The string-pullers: external and mundane

Based on a response from 1/2/23

The strings, also behind what is happening now, are also pulled by bodies of the earth – capital, corporations, etc., as well as external ones. It is possible to differentiate between them according to the results of their operation. For example, those with mundane interests who want Netanyahu – can at a given time also want another person. They could also prefer Bennett or Lapid, but in the end they will go with the winner. And who caused Netanyahu to be the winner until now? "Da people"? No. the external ones. What is stronger is what they write and that is what will be. And the 'world order' works for them. Apparently it should be the other way around – the personal, 'small' details of the one who brings the meat are of less interest to the outsiders, who supposed to be indifferent to the first names, while the mundane, for all kinds of reasons, including emotional ones, bring the personal details. But at least as far as the 'axis of history' is concerned, it turns out that the outsiders have a word, they wrote the name Bibi from haporzim street. In other areas, the mundane factors may be given freedom, not in what is 'etched in rock' and when you check about something what it belongs to – you have to check how 'etched in rock' it is, and nothing will help – it will be, even if we less understand the reason in this, and rather, it seems sometimes that the more it is foreign to our human interests and understanding, the more likely it is 'of the outside', and therefore it is what will be.

The 'world order' is probably what is directly subordinated to outsiders, but what has been seen in recent years is that they don't want order, they want chaos and they want Netanyahu and Putin to lead it, perhaps to burn everything and then introduce a new cycle of seeds into the Earth, or, burn it before leave forever.

The MIB's entire role today and probably also in the past – is to hide the connection between outsiders and the Earth, the truth in short, and to prevent all kinds of access to all kinds of places. MIB never fights 'aliens' unless told to do so by other aliens. This may be what we know from the 70s from the well-known PLANET N. (And maybe this is what also made חפא possible – this inter-alien war). Simply, ask about anything you examine – if it is of 'adamic interests' or of the 'external'. What is more stable along the line of history – and in the last 30 years it is Netanyahu, is, by most chances, of the 'outsiders'.

And beyond that – the higher instances, they are truly indifferent and blind to 'details', and God – which is what is outside the laws of this universe. Transcendent, or Transcendent-Immanent, (the Yahwehs go from the Immanent to the Transcendent) he cares least about the details, and has no interest in Earth. There are also the zodiac signs – which are the coordinates of everything in relation to the universe, and also karma, as the 'payment at the end' for each individual at its time, does not completely affect history. Some associate her with God.

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