Time Possible – the 4th time

Originally posted 7/10/2004, 6/1/2006

C used to tell us that it is not true that there is only a Past, Present, Future.
They were taught him in that distant place, that there was also extra time: time Possible. It is a time that exists just like the times we know.
There is a discussion among bloggers about whether it is permissible to write fiction about you, to present yourself as someone you are not. C would probably say that this is exactly writing about ourselves at time Possible.
Life in this society of human beings on earth does not exactly endure those who talk about themselves at time Possible, especially while we're been asked for a resume. One can, of course, tell about himself at the time Possible. But if he does not pre-empt himself with signs ranging from "just kidding" to "an imaginary story – anything to do with a coincidental reality," and caught on driving without permission at a time Possible – he will pay for it at a socially costly price.
Maybe the blog is just the right place to tell about ourselves at time Possible we without being punished. It is also an opportunity to look at where we can be in time Possible. Because where we are in Past and where we are in Present we know, and where in Future we will never know (in fact, from where do I know?), But time Possible may be our really interesting time.

In time "Possible", there are, every moment, universes parallel to the universe we live in, parallel and different. That is, things are actually happening there, in a 'deferred' way from our time.
C could not answer me, if it meant that everything we imagine as 'if' happened there just as we imagined it, and how many time-"Possible" paths go out of our time / how many parallel universes there are, if their number is infinite or limited. All he could tell me, from the discoveries he learned about them in the School of Cosmic Intelligence, is that time "Possible" exists.
The problem is that if someone ever came to time "Possible", he would have experienced it as present, and perhaps past. He would not recognize it as his possible time, because it is very difficult to identify when the transition to a parallel universe is taking place.

So, in the "alternative history" story, we got stuck in it for a long time because we didn't recognize the moment of transition to a parallel universe that happened because of a malfunction in the system we built under instruction C. If we identified the malfunction at the right time (i.e., this "possible time" story would have been canceled Himself at birth), the alternative history might not have been written here. Later in the story, the participants were given the option to correct the fault and exit the alternative history, and most of them chose it, except for four.

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