In most reports concerning aliens, including reports of people claiming that aliens abducted them, made experiments on them and even had sex with them, the aliens did not take them far. There are not many reports of trips made to the worlds from which the aliens came, and therefore there are also no common landscape descriptions of the worlds from which the aliens came, and of the space along the way.
C who for many personal reasons, in the years he was outside Israel, researched and searched for these people, did not tell much about this episode, but hinted that even the people whose testimonies sounded reasonable, do not remember memories of scenery, nor of long walks, and he claimed the reason is safety . People who know how to recreate landscapes and estimate driving distances, will be able, they or others who will get the knowledge from them – to get to these places. "no man see me, and live."
By the way, C's investigators, in the days he was detained, also told him that they did not want to hear descriptions of him from landscapes, and more precisely, they did not want other people to hear such descriptions from him.

C as he claimed, he is perhaps one of the only people who was abducted and managed to return – in the same dimension of existence in which he was abducted, and he owes this to his friend 'The Blue' and his kingdom, short-lived in relation to the space kingdoms that set this 'abduction policy', long ago.

From the fact that C was able to return, he knew quite a bit about extraterrestrial politics, about the indirect management of different worlds, although he also had mistakes in his assessments, such as the belief he had long believed he was the first who kidnapped, and that Earth was 'virgin' on visits and abductions until 1962 , The year he was abducted. It took him a while, after being on Earth again, to realize that the history of the Earth was also replete with kingdoms, visits and kidnappings, all mostly in indirect management.

Since we met again in 1986, he had been saying that politics is determined by external management, and aliens are pulling by strings of human society. They produce some energy from it, in his opinion we are a kind of breeding farm for them, so they also prevent humans from developing and being able to self-know in space. The 'constant knowledge' limitation that C 'was eager to fix when he returned to Earth in 1977 is what the' farmers' use as a guarantee that humans did not know all this, although C was not sure if those 'farmers' had a part in its production, or if it a 'natural' product and possibly a product of a hereditary-acquired of previous generations that dealt with humans.
When C slipped from the things in the practical realm – like the encounters he introduced us to 'the Lifing beings', and would sail to lectures that dealt with these things, it was hard to argue with him and his logic. And yet I found myself arguing with him when he claimed that the left and the right – their politicians are bought by them, and the separation and rule between the 'detached left' and the 'people' for example is the product of their 'Hindus' הינדוס – the Hebrew word for engineering. I found it difficult to agree, and argued that 'there is a fundamental difference, between left and right', a product of outlook, education and personality structure, and perhaps also, I argued what later studies claimed, a genetic result. 'Certainly there are differences between human beings,' said C, 'the film of right and left that is projected to some of them, adapted to their personal structures.' These things were said in the 1980s.
'Capital, and all the big capitalists, are not enough to destroy the planet? Why add the aliens to that? ' Zvi asked.
"These are all subcontractors," C said, "and the aliens do not want to destroy the planet." You could say they don't care about humans, but they will not give up the mine so easily – a reservoir of life energy provided by human existence on Earth – as long as there is a mine suitable for them to use. "

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extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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