The Cave

Posted originally in Hebrew

Different hallucinations ran through my head, or were projected on the round ceiling above me in different shades of green. I was lying on a kind of floor or bottom of sand, like once somewhere else. Three people came in and out all the time, one of them treated my head that ached every moment I felt it.

Slowly the pain I had in my head passed and I knew I was coming out of a state of deep fainting, and I remembered that I was inside a cave. I recognized the man as Chapa, I also recognized Zvi and The Stolen Stoly coming in and out, but that was only at the beginning of the awakening. Then they looked blurry, or more like figures drawn in space in white lines with no filler between them, and I did not recognize who was who. Then I did not see them. Only Chapa remained clear to me all the time. עדיין לא הצלחתי להבין מה הוא אומר, הכלI still could not understand what he was saying, everything sounded like syllables to me, and I myself tried to speak and did not get a voice out of my throat and it was scary. I was also afraid to remember what was, I only remembered flashes of shots and my head hurt again. Chapa put his hand in front of my forehead, signifying: 'Rest, do not bother yourself, everything is fine'. Then I could understand what he was saying. He said, quite cheerfully, that contact was made with the blue, and it turned out that those who are never wrong, yes, those with the 98.911% correct predictions, well, they have mistaken. and maybe the Blue will finally agree to send us forces. I could not understand to whom he was saying this because there was no one there, and Chapa never did walk around with small devices, flat or not, nor with headphones that he did not need, and yet he spoke. He also said, to those he spoke to "They are still looking for their friends, not us. That's good. Let's hope that with the mess there, a rebellion in the camp will start in the meantime. it's about time Yes, it suits us." Then I remembered everything, from the moment we got off the huge high boot spaceship, and the shots of the camp guards began, until the last moments, when we ran up the cave, This cave, and Zvi shouted that Alva had been harmed. After that someone, maybe Chpa, forcibly kicked me here, into the cave. I also remembered Chpa firing the lightning rifle, more than that I did not remember. "Good morning to the waking-up one, or good afternoon" he turned to me and only then did I notice the sunlight coming in strongly through the cave entrance. "You were fainting for two weeks. I kept watching you all the time. You only started waking up in the last hour" he answered a question I did not ask. 'What happened, where is everyone, who are you talking to'? I haven't worded things yet, but Chpa told me "wait a minute". Then he told me what happened.

After extinguishing the auras, we managed to disappear from sight of the camp guards, but one group of about 20 guards managed to locate our path, probably by footprints we left in the bushes we stepped on. They correctly guessed our direction, and ambushed us near the cave. At one point, maybe because we felt them in the field, maybe because we got tired, our auras extinguishing had stopped and then they saw us. "I had to steam them all with the lightning rifle, I had no choice" Chpa smiled. "I could not take the risk that one of them would stay to tell others where we were, or that the bodies in the field would stay and tell them. The others are still looking for their friends, and they will come here, but until they will get here, we will gain time, and as you may have heard, help from space is maybe coming soon, finally".

"What happened to Alva" were the first words I managed to get out of my mouth.
"She's OK," Chapa replied, "she was scratched a little, but she was lucky, and actually brain, as the only one of you still listening to all my instructions, she made sure to put on the cosmic bulletproof vest, which push the fire back, it also killed at least two cops. Zvi took care of her, while I was watching over you, and now they are here at the entrance, handing you a greeting. "Wave them hello." I was too weak to do that, nor did I see anyone near the entrance.

"Why do I not see and hear them? I hear and see only you."

"Oh, here perhaps we come to the least joyful part of the story, depending on how you see it."

I still did not have the strength for puzzles.

During your fainting, maybe it's from the force of the blow you received when I flew you into the cave, something happened to your brain that affected your body and its position in space and time. You simply were dropped out of our space, you are no longer with us now."

"Say, am I alive at all"?
"Yes, but not in alternative history."
"So where?"
"You're probably back on your main timeline, like the others we said goodbye to on the island. That's why you no longer see Zvi and Alva and Stoli, and they do not see you. We are not on the same dimension anymore."
"And I can not return to you?"
"I do not know a way yet."

"But wait, I see you, and you talk to me." Now I noticed that I hear his voice but his lips do not move at all. "I'm Chapa, still do not forget that I learned a few things in the school of galactic wisdome, and I know how to create communication to times outside my axis, by the way there are things that you also know, for example that there are telepathies that have sound, and now I'm talking to you that way, in a talk from my time to your time. At this moment this cave that you and I are in, is a times-merger device and it creates a time-telepathy space where we communicate. But this is temporary, and will end once one of us comes out of the cave, the cave will split into two different caves, in different dimensions that are at two different times, and no communication will be possible. When we come out of this entrance, which you see in front of you, we will continue in alternative time, at least until we are done with the forces of darkness on Earth, and you, when you come out through that entrance, you will come out in your normal time, perhapse the one you had before March 5, 1977. Excuse me, really, for this is how it came out."

I wondered if I really will go out, like the others we said goodbye to on the island, back to 1977, or to the time corresponding to the present in alternative history, which is supposed to be 1995, or maybe to another time at all. I also wondered if when I go out I will find my self near this cave, or completely somewhere else.

"These are things I can not tell you. You'll have to find out for yourself."
I had more questions to ask, but suddenly there was not sufficient time.
"Always think of us, and we will think of you, maybe we'll ever meet again, in your normal history."
"Wait for us at the end of August" he ended with a sentence that has become our slogan since that day on the island, and suddenly he disappeared.

I was alone, like the things never happened. And maybe they really never happened. And yet, I was still in the cave, it was impossible to explain in any way how I got there, except that these things did happen once.

But it was time to get out of the cave, and I had no idea where to.

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