(giant aliens) Two levels

External are pulling at the strings of politics and economics and everything that drives the world, stated C in meetings he has had with people mostly in the last three years, and this influence of theirs has been divided in general and most grossly into two levels.

At the low, 'local' level, the influence of outsiders is similar to the influence of corporations and capital and capital-government forces, and there are those who do not differentiate or it is not principled for them. "What do I care if the center of gravity of these forces is in California or Mars?" Asked one of those present at the meetings. "The main thing is that I, as a small person, can not influence anything." C said he was right (except that the external centers of influence are further away from Mars) and answered him what he answered. I will leave it to you to answer your answer. What is important for us to know, according to C, is that what outsiders want from us is something that comes down to output, output that takes into account the total human mental activity on its results, and the manpower needed. Everything we create, build, program, philosophize, every experience that human society experiences, everything that can be accumulated in Google and the national libraries, is measured in some energetic sum characterized by certain features that are the seal of the 'Adamite beings on Earth'. We could say that we are a kind of production laboratory or a breeding farm, and by pulling on their wires, the outsiders are constantly interfering with what C called "the engineering of the product." Usually, he said, they have no personal interest in any of us, they have mostly an interest in the people who drive the processes they are striving for. Even these people, who receive their protection, do not interest them in the personal sense, but as long as they are fit for the job. "Productivity is important," C said, and from this everyone will draw their own conclusions about the political processes that are happening all the time.

The higher level is the level of the 'instances', or cosmic gravitational forces, in the sense that they also have a connection to what is happening on earth, and the same is true of all the planets on which 'life atoms' exist, which are the basis for life. At this level, C told us, the highest instance is that of the black holes. Eventually, every oscillation in the galaxy and every sub-oscillation, is affected by the center of the galaxy, where they are located. In the high school of galactic reason, C said, there is debate as to whether to see in these black holes 'power' or 'field', or to see in them what we would call 'giant aliens'. One reason for this is that these instances also have an interest in knowledge – all the cumulative mental output in the universe in worlds from living beings like us, from living beings in general. Yes, so does the knowledge of cats. The scientists associated with the High School of Galactic Reason have come to the conclusion that this knowledge, which is expressed in radiation with unique colors, also reaches the region of black holes and seems to have even a special absorption system there for it.

For a long time C knew only the pumping of knowledge of these instances, about which he studied in his first year in the high school of galactic reason. He did not then assume that Earth was registered and cataloged in 'lower' databases, even when he had already learned that there were such databases, and had already learned that the federation was also interested in the mental productivity and work energy of various 'planet dwellers', especially from the federation's unprotected classes, and operates on these planets its strings-pullers. The Earth, he thought, was not on the Federation's lists, because of the remote location of its system relative to the center of the Federation. In his view, Earth enjoys 'unknown' relative freedom compared to the lowest classes in the Federation, which it is below. Especially in his last decade here, C realized that the Earth is cataloged by the 'Yahwehs' who precede the Federation, and at least in recent years, it is fully cataloged by the Federation as well (and it, like other forces, has "libraeries", databases and super-Googles with telepathic cloud servers ). Like other planets, Earth is an experimental farm and laboratory, whose output eventually reaches black holes, as percentages and commissions are been taking along the way, in that order, by: states, national corporations, federation corporations, federation, non-federation corporations, and black holes.

Federations and elements of federations, for example cosmic orders like the "Yahwehs" see themselves as a kind of protectors of knowledge from the black holes, in a collective, impersonal sense. Countries also have such a pretense. There are 'clubs' in the universe that have managed to provide their members with a kind of eternal life and even abilities of almost a cosmic instance.

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extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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