MIB (C's movie)

Over the years I have wondered if there is a connection between the Zionist KGB, so I call all kinds of bodies and people who have been involved in my life, mostly behind the scenes, and those from whom C has been hiding all these years, since he was arrested in 1978, and if he sometimes lived for two years in one place, it was a lot, like the last two years he was here and lived in the same apartment in Jerusalem.

"These are MIB. It's a different movie" said Zvi. We were sitting in a cafe on Jaffa Street, near the entrance to the market, we waited for C, a little before Pesach 2008. This was the last time Zvi visited Israel when C was still here, he only came to take care of things related to the inheritance of his mother, who died a year earlier. We talked exactly about my 'organizations' and 'organizations' of C and the question that has always bothered us, what is the connection between them. C came while we were talking and asked "What 'a different movie'?" "Your movie, compared to his movie," Zvi said. "But some of the actors, directors and producers are the same people, in both films," said C. Although when I visited his house he told me that at least when I was there, I was protected from the followers from the Dichterror, so we then named the GSS after the former head of the service who was then a minister on behalf of "Kadima", in the days when the anti-dropouts' campaign, run by one women harasser, was in full swing. "When my followers are around, the Dichterror moves aside."

As we understood it, the MIB in the reality version is a kind of global authority, we had a dispute whether it is a situation that has existed since the 70s or since the 50s and before. It is not subject to heads of state nor to the intelligence authorities, at least the well-known ones. It was not always clear to us to whom it was indeed subject. However, people work in it, they are under such strict codes of confidentiality that "they themselves do not know what their job is". The guarantees of confidentiality are such that people who have completed the work will not even remember everything they did or think they dreamed everything. And yet, people must also interpret what they do not do, or barely remember they did, and close the gaps with the 'normal' reality in which they find themselves, and thus, wherever the authority dealing with aliens exists, local versions are created, local narratives, and there is also an Israeli version, which links its 'narratives' to familiar narratives in the country. And there too there are classes, there are 'elites' and there are 'blue collars', and there is not always communication between them. And depending on the class, sometimes, also the types of aliens with which the bodies deal.

Even before C was arrested, he had information about the existence of such a body, on a global and local level, collecting information on aliens that have come to Earth since the 1950s (according to C's assumption then, their number in those years was small, much smaller than people imagined, and it grew after His abduction). After his arrest, he was sure that the faces of the 'Earth minds' were at war with the outsiders or at least preventing them from being on Earth and its surroundings. By the way, he was not sure that those who arrested him are part of these authorities, he even thought it might be a dummy body. By sending them, someone else wanted to signal something to him, and they themselves really knew nothing about it. "The dummy, in these things, is three or four times more common than the truth," C. said. Later, he increased the number.

In the 80s when C came back, he claimed something new. He claimed that the heads, or 'elites' of this world authority, had signed an agreement in 1985 with the outsiders, that is, with the federation in which C's members tried to seize power and failed. He could not tell us how much the heads of state knew about it, although he assumed that there were those in government in the US, the USSR and also in Israel who knew, and this had an impact on the politics of the countries in those years. The 'blue collar' continued to know nothing. Or almost nothing. We thought at the time that C meant that only the 'elite', and also, only the lonelies within the lonelies, had a connection of direct speech with outsiders. Over the years we have realized that others, including in the 'blue collar', also have their own channels of communication with outsiders, perhaps not to the same degree as 'executives' have. The levels of connection, both of these and of these, varied according to the changes that took place in the cosmos and cosmic politics, and we realized that there were additional wars in the cosmos after the C's and his comrades war.

In all these years and with all the changes, the common interest of the human authorities and external has been preserved – hiding all "with-flesh" information from the daily existence of most human beings, even those working in the real MIB. The guarantees for this were the use of channels of information outside the realm of the 'constant knowing' of man, concern for the exclusion of people suspected of 'knowing too much', not by killing them God forbid, but by marking them as insane and unacceptable (to this my dropouting from the military, whose true cause was never known, may be related ), and an endless flood of fake "information", began with stories told to MIB employees about the nature of their work, including various local versions on religion, political ideology and security against visible or invisible 'enemies', and ending with the endless bullshit about aliens, which is also circulated on networks, in the name of people who supposedly 'know the truth'. Most of what is told and appears on the net is in my opinion bullshit, and it is difficult, in the big garbage piles, to look for the little bit of real gold. And the great bullshit makes people treat this whole issue as bullshit, dislike it and not want to hear from it. But C does not bullshit.

And above all the guarantees, lies the guarantee of the outsiders.

In the 2000s, when I started writing this blog, C came to the conclusion that the ties between authorities, senior and 'ranked' in the human world and the outsiders existed all the time, even before the last federation period, and agreements in the 80s, if signed, at most upgraded an existing situation.

And it is possible, by the end of the day, that the MIB, for all its type, is nothing more than a dummy too, something that every moment of dealing with was a moment too much. There is really no one who monitors outsiders, for peace or war purposes, at least as long as the outsiders are the ones shaping for us the whole picture, that for most of us is the only picture we see.

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