Flights, crossings, launches

Originally Posted in Hebrew on June 17, 2007


The usual way of classifying flights or crossings today is to classify them according to two types of flights or crossings:
A. Those that are based on transmission.
B. The ones that are based on jump.
The first-order transitions use the substitution of one-space atoms in the second-space atoms. This type includes virtual launches that do not require the traveler to move most of his body from his seat, and these have become very fashionable in the later periods of the large network of civilizations.
The transitions of the second type are based on the existence of a bypass dimension for time and space, and are usually more expensive and the risk to the body is greater in the procedures required to perform them.

There is a debate among historians which of the methods is the earlier .
There is an approach whereby the "universe cancellation" method, which is generally accepted as a second-type method, is the earliest to overcome space and time problems, followed by the "telepathy" method, which is a clear example of transmission methods. Others disagree with this approach, claiming that it was intended to reinforce an ideological story with ideological meanings created by one of the top schools of Galactic knowledge.


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