October, 1977: The Newspaper Deliverer

Sunday: On the way out of school, I joined a group of guys from the class who went home through Main Street. I had another way home, shorter, from the other side of the school, but I had in mind then that 'integrating' and 'sticking to guys' is important, unlike most of my years (except maybe at the time I was in love with someone who lived on the long way) so I joined the group that walked on 'Shmum' Street, some lived close to the school and most of them were known to me already from elementary and middle school, and some came only in eighth and ninth grades from other areas where there was no middle school, and were on their way to the bus stop.

The bright Avi and Eli, who lived close to the school, did not stop talking about one lunatic who had recently come to the neighborhood, they called him 'Jonah the Prophet', they described him as someone wearing a white robe, with long hair and beard, living in some hut in a deserted yard and talking weird things.

'One of the Walker's friends' giggled the bright Avi, 'if not, we'll make acquaintance between you.'

'Listen, he's good at Karate,' Eli said. 'I saw him last night practicing in the Silver Moon Garden, a black belt for sure'

'Come on, you're crazy too. He's just mentally ill. Have you seen how thin he is? In one striking you drop him.

'It's unrelated, if he has Karate.' Eli insisted, and they started a little argument, then they moved on to talk about the training camp at Beit Lid, which is expected in a few more weeks. Then the bright Avi suddenly whispered 'We just talked about the Messiah' 'and in a voice said' Jonah the prophet, what's the matter? Is the moon in place? '

The man who came towards us on his motorcycle was hard for me to identify because his hair, although long, was relatively short compared to the last time I saw him more than a month and a half earlier, and the garment he wore then included all sorts of colors and I actually could not define his color, but it probably was not White as the robe he wore now, but the motorcycle with the boat with which he then replaced the same garment, I recognized immediately. The man said nothing and kept driving to the other direction but the bright Avi said. 'I told you he knew the Walker, he made him a sign' And Zachu said 'Birds of a feather will gather together'. Shortly afterwards, at the Eighth Junction, I said goodbye to them and turned in my direction. Something in the oppressive cloud that enveloped the whole period became clear. So I did not dream, that day at the end of August.

Tuesday: In the morning when I got up, first thing I used to do was go out to pick up the Haaretz newspaper that the deliverer threw in the garden, I was reading the headlines and also the hit-charts, which were published on Tuesdays (Reshet-Gimel's international hits parade) and Wednesday (The Israeli parade) Before I brought the newspaper to the kitchen, where the parents would read it as they sat down for coffee and morning toast. I could never see the distributor who also distributed on Zvi's Street and brought the newspaper to his door, because I could no longer get up as early as I used to. I lost something, without feeling when. This day the deliverer was waiting for me, with his boat motorcycle.

"It's time to assemble the gang," he said, "your gang," and then told me he had returned to the first room, the same room to which the stolen Stoli had brought him, near where he lived.

He also talked about those I went with them from school, he noticed that they "gave an eye on him" and said, without my asking, that they are currently not suitable for joining, not that they are not OK, but "not at this point of time. Not yet, at this moment I prefer others to be out". Then we set the time of meeting with him for that evening. Tuesday is the day everyone comes to the stolen Stoli anyway to give the ratings to the punch hit parade. We have not moved from this tradition since March, even when we did not meet. The main thing was to leave the rating with Stoley, then we heard our hit-parade, on radios that could receive, through Stoley's room broadcast station. some of the songs he had on singles he got from one DJ who came from England, and some he recorded, as we all did, from the radio, even though it was Very forbidden. "Boogie Boogie" by the Spanish women duo 'Baccara' was first place that month, followed by 'Magic Fly' by 'space'.

That evening which was actually the first physical meeting of Chapa and the whole gang, Chapa told us about the situation in the 'federation' from which he came, he still did not elaborate much on this federation, just explained that we are on the 'blue' side wanting to occupy power on the federation and to ensure a regime that is about to be, he himself insisted on it, a just regime also towards the earth and its humans, and will help ensure justice here too, in a world that to this day has been ignored, there in space. Until now, he says, he has been waiting for the 'power' that the 'blue' promised to send him when they parted in space, a power that will serve us all, so he did not convene us, he saw no point in it as long as we do not have the 'power' with us. But he sees that the power is lingering, and in the meantime until it comes, and "it will come, do not worry," he wants to start getting us into things. "Say, where's your spaceship, with which you came here from the Federation?" Asked someone suddenly. "If they have not yet taken it back, it is not far from where I was met Zvi, the Walker and the stolen stoli the day I arrived, I can detail to you. But it will not give you much if you go looking for her, because you have no permanent knower "And this was the first time, and not the last, that Chapa mentioned the term "permanent knower. " "When will you take us there?" Someone else asked him, the question that was too, repeated over and over throughout the years, and Chapa answered also  this question with a "permanent knower" that we do not yet have. "When you'll have it. That's why I'm here for." And I did not quite understand, and even now I am not sure I understand, why Chapa insisted that the "permanent knower" we will have first and foremost and I wonder if we did not lose precious time just trying to understand what it is and what it gives to have it. Besides teaching us to "know permanently", it was important for him to bring us into 'living consciousness' of the fact that we are not alone, even on Earth, and right next to us, there are networks of intelligence and consciousness that we do not assume. For that goal, he has already begun from the following sessions to teach us and introduce us to the lifing beings

That evening there was a turnaround in second place, to which this disco version of Meco and his orchestra climb to the theme tune of "Star Wars" – the first film now called according to Wikipedia A New Hope arrived at that time (but was released in Israel only in January), and after a week it was in no.1.

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extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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