(the Kit) "When will you take us there?"

This question has always been asked by the members of C's  group in the first series of studies, the original series, that of the group of  that of the “rankers of the punch hits parade”.

Although I'm not sure everyone would have really been so eager to go out to space if it had been given for them.

More than we really wanted to get out there, to see the source of all the things C talked about, we asked him the question because we were sensitive then, and more than we were willing to admit, for the opinion of the environment that pressured us to challenge C, demand 'proof' from him, and what's more simply as proof than a little trip in space? "If he can't give it to you, it's a sign that he's cheating on you." "Where exactly is his spaceship?"

At times C replied that he will take us after we will have the appropriate training.

Other times he said he had to get for us what he called "the kit", or "personal kit", perhaps for each one of us. We'll need it, he said, in order to fly. Another time he said we would need to know where to purchase it. He was not always clear. But he promised us that it will be soon.

Then he suddenly had to leave, and everything stopped. The gang disbanded, after the punch hit parade has ended.

The following study series, with people different from those in the first series, did not deal with space and the journey to it, in any case, not the physical journey, what which is called in telepathic Internet language 'high-density information transfer'. C then spoke less about his external friends, 'The Blue' and 'bright ray warriors' and his extraterrestrial experiences at the 'High School of Galactic Inelligence', and he talked more about the possibility and the need to connect to the telepathic internet, whose servers are not under the rule of the earth's institutions, and also, he did not give up on it, on the development of the ability to know constant. He kept trying to develop devices with which to do all things practically. At the same time, he was busy most of the time studying survival in a hostile world, and navigating between institutions which, as he felt, wanted to rob the knowledge that in his possession, and some did not lack knowledge, they just wanted him, and we, not to be in the area.

We also received lectures from him from the depths of the universe, about stardust, about the intergalactic power relations and the place of Earth in this system and about the strings-pullers and their role in hiding knowledge from humans. I was not always sure how much of it was knowledge, and how much was a personal opinion.


One day C came to me and stood by the house. It was in the last study series.

I recognized him from the window, even though he was not wearing his sheepskin coat but a light white shirt, even though it was still winter. It was early evening and it was pretty cool. I went down to him.

"I never told you what the end was with Tamket, the bee-shaped Adamites rebel leader" he said, as he suddenly remembered, as we stood by the light pole and smoked.

"In a few months I will be back there," he said without continuing his previous remarks. "And this time really."

"I travel, to watch," he said, "there are events, that whoever lives like me in this time cycle of the universe, cannot miss them." He did not specify what the incident was.

"You are welcome to join me, if you wish," he added.

Based on

פורסם על ידי הצועד בנעליו In-his-shoes walker

extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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