Yahwehs and dates of nature/cosmic events

(From a lecture by C at the end of 2001)

"One of the characteristics of the younger human species (as opposed to older human species in the universe), is its ability to disengage from nature, from any nature, and live in a sterile, alienated year-round cycle. The 'Yahwehs', or, the old human species, although being more skilled in flights over the long, colorless and devoid of seasons spaces of the universe, they are not like that. They worship the events of cosmic nature, feel awe in their faces, and set ;year'-schedules, feasts, and festivals according to them.

Since space is home to generations of wanderings scattered across the cosmos since the days of Tamket, there is no rain, sun, moon birth, sea tides and field growth according to which the ancient humans inhabiting the planets set their schedules, (and this happened both "before" and "after" the migrations I'm talking about. The ancient humans are no older than the Yahwehs in general, but many Yahwehs came to planets that were already blowing. All these wanderings are related to the vast history of the universe, which I will not talk about here), exciting cosmic events in the consciousness of the Yahwehs collective and space travelers, are events related almost to the consciousness of the universe, the primordial consciousness. (according to "alien" scientists and also according to the determination of the high school of galactic reason such consciousness is exist) 

These events are:

Super Nova

Exhaust by a black hole (pulse)

massive Swallowing through a black hole

Birth of a galaxy / new solar systems

Black hole birth

These events cause the "aliens" and Yahwehs to be silenced.

And also the appearance of sights like sights I call "the white light in the black hole". 

When there are such phenomena aliens and Yahwehs lose, according to tradition, their identity and become, happily, servants of the phenomena, in which they see the "will of the universe". This conception preceded the conception of 'God' just as it preceded the advent of Tamket. They see themselves as nothing in the face of the intensity of the event, and it is incumbent upon them to be its faithful servants. This thing is for them a ceremony and a privilege.

They are therefore silenced when the black hole demands a sacrifice, and do not intervene to stop wars, prevent rites of sacrifice, and the like. They see it as a reflection of the power of "the will of the universe" which even in the developed ones among them where it evokes awe. At most, they will try to save some who are important to them, but for each one there is a quarrel, a bargaining and selling. There may also be an inverted situation in which someone they do not want is pushed into the black hole.

Sometimes, when it matters to them, they may intervene to prevent a war from breaking out. There were wars that did not break out and around that time the percentage of aliens-reporting had increased on Earth. But from the moment it breaks out it will be a very long time before they come to participate in the firefighting.

From the phenomena of the cosmos, beyond worshiping them, the aliens, and especially the Yahwehs, also benefited greatly in the production of materials and the release of knowledge, and so they also initiated such phenomena artificially, when they came up with appropriate technology. (And probably did not notice the contradiction between their worship and such phenomena and their ability to produce them) All kingdoms grew out of such material and knowledge productions."

פורסם על ידי הצועד בנעליו In-his-shoes walker

extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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