Direct Contact, Planet N and the G.D

There is an opinion, it is not of C specifically, that Gorbachev had contact with outsiders, meaning that he was the most senior at the level of senior leadership who had it at the direct level. Planet N's narrative is that they are working to reduce wars on different planets, and Gorbachev is more suited to them. From my acquaintance with C, he was skeptical of such narratives and it seems to me that he saw world politics, for its 'good' and 'bad', as a kind of deception triggered by forces which are indifferent to the Adamian and his wars, and at worst, collaborators of the galactic darkness (what we believed about Netanyahu, and C also believed in this without explicitly saying, meaning that Netanyahu also has a 'direct' contact, but with the galactic darkness and I thought that Lieberman has it as well) along with this he agreed that the reduction of nuclearization in the world is an external interest because of the systemic ripples that a nuclear disaster can cause, and also because of the danger of harm to the 'investments' that outsiders have on Earth (and therefore, he said, the 1986 human-federation agreements were signed to regulate this matter).
Putin, according to Planet N, could be the product of contact with 'inferior' aliens who are doing all the evil in the world. Netanyahu, as I bleieve, and proably C too, is darker then him, but as for C, it should be remembered that he left just before Putin made his first invasion of Georgia and it is difficult to know what he would say about him now, at the time he did not see him as a player different than the restrained global network, not worse, for example, than G.W. Bush, then President of the United States.
This was Anna, C.'s Chernobyl partner in 1985-2004 (who, like her partner, was skeptical of all the joys of the new age that the end of the Cold War brought), that the times she participated in our talks, feared even then that Russia would harass Ukraine, and in her opinion in the global agreements between the heads of the planet and the Federation Ukraine had already been given as a harlot's pay to the Russians for their agree to participate in the extraterrestrial agreement that preceded all the agreements between Russia and the West that came during the Gorbachev period and beyond. And she found the evidence in the fact that Ukraine was forced by agreements from the 1990s to give up nuclear weapons in its territory, which if it had in its possession today the story would have looked completely different.
C on the other hand did not see a scenario of a war that could be atomic and believed that the agreements with the federation would bind any head of state.

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