Star Dust

The stars and galaxies are created out of dust that is rich in materials found in the universe, dust that has survived from ancient bangs and stars that have died.

All the life-creating materials are scattered in this dust, and also a kind of thought and consciousness is found in the dust of the stars, without being able to crystallize into individually crafted entities we call living beings

The star dust feels, feels, breathes the materials around it, thinks and even has desires. Its parts and regions are distinct from one another, but they do not organize and form into a body and that is what sets them apart from what we call creatures.

To become a creature, the dust particles need to be transformed into an organic cell or homed onto an existing organic entity.

A planet is a large organic entity that star dust exploits to organize for all creatures, but creatures also form outside the planets, and one example I have come up with is the natural gliders, which of course, some include among  them the planets themselves.

There are those who claim that even though the star dust has no body, its life processes justify defining its various parts and regions as creatures, living things or pre-creatures. There is evidence of stellar dust regions with a thinking identity that exist for thousands and millions of years. So, too, was the attitude to the dust of the 'Federation' registration officials as they counted the areas that had life within them, and tried to list the number of living items.

Creatures that belonged to the "Federations Elites" used to use the name "star dust" on loan to all living items with the right to vote in the federation, and the two meanings should not be confused.


There are “colonies”-communities of intelligent life that live in mutual symbiosis that includes awareness and types of order and social organization. These multicreatural “colonies” float in space and some of them may exist before living cells start to settle on the planets. It may be from the galaxies' cores, and they appear to be mainly in the spaces between adjacent suns, where there is heat radiation that is easy to assimilate even at Pluto-Kuiper Belt distances and beyond. (That's why there aren't many near the solar system)

'Adamic' or 'Adamic-like' federations who think they know everything may not really be aware of the existence of these “colonies” and of their ‘populations’ within the federation itself. The “colonies” are often part of the 'dark matter' of federations – which are either obliterated or denied. But that is where the essence of the "alien collective" that populates every federation and distributes the "telepathic awareness language" is.

Federation leaders, at least the earthy and earthy-like ones, look from a global-planetary perspective and count major planets and peripheries around them. But much knowledge is learned, consciously or unconsciously, through these colonies, some of which span light years.

The knowledge and idea of ​​telepathic Internet is learned and copied from these places, rich in "thinking energy" accumulated, that its ancestors are everywhere with molecular building blocks and its density can be likened to that of water. The "particle" transport and connection means were also learned from these systems, without anyone being able to give them the copyright.

One can say that there is some kind of competition between global-planetary existence (that some people consider to be a kind of "ticky"  existence) and this kind of existence, which is cooperative (in the sense of co-operation, which is rejected, for example, because it includes in some cases passing food materials from mouths to mouths) and pluralistic (including Communicate with a wider variety of life forms than what the earthly world is capable of). The competition is in every super-planetary and super-systemic corporation where these types of creatures are found. 

Originally written on 2007

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extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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