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There was a big traffic jam on the way out of Jerusalem via Ramot Road, it seems to me that because of the funeral of some rabbi, I'm not sure now. The clouds opposite were heavy, obscuring a setting sun. Shefa was driving the car and next to him sat his orthodox-religious sister Deborah, whom he was supposed to drop off on the way, in her settlement near the corrals road called 443. Meital announced at the last minute that she will not come. "The stolen" Stoli and I sat in the back and until we reached the settlement, he had enough time to tell me everything that happened on his trip with Chapa, that is, everything he was willing to tell, from the moment I lost them until he returned to Israel and was arrested at the Taba border, because he did not have a passport or ID.Someone gave him a cell phone or called for him for some numbers, one of them was to me but there was no answer, until he got Shefa, and he called whoever called, and after a few minutes they just let Stoli go, as if they had not seen him before and did not know what he was doing there at the station. Shefa was born in Israel, as a child he moved with his family to the United States, then made a 'partial aliyah' with military service, returned to the United States and again returned to Israel, Jerusalem, and in between made a lot of trading money that accompanies high-tech. The stolen Stoli called him "'basic' Zionist, who knows he is 'basic'" unlike me, he called me "'basic' denies" and Chapa that was in his eyes "former 'basic' who sobered up". As Stoli told me the story of the trip, Shefa and his sister would talk about the surgery their mother had to undergo in New York, because of which Shefa was scheduled to fly there the next day.

At the entrance to the settlement, Deborah came down, and we continued straight to Herzliya, where, in the large villa of the Sagi family, or Peled, I do not remember, in the large living room full of embroidered sofas, and chairs, some covered with leather and some with something braided that was built in some store that specializes in artistic design (this is what the hosts, who apologized that because of the weather and rain that is expected to start soon, they are not hosting us on the grass, explained) and Chinese or Mexican photos and a large doll from Kenya, in front of about 40 people and maybe even 50 who gathered, for the first time, from all of Chapa's groups (and everyone said in a nutshell who he is, where he came from and "how many years he's with Chapa"), "the stolen" Stoli was much more laconic when he repeated what he described to me, and seemed really like he came because he had to, not because he wanted to, he did not forget to say his opinion , That Chapa will not return. He repeated this sentence several times during the evening.

The rest of the meeting was largely devoted to discussing how to proceed from here, if indeed Stoli's opinion is correct.

There was a fairly large group of people, who argued that dealing with the knowledge of the Chapa should continue, they could not agree with the idea that Chapa did all the things with us with no intention it to be continued, and some argued that what he left us was enough for us to 'complete the rest': to verify it, prove, reconstruct and pass on his message. Some people asked what his message was. "Have you been with him for 15 years and have not come to an answer?" Someone teased one of these people. Another group roughly claimed that what Chapa knew, only he knew, one of the people called it 'the second time', what Chapa created within our world. If he ever comes back, maybe he will continue it, but if not, then when he left – that too left, we have no way to recover it and there is no point in trying. It's like a dream, it was and is over, and must be happy for we had the right to experience what not everyone gets to experience.

"The stolen" Stoli continued to disappoint. He, who was closest to Chapa, and experienced a little more than anyone else in all the things Chapa talked about, in practical and not just theoretical experience. Especially on the ride, which is the only one he has won, after years, already since the first bunch, Chapa has always been asked "when will you take us there". He was really there, really passed with Chapa at the conversion station, the evasion and jump zones, the 'cancellation of the universe', things Chapa told us a lot about, but no one could say he knew what it was exactly, Stoley saw him in the last minutes, before he disappeared into the heart of the Nowhere of the Universe, and also, Stoli managed to return to Earth, alone, without the personal "guarantee" that Chapa gave to all things, what proved it is possible. But all he said about it was, that although it is possible to reconstruct and verify things that Chapa talked about, he does not think it have any reason to be done. His conclusion from the whole encounter with the external worlds (which was also close to Zvi's opinion a long time ago) is that no benefit will grow for us and no enrichment for the human race will come from the extraterrestrials, the human race must manage its own live with what is given to it ("the limitations – they came to protect") without thinking about things beyond and without trying to be 'constant knowers'. It was also clear that he had no interest and desire to help any group, even though he was the only one who ostensibly demonstrated ability to recover the knowledge. He came only to tell what was needed, and to say his opinion, that Chapa would not return. It was not "the stolen" Stoli. At least not the one I knew, and others knew. He spoke like another person, and the anger against him was great, people accused him of looking to make everyone go away, to remain with a sole monopoly on knowledge, Stoley promised that he had no interest in such a monopoly, just asked to be left alone, he was tired. He refused to speak any further, and to me it was very depressing. Meanwhile, the conversation in the living room began to slide in other directions, such as politics and elections, led by the landlady who, she said, knew Tzipi Livni. I texted Shefa that I think we should continue to operate in a group, with those who want to continue, at least try to get to something. He agreed with me, and promised that he would be available for it as soon as he returned from the United State. '"Congratulations to Obama," I wrote to him, and I also asked who would take care of Gamliel, he said that his niece, who is studying at David Yellin College, would come especially to take care of the cat.

Then came tremendous lightning and it began to rain, a flood that lasted for hours, and finally ended the year of drought that preceded that year.

The meeting was dispersed and in the decision not to decide, until in a few months we might be smarter, we went out into the rain.

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extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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