The rulers determiners

Dictionary definition: indirect rule and direct rule
C argued that the earth was always governed by indirect rule where matters were managed by Pulling in strings outside the world and those who assist the visible rulers of the world, throughout history, also assist the invisible but recognized forces such as corporations, capitalists and others.
Humans are unable to see this because of their visual impairment, or their inability to know regularly. The human rulers of the world, too, know very little about those who help them, and do not know that they are merely a tool in cosmic power games.
C as we know, tried to connect us to the telepathic network as part of his attempt to help us overcome the vision limitation and open our eyes.
In the "Alternative History" stories I once wrote, he received, thanks to his special relationship with the rulers of the galaxy, the role of managing the world, and he directed it for five years.
Then another coalition in the galaxy was formed, a coalition of darkness, which ousted C's allies and conquered Earth. Its form of control, as depicted in my "alternative history" stories, is also a form of direct rule that is different from the rule that exists today, according to C, on Earth.

In non-alternative history, C, in the first period we knew him, claimed that human rulers periodically prevented the publication of revelations that were discovered despite the visual impairment, through which few people entered the aliens wars*. It's hard to tell if the rulers (C spoke mostly of the mid-1970s US, which of course controlled the space and alien exploration authorities in Israel, forcing them to withdraw from outposts that seized beyond the confines of "permanent knowledge") prevented the publication of the revelations "Voluntarily" or for their political advantage, or acted as sub-agents of indirect government.
C argued that as long as the arrival in space of humans was sporadic, the aliens were generally indifferent to the arrival of humans from Earth into spaces where there was fear that man would reach them as a mass. In very few numbers, the aliens could also use humans as workers and soldiers. During the time of President Carter, who admitted seeing UFOs, and C said he knew many things about the alien power struggles, there was great coercion on the authorities, including the Israeli authorities, not to deal with aliens (but C said it was impossible to hang everything in the president, even in America). Some also believe that disengaging humans from them will help humans grow stronger and prepare for war with them in the future.
In the last few years he was with us, C believed that this was what was going to happen, and today not only are the aliens more sensitive to the danger that the humans in mass would overcome the limitations they had to date, but authorities also admit and reveal some of the real alien research they had all the years – a sign of reducing the Adamian's fear from aliens.

C predicted that before the discovery and publication of what is realy known, articles that will "prepare the ground" will be published for a long period of time . His claim is that every 'novelty', including the Internet, has been many years before, except that somebody did not "prepare" not to say "whiten" it "yet" until it was "officially" discovered).
His radical claim, however, is that the so-called "aliens study" – what he called "real research" – has been run and overseen by what is outside, including the authority that allowed Earth spacecraft to go into space and reach the moon during Nixon's time. He did not come to this conclusion in one day and for a long time thought that governments were afraid of "aliens" and refused to acknowledge their existence, until he changed his conclusions and held that hiding "aliens" was a common interest of governments and "aliens", and there was really no opposition or serious "anti-aliens" in systems, as he once thought.
Again, the question is (of course, if he was right) what THE disclosure is likely to mean in terms of consent from the outside, whether they really agreed to it, or, in the authorities, someone has lost the fear. Currently, the crazy leaders who rule the world now have not yet arrived to it and doubt whether they will.

* Such wars are described in the sources of  PLANET N. חפא could not tell us much about Adamic involvement in them, but he did not rule it out, as well as the possibility that Adamic were employed by space as laborers (in a lower rank than 'string pullers'), although he thought that it was in very small numbers (according to "the stolen" Stoli, he changed his reduced estimate, and he heard it from him on their ride.) He did confirm that there were discoveries 'despite the limitation of vision'.

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