"With hatred one does not reach the kingdom of heaven"

A small confession, which will not surprise those who know me even a little: I hate fascists. I think I have all the moral right in the universe to hate them, and not just the right, also the duty, for what they did and always want to do similar to me, for those I consider to belong to my identification group, for all their bad contribution to humanity, it is not just a right and a duty, It's also an act of health. If there is a healthy hatred, it is the hatred of the fascists, of fascism and all that it represents, and if I have any sacred mitzvah, it is a mitzvah 'And thou shalt hate the fascists'. It's in my blood and in my essence, even before 'C's alien knowledge', even before other things.

C, if we use his things as things of supreme arbitration, for being a 'constant knower', for being, so he convinced us all, the one who really got to look at the earth for all its problems and conflicts from places where it did not even look like a speck of dust, and in general because his being 'a little out of our world ', did not contradict anything I think of most of the right cosmically. He even reinforced things for me in this regard. C did not say not to hate. He was not a man of 'do' and 'do not'. But he said the problem with hate is that it has a certain pleasure, the pleasure is in the feeling that I am better than the one I despise, or that if the grooup I belong to is not fascist, according to its own defination, its people are sure to be better. Thus, I rehabilitate my damaged ego. A person needs humility, a person needs to ask himself if there is no situation, where he can be like the other. He also said that engaging in disgust for someone else, is an overuse of energy and it is always at the expense of energy that could have been directed to something else, more promoting. He did not say so explicitly, but I and others who have heard it, we understood this as energy that we need to save for the possibility that we will pass Lindigra, that we will one day want to reach the place of the 'permanent knower', or to be perfected as human beings. The disgust, and the feeling of superiority that accompanies it, leaves us 'down', with those we hate. (By the way, the sentence in the title, if you asked, is not of C. Phrases like 'Kingdom of Heaven' were never heard from him).

Zvi said, after years of common study of all the things C said, that a man in any case does not live forever, he may one day be able to prolong his life in triple-digit numbers of years, but in any case, all in all, it will remain he, his loves and hates. Zvi told me that is why he is not interested in Lindigra, his life is enough for him as he is with the time allotted for it, and what matters to him in it is what he liked, what he hated, in his one-time appearance as a speck of dust on a speck of dust in the universe. For him, hate is just as significant and important as love. And he is certainly willing for to be written on his tombstone (if he does not choose to contribute his body to science) "hated right-wingers" and in that sense, he is more extreme than me. The stolen Stoli, as usual, did not reveal to us the mysteries of his mind, nor did we know if he had any opinion on the matter.

I'm in a conflict these days, called "what to do with this hatred," not because I expect Lindigra, it probably won't happen in my day, or I know what the kingdom of heaven is. And yet I feel that the ‘summary stage is near’, even though it could have been said at any time. And in part of that, I also have a commitment to spreading C's stuff. I do not work in the service of the state or in the service of any Zionist company, I am not committed to being the neutral person and I would lie if I tried to present myself as such or as someone 'devoid of biases', they will not believe me either. And yet I ask if one does not harm the other and even contradicts it. I will find my answer, but I would love to hear your opinion.

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