Inter-worldial Knowledge coordination

'Knowledge coordination between worlds' is not taken for granted anywhere. Even worlds that are parallel to each other are not supposed to 'transfer knowledge' to each other and there are even laws in the different worlds which order who is allowed to give knowledge or with whom is allowed to 'coordinate (synchronize) knowledge', and in human language one can certainly see the origin of laws as alien apartheid. And the human world on Earth has been under such apartheid since ancient times.
An institute for coordinating knowledge between worlds may therefore be in conflict with spatial / inter-world laws that exist here.
Coordinating interworldyal knowledge can, for example, combine human knowledge gathered through terrestrial human science with parallel knowledge gathered in external worlds, and complete things or challenge very basic conventions. It can bring a quick solution to the problems facing humanity and 'expand the picture of the universe'. I am talking about 'knowledge between worlds' because even between the parallel worlds on Earth "not supposed be" knowledge coordination.
Everything I do can be defined as a craft of knowledge coordination. And maybe it's forbidden, or needs licenses and franchises that are not given in 'Earth World'.


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