Left and right according to C

Zvi was the most leftist among us, Stoli was a liberal of ‘Live and Let Live’ and the love and music energies of Planet N, of which he was the main representative of its ‘bag’. I've always been somewhere between them. C always said that when we reach his level of permanent-knowing, most of the political questions we deal with will dwarf, but it is not that we will stop being political animals.

The world will not become John Lennon's world, when we know permanently, he said, at least not in one day. People will continue to believe in the things they believe in, depending on their genetic predispositions, national and cultural affiliation will still be a decisive factor, and states will exist. Still, we will have another dimension, when we see things from the place he sees them. Not only will it be harder to lie to our consciousness and sell it fakes in the conscious and subconscious methods it is done today. 'We will not need a TV to tell us what's going on' because we will know something that will be 'fixed' in our common sense, which nowadays constantly needs to be redesigned over and over again. There were times he was able to taste us in the experience of this thing, but not always. Our attitude; he said, to issues that shape the debate between 'right' and 'left' such as the issue of land and ownership, as well as the issue of property, private and common, will be seen in a slightly different light, especially when we get to know some more intelligent forms a little older than us in the universe, who once walked the great road we walked. But still, we will be right and left, or something that creates them, at the base.

Becoming a ‘permanent knower’ will inevitably involve a struggle with some Matrix of consciousness, which C did not always know whether it is in our ‘natural engineering’ or the directed product of Yahwehs' engineering. One of our tasks, when we know pernanently, will be to find out, he said. And to me it sounds paradoxical, how can we know constant before we find out why we do not know constant? Isn’t it a bit like lifting ourselves up in the hair of our head? But C said that there are more other things that 'their first revelations are even before they can be discovered' and this sentence was obscure to me for many years. C believed that in the struggle against this Matrix , the differences between the basic 'left' and the 'right' in the human race would be manifested. The right, he told us, is more conservative and the people on the right will have a tendency to continue the Matrix and cooperate with it, even at the expense of injustice, not social injustice but injustice to self-awareness. Not that leftists, and certainly not the Israeli 'leftist camp', are better or smarter, or less dogmatic. And C had quite a bit to tell about the dogmatism he encountered on the part of the 'enlightened'. And yet, he said, the learning tradition in which the left has grown is the one that may, if used correctly, "bring the person out of darkness into the light" in the transition to permanent knowledge and beyond. ‘The advantage that the traditionalists have’ C said ‘is in the belief that there is something outside the human world of causes. It can make them modest. ‘Enlightened’ tend to be arrogant, know everything, no one can tell them anything, and also, if they are already getting something new, they will only get it from the mouth of an authority figure, doctor, professor, or general. Not from anyone else. The poor man's wisdom is despised. 'And better they get it from rabbis?' Zvi asked. 'Same thing' said C. I have said many times that the 'right' and 'religious' do not lack arrogance, dogmatism and condescension and if I had met C today I would say that they have become stronger over the years. C agreed with me mainly on 'Religious Zionism'. We also agreed that 'left' and 'right' in the country is much more a matter of clans – what tribe you belong to, than a matter of thought, and people who were 'salt of the earth' are very conservative as to what they perceive as belonging to their 'veterans' rights'. ('We Founded the State!'). It was only a reinforcement of his claim that 'there is no real left and right here' and who we really are, who each of us is, we will only know when we know permanently or maybe a little before, when we are cleansed off the Matrix, even for moments. (C said he knows 'the base colors' of each of us. He analyzed a lot of the base colors, our 'essence colors', and on occasion I will write about it, but he did not want to say which of us is' right' and which 'left'. 'You will have to complete it alone 'he said). And in a state of ‘true left and right’ C said, he prefers the left, for a main reason, that the left is guided by the attitude that all people are equal, leading to the humility needed for those who want to maintain ‘constant knowledge’. The right, in essence, seeks the power, the supremacy of its status and the divine justification for it.

I have asked myself over the years two questions about these things: One question is whether all people really want, or will want, to maintain ‘constant knowledge’. The second question was what significance does 'equality of all people' have in the world of aliens, what is more the opinion of C was, that not all human beings came from the same source. Over time I have come to understand more the concept of C " equality ', which is a cosmic concept, which I still think it's a matter of a lifetime to grasp, understand and internalize to the end.

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