Guest Post: Revolving Door, Dimensional Worlds, 'Imaginary Friends'

The topic of the 'revolving door' was mentioned in a previous post, I said that I did not deal with it, and I do not intend to deal with it either, but for those interested, here are some parts of a 'guest lecture' that I transcribed in 2007 by one of our people, which will give, as an introduction, a little background on our view on the subject, and with it you offered Real research'. Wishing you a happy and nutritious holiday, hope of deliverance from the darkness that surrounds us.
הצועד בנעליו

"Our consciousness, like the body-the human machine within which it is located, is built according to what, for lack of another word, we call programming, programming that is compatible with the structure of the brain, its physical size, its memory capacity (some would prefer to call it cumulative evolutionary directioning, and I don't decisive here is whether they are right or not. In any case, it is very similar to programming, with that there are many who will agree with me.) as human beings, we are built in such a way that through the mechanism of sensory recognition, the so-called sensors, without which it is impossible to perceive anything that exists outside of us, our brain will be able to perceive what we need in the framework necessary for our existence in the service of the 'factory of nature' for which we are workers constantly replaced.

What we cannot perceive within this programming (or the accumulated evolutionary directioning) should also not disturb us as worker-survivors of this 'natural factory', where we carry out the process of evolution, the continuation of fertilization and reproduction, without knowing why and what the meaning of all this.

This does not mean that what we cannot perceive, does not exist.

What we do not perceive, can be found in a kind of area that our cognitive pattern leaves as an 'unknown area' or a 'forbidden area'. This is the 'cunningness of nature', and some would say the cunningness of the engineer' who built us – an alien or a god. We won't go into that.

And what we do not know may include, for example, additional dimensions in the cosmos – "dark dimensions", dimensions that there is no evidence that knowing them is good for some war of human existence and survival (therefore those who fear for their existence and survival, are welcome to get off the ride now).

It also may not be. It is possible that outside the area of ​​our cognitive pattern what is there is complete emptiness. We may never know. I have my opinion, but it shouldn't interest you.

But what may interest you, if you stayed, is that although our consciousness does not cross the boundaries of the evolutionary structure, or almost does not cross, a part of our time-space, passes there, or is there, beyond these boundaries, and it is there all the time.
And take a tip: there are certain times and certain situations, when our consciousness may get there, and it does get there. What she sees there, immediately passes through our evolutionary filter, which arranges everything according to the boundaries and categories known to it, and quite quickly we lose what we really experienced, like a dream that is forgotten shortly after waking up. Nevertheless there are a number of things that remain, like signs, at least some of the time. One of these things may be the "imaginary friends" that some of us have (about 65% of children in America aged 3-5 had, as of 2004, such friends, according to research done by the University of Washington and the University of Oregon) mainly during childhood.

There are revolving doors that exist between two worlds – two dimensions. There are those who have had 'imaginary' friends come to them through such doors. There are those who tried to restore and build them themselves. There are those who have also passed through it to the other side, there are those who are on the other side even now.

I propose a claim, according to which these 'friends' come from those dimensions outside the 'structure of consciousness as determined by evolution', or perhaps, they are not the ones who "come", but we are the ones who come to them, in those rare situations where part of our consciousness is able to glide there, to "sites" that are blocked from us by evolution, or the management of the Cosmic Internet of Consciousness, or whatever it is.
Because those rare conditions are usually found in childhood. In children, the same programming/evolutionary survival mechanism that closes the consciousness against "what it does not need" is not yet rigid, as well as the "personality", or "ego", the great gatekeeper, which is usually built in an environmental socialization process of competition in which It becomes 'unhealthy' to hold positions that the child's early knowledge still holds. And so, children whose consciousness wanders and grasps something else, do not exactly know how to define what they are holding, and it may be that the 'friends' is not really 'living beings' but the children, they are the ones who define "it" as such with 'borrowings' they know from the usual dimensions, through which they humanize what they are Connect with.
It is possible that these things are true about the imaginations of the 'psychic' or users of 'hallucinogens' and others who have 'visions'. It may not be possible to know this until a way is found to photograph the dimensions that are unimaginable and as of now also unphotographable. In the meantime, research can be done using existing tools, which will take some of the assumptions brought up here into account as possible assumptions."

R. Longmayu

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