The last act of Tamket

In one of my last conversations with the stolen Stoli, I asked him where Chapa could have disappeared. He asked me if I'm sure I want to know what his thought. I told him I must have heard worse things already. When the stolen Stoli answered me, I realized that for even for himself his answer is hard to believe, but otherwise he would not have. And I also for me it was hard to think, as strange as it was, of an answer more probable than that. Stoli mentioned the 'crack' he and Chapa saw in the space of the universe from the transparent 'shuttle', the 'crack' which thin streaks of light were floating in and out it, in order to see it flocked the masses of entities that boarded the shuttle, including Chapa and the stolen Stoli, Just before Chapa disappeared.

"Chapa jumped into the crack, along with the light, that's my opinion" said the stolen Stoli. "Apparently he did it from the roof of the shuttle. He tried to blend himself with the energy of the primordial creation ray, which returns to the universe and comes out of it again through this crack. For this he has trained himself all these years."

With everything Chapa has told us all these years, about the strange and wondrous things he went through in the universe, I never looked at Chapa as a mystic. I always saw him as a very rational person, I thought that only such a person could deal with all the things he experienced, give it a logical explanation, and pass it on as knowledge, which in my opinion has nothing mystical or religious, and also his other students, it seems to me, appreciated his words as Knowledge, knowledge that we do not yet have all the tools to verify it, and have found nothing mystical in it. Rather, it seems to me that many of those who did not continue with Chapa, left because he did not satisfy religious or spiritual expectations they had of him and his knowledge, that he had nothing to do with these things, with all due respect to these, so at least it seemed to me. But in Stoli's explanation, it seems to me that the line between the rational and the mystical has been crossed and it was strange to me to think that in Chapa's personality there can be such a crossing of boundaries. But I, too, like the stolen Stoli, had a hard time finding another explanation. Other people, Zvi among them, called for something Chapa might have done under a different name. But Chapa was not fit to commit suicide, and he certainly did not have to travel to space for that, and to offer the stolen Stoli and me to join him. I sometimes toyed with hoping he found his friends from the High School of Galactic Reason, with whom, I knew, maintained some contact over the years over the telepathic internet, and rejoined them, but somehow it did not seem to me that it was so. Stoli also based his remarks on things he heard from Chapa during the last jurney, when he asked him what was at the end with Tamket, something Chapa never told us. Chapa told him that according to the belief of many of the students of the High School of Galactic Wisdom, they all knew the stories of Tamket, Tamket united, physically and intelligently, with the energy of the primordial ray of creation and left the universe through the same crack in space, which he discovered (then Chapa told him for the first time that they are heading for the same crack), there this radiation reappears in every repetition of the primordial event in which the crack is formed. The stolen Stoli then thought for the first time that Chapa might as well do this act, and that it might be a tradition among members of the Order of the Bright Foundation. Chapa felt his thought. "Don't worry" reassured the stolen Stoli "I'm not going to do this too". It seemed to me now that the stolen Stoli was full of remorse for having 'swallowed' it and not watching over Chapa, or at all agreeing to go on a journey with him.

I told this things to Shefa, and he was more open than I was to the possibility that Chapa had made such a fusion between the practical and the spiritual, or in fact, as he see this, between matter and energy (to me, in hindsight, this seems a bit simplistic). "Do not forget that he had a deep level of constant knowledge. A superhuman level. At this level, things might merge. If I were told about another person, any other person, that he merged his body with spirit, or with energy, or whatever it is, I would be mocking, just like you and Zvi. But he, and only he, with what he learned, is able to do so literally, in the most basic and profound sense."
"Do you think he's still alive?"
"He is being. I do not know if he 'alive' or 'dead' are the categories that fit for him now, my opinion is that now he is far beyond it. One day he may return to the universe, in the form of a primordial ray of light."

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