Natural Gliders


Gliders (soarers, דואים) – Mentioned in the Space Animals post.

The gliders are creatures flying in space without using any spaceships at all.

“They glide with the wind of space.

Some  gliders, the largest among them, are themselves used as spacecraft, there are many stories about them related to the ancient times of the space travel,, but are still used today."

The gliders are divided into two types:

There are gliders that  glide by choice.

And there are gliders who don't know another way of existence. "They are born in space, and consume their own air and defense from themselves. They are natural gliders. They can be defined as real "space animals ".

Some say that all the planets, moons, asteroids and comets are nothing but such natural gliders."

פורסם על ידי הצועד בנעליו In-his-shoes walker

extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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  1. A book I recently read about the 'Hale Mary Project' offers the possibility of a journey close to the speed of light using 'energy bacteria' that drink solar energy and are able to approach the speed of light. Something like this may have been and may still exist in diverse space that flies using solar or galactic energy (and if so they move mostly in areas rich in such energy, more dense than our region) until they reach the speed of light threshold, then, just before they reach it, they ' Explode 'into a huge number of particles that are almost pure light, and then, as they slow down their flight, they' collect 'again. Something about that we heard in the journey of heaven, there was such a possibility or danger that we were all ‘dispersed’ and then there is our ‘re-collection’ procedure that has to do with focusing on ‘painting on the spaceship floor’ that collects us.
    At some point, perhaps in the black holes, intelligent cultures ("intelligent information transmitters") were formed that knew how to control these holes and harness spacecraft to them – what happens in the "Hale Mary Project". This is a culture before man – this is not the culture of crocodiles, maybe they are its degeneration. But the crocodiles had spaceships (which Prometheus stole) – they are remnants of the developed culture (which may have also created the 'rivers').
    Before all that – the most basic charge of low-density information was light. Then the universe was smaller too. Something of the knowledge of the universe was then preserved, and broadcast. Before Prometheus and all these stories of the beginning of the human race.

    The end of days will be
    When everyone knows permanent
    I'll be there
    I'll see you when you arrive
    If you arrive at all


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