very heavy history files hidden in the library sites of the high galactic schools of reason. Every planet in its own language, every culture in its own language.
There is a debate between me and Zvi, whether the higher cultures-entities were never interested in the human race on earth, or there were times that were.
I argue that the things narrated in the Bible are evidence of a heavy investment that once existed in the semi-human monkey (this is exactly how it is defined in the zoological sites of high schools), and that monotheistic religion is a type of investment through which the "wandering Jew" is meant to upgrade the semi-human monkey And to spread "leftist" values ​​on the planet. Only in the Land of Israel did everything go awry.
Zvi doubts all of this, saying that even if there had been visits by entities in the ancient past, they were too short to make such an investment. Chapa's opinion, by the way, initially sided with Zvi. Over the years, that has changed.

In any case, the relatively young federation encountered the semi-humans of the blue-knob quite by chance, when a research spacecraft whose passengers were generally looking for comet treasures * that it was natural to look for in such distant systems, decided to test messages on radioactive waves received from an unmarked source in the environment.

The spacecraft's discoveries made impressive headlines on the galaxy's science media sites, who incidentally noted in small print that the researchers "on their way" took with them from the blue knob three "semi-human" puppies that were surprisingly found to be quite developed. That is to say, they were not taken with them to the spacecraft, but they have been magnetized, with a structure in which they entered, to the comet's tail which the researchers explored and in which they discovered the interesting treasures, and was in those days in close proximity to the blue knob. A kind of "long stick technique" that was the recommended way to mess with new life species being taken for research, and no one challenged that way. Unpleasant health cases have already occurred due to dealing with insufficiently known creatures …
One of the three puppies was Chapa, on whose special path to a closer acquaintance with the creatures who took-abducted him, and to the schools of galactic reason, I have already written **

*Comet caches
** Chapa's path to the galactic reason

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