UFO's and "areas" – real and fake

C was here when the UFO craze started at the end of 1996. Then he traveled again (and on one of the trips he included me). His opinion was that most of the stories were fake and even if people really saw UFOs, they were not UFOs but the product of some kind of Earthian deception industry. But there are really visits from extraterrestrials, as those who know C know. He identified them all these years, and he gave us signs on how to identify real aliens. A large part of the UFO industry, answered C to those who asked him, was indeed designed to make spin, to distract from where the "objects" really are present.
"So if you want to look for them, you have to go in the opposite direction from where everyone is looking for or 'finding' them" I said.

"What is the direction in which everyone is looking for or 'finding' them"? asked someone else. "Do you have a paterns-characterization?"
"There is a lot of justice in The walker's words," C said. "But we should really characterize paterns, make a list of the places where people who claim to have met UFOs, met them according to their words, try to find the characteristic lines common to all of them, and then I will rule out everything. This is your homework."

And the same goes for sites, such as "Area 51" that C actually tried to reach when he was in the US, but in his opinion it is a fake site that was specifically announced to draw people's attention away from the REAL places of the MIB or the real "research". So where are these REAL places? C expressed the belief that some of them are indeed in military bases that are apparently used formaly for something else. "So how does no one know about it? A lot of people serve in these places and someone needs to know." C said in response that since it is only a small number of people who are engaged in this ("and you will never see more than 5 of them at one time in one place, and that is generous") the attention of other people is small, what's more, these People who are specially trained not to attract attention. "You see movies like "close encounters of the third kind", where entire areas are closed and those who are there encounter UFOs, it's not like that."

Other places are all kinds of gray-looking buildings, like the abandoned-looking factory he showed us one night, a long time ago, in Har Chotzvim (an industrial area in north Jeruslalem, which was then a rather 'end of the universe' area). I remember this building as an unattractive place, and even was in it something that causes a very unpleasant feeling, a feeling of rejection, a kind of terible nausea to those who look at it. "There are places like this in the city as well" he told us "you pass by them and ignore them, and you don't even ask yourself why".

Not long before he left, he mentioned a more radical possibility. "There are areas that are even more interesting than what you saw the movies, but you will never see them, because the mind is removed from them. And this is in a built-in way. They are here, but in another dimension." The area of ​​evasion, to which C and "The stolen" Stoli disappeared to me when I accompanied them, on C's last day on earth, is in such a dimension. It's not "there", it's here.

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