The returning to the mode of the universe

When C contacted us for the first time, through Stoli's erasing-board, his question, after telling us he was born in Earth, in Haifa (although he actually was born in Jerusalem), appeared on the board, in Hebrew, "Is Ben Gurion still alive?" Ben-Gurion was the prime minister when C left the earth in 1962. We told him no, and when he asked who is the current prime minister in Israel, we answered that it's Yitzhak Rabin. The day he came back, after we met him and we started walking, he reminded us that conversation and asked if Rabin was still the prime minister. He then had in mind to go and meet the Prime Minister. We told him "no", and Zvi said "You've landed today on Begin Planet. Welcome." Stoli and I laughed at Zvi's words, including his political fervor. Over time I realized that Zvi was right, and that not only C, we also landed in a completely new world.

C's parents were patriotic-Zionist Israelis, who as archaeologists felt a special connection to the landscape of the country and its land, therefore they gave C and his sister very biblical names. They were proud to represent their country in that international archeology project as part of which they went to Ecuador, first to Greece.

It took C about a year or so, after his return here, alone, at 1977, to realize that he does not belong here to anything anymore, that he has no country, and the same feeling that accompanied him in space, is the reality on Earth as well. "I don't have a country, I don't belong to a country, I belong to the universe" he said. "When I was outside I was a space wanderer, move and wander in space, and here too I move and wander in space." He said it for the first time in the first group, the boys group forum, and he said it again in the years to come.

C was careful not to make us pessimistic, he didn't want to do that to us. He just said, "One day this may happen to you too. Try even before then, this is the advice I offer you now, to belong to the universe. If once the country or any framework , to which you are loyal and think as your prymary belonging base, falls to pieces, or throw you away, remember the universe, it is still there, and this universe, and this is the truth, is your primary belonging. That won't be changed. It can also give you a way." I think it was at the bonfire of the names burning with the group, anyway on one of those days, that he told us this. In later years, he talked about an Internet whose servers are not on Earth, and not controlled by humans from here, to which we need to connect. "And it's completely not "God", anyway not in the meaning that "his" 'ground teams' give it", he said.

For me, in those years, it was very easy to connect with this spirit of C. I also felt that I did not belong to anything, did not identify with anything, with a country or a society, even though materially I had no shortage. I, too, in some place, did not belong to this Earth. Moving and wandering in space I was, just like C. Then better years came to me, in which I did feel a sense of belonging to what was happening here and even pride, even happiness for periods. Then came years again when I had to re-remember C's words, "return and connect to the mode of the universe" as Zvi, who chose from the mid-80s to do it in another country, called it. It happens from time to time, and every time it happens again, this thing, getting back into universe mode, gets harder.

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