‘All our friends’: about extraterrestrials and neighboring intelligences

חפא was often asked by people, why he insists on telling us about the extraterrestrials, and wants us to learn about them and get to know them. "Why do we need to know that?" they asked. "What will it give us?"

חפא did not understand or insisted on not understanding this question. "We live in the universe, it is all around us."

"You might live in the universe" they answered him once. "We live on Earth, what happens in the universe does not concern us, and will not give us anything, and we don't even see it, it does not interest us and should not interest us."

חפא once sadly remarked that indeed they were right, only he lived once in the universe, and it greatly affected him and his field of vision. They haven't gotten there yet and they don't have this consciousness of 'living within the universe'. This causes a huge gap between him and people, which he doesn't know how to bridge, if at all possible (Even if some of them will be lucky enough to go through his experience).

But aliens don't just live only "in space".

He once asked: What makes aliens 'alien' and it's different from animals, for example? To this he answered: It's not necessarily that they come directly from outside the Earth (we all probably came, indirectly, from outside the Earth) but some features they have – one feature is their intelligence which is close to ours and even surpasses ours, in a way that we haven't found in animals yet (OK, didn't talk about cats), and a second feature is their ability to slip away – to mask themselves from our sensory network, to take advantage of our limited vision, or what חפא called "the absence of a permanent knower" in us.
Unlike these, arrival from other planets is not a necessary feature of them, and as חפא has shown there are some of them who live here even before us. The same is probably true for those whom Zvi called 'the friends in the revolving door'. Some of us have them, usually until late childhood. I have never written about them here.

It is important to note all the time that חפא did not like this word -'aliens' nor the Hebrew word for it, 'Chaizarim' ('חייזרים') which, by the way did not come into use before the 80's and even the 90's. When he spoke of those who come directly from outside the earth, he called them 'extraterrestrials', and when he spoke of the whole phenomenon known by people as 'aliens' he called it the 'neighboring intelligences' – 'A intelligence' or 'Alpha intelligence' – The intelligence of the Yahwehs dynasty and the intelligence/intelligences of the previous dynasties. All these are not intelligences of known animals (although he claims that the owners of intelligence and the animals, most of the animals we know, have common ancestors), but they are right next to us, in our world or close to it, and in these intelligences he included both outsiders who come here and lifing beings that have been here for a long time, i.e. everything that a person can experience as 'aliens'.
According to him, the stories of 'angels and demons' may certainly come from experiences of meeting a neighboring intelligence, and also the 'energetic creatures' or 'energetic predators' as mentioned by Carlos Castaneda, as far as anyone has met such ( to be clear, there are such in the universe that חפא knew).
In the matter of predators, that limitation in our vision, our inability to what חפא called 'permanent knowledge', together with the ability of the neighboring intelligences to evade from our reception network – definitely puts us in a lower place on the evolutionary scale, where we are in the position of being potential prey. 'Those I know are vegetarians' he would joke to reassure, and sometimes he said 'our flesh is not yet ripe enough for that'. And I didn't know if he meant our private flesh, or the flesh of all mankind.

Meanwhile, in the 'protected' masters' farm where we are, they leave it to other human beings, supposedly ours, to eat our living flesh.


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extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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