Lifing beings

There are many stories about aliens that describe them and classify them according to shape, there are also photos and and descriptions by people who swear in their truth, of people who are a little bit similar to humans, but are different from them. These aliens have flying UFOs that they use to come from deep space.

C must have seen aliens who are similar to them or even those who are more interesting than them when he was in the depth of the universe. But aliens that he taught us how to see are not so similar to aliens in the descriptions.

C called them "aliens from here". To us they looked very small, although C preferred to call them "dwarfs of unlimited size".

And they are everywhere.

We would sit in the room, each time in each time in some other friends' house and C pointed and described like he was a tour guide explaining things to us that we see in the countryside and nature and you might think we were actually seeing something.

But it wouldn't be long before we really saw it at every meeting.

Then he stopped teaching and all we had to do was to look.

We got to know the aliens that are in the room, "Lifers of the place" (C actually called them "Lifers" or "Lifing beings", חיים, never he called them aliens) who were scattered all over the world, but we could see them well in room conditions, and outside it was something that made it difficult to see, but when we were in a room we could see "body life" that is concentrated and is gathered around thing C callled it the ATMOSPHERE of every person, also we saw such ATMOSPHERE around every phisycal body and object, and they where around it and in it, everywhere. And they're not bacteria. We saw this once under a microscope that C brought with him. They are completely different.

We have learned that there are people, animals and bodies whose ATMOSPHERE has a higher concentration of "Lifing beings", so their We have learned that there are people, animals and bodies whose ATMOSPHERE has a higher concentration of "Lifing beings", so their atmosphere has a dark color, like a kind of purple, that helps identify them. has a dark color, like a kind of purple, that helps identify them.

We then thought that we, the Punch Hit Parade grading group members, were selected by C for the level of "Lifers" concentration around our bodies. We were sure that this concentration of Lifers was different for us than it was for others, and although C didn't tell either of us not to bring another friends or talk to others about it, we didn't talk about all of this with others, and when the surroundings insisted to talk with us about our meetings and doings with C and people were curious about what C was telling us, we made all sorts of dummy stories, and invented fantastic stories, from the kind of stories people expected to hear about extraterrestrials. Some friends just fooled around and simply went crazy in the eyes of those who were around them with strange stories, which made them look ridiculous in the eyes of the others, because at that time stories about aliens were not that common. Maybe today, things would have been looked different, I'm not sure.

But everything that really happens, as far as I know, never came out of the rooms of the stolen Stoli, Zvi, mine and "those who lived further away". C said that "Lifing beings" comes from "stardust" – the most common type of life in the universe. They don't need flying saucers to move from place to place. "The time and space categories are different in their programming", and the distance is not real to them, in categories programmed into "human-earthly" insight, this data contains logical contradictions, and this may be due to the limited brain capacity of humans. Most people can only know and even be able to see particular situations, but normally we do not have the ability to "know constantly". C said that the time when everyone can know is the phase in childhood, which is exactly "a moment before learning to speak". After that it's too late, I'm not sure I understood why is it so.

The whole time we had the feeling that there was someone out there who was interested in what we knew and wanted to do something with the fact that we didn't know what it was. We felt the need to protect "our" aliens, as if those who want to know something about them really wanted to harm them and us and could do it. C confirmed that this was true and even showed us places where "real research" is being done.
As we sat with C during those special hours, insights of loneliness and depth passed through each of us. We asked them questions just as C taught us to ask, and that was how we heard answers from them. I was mainly interested in things that I had forgotten from my early childhood before I learned to speak.

We have come to such intimacy with the 'Lifers' that we have entered their worlds with them, worlds that they are like huge cities that I don't think anyone who walks in has really ever left. In my opinion, everyone who's been there is still more there than he is here, but maybe that's just my subjective feeling.

When C first left the evidence went with him and soon the whole gang began to part. When C came back after 7 years he didn't talk much about these "Lifers" and his new groups were not the same as our group was. I don't know today whether those who were in it miss these days as much as I miss them.

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extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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