Releasing captives in war is not a simple thing

This was the role of the members of the Order of the Bright Ray, of which Chapa was one, in the war: rescuing captives, and it was not easy, Chapa said, because in external wars, interstellar, captives of wars have long been not taken except when someone is very hungry. And when that happens, usually pretty quickly the rescuers no longer have much left to do.

For such a case of a captive Chapa had expected when he was called to rescue a captive, "a very important captive" in that yellow asteroid, which he had already passed near earlier on the way to their resting place, at the end of a spaceship day of activity. The clouds of battle seen on it signaled to them that they would have to return there in not long, and Chapa had already prepared himself. But what he saw was a completely different kind of captive. Not that he had not heard of this type of captivity, but it was the first time he had encountered it on the ground. It signaled to him how senior this captive is, so much so that the capturers are willing to risk themselves in returning to the field, to take him "full", inside the webs they put on him, so that he can not move any part of himself, so that it will be very difficult to physically extricate him while remaining until they come back, and also to mark that they are still around, and you better not make trouble for them when they come to pick up this senior, who was vibrating nervously and shaking all the thick webs around him, and to Chapa it looks, with the webs around, like a big diamond-spider, dark blue, almost like the female warrior who accompanied him to the rescue mission, but shining in the center.

Chapa immediately realized that this was not an accidental captivity, if at all it was included in the definition of "captivity." This someone was too important for "chance" to fall on him. For a moment he wondered if it was within the permits of his order, to mess with such ranks. In such things he usually consulted with his guide, who had gone through all the stages with him since the abduction from Earth, but precisely on this day he was in a different sector. And those who called for him, and stood on the cliff above, signaled to him that they would not tolerate a concession from him, and he realized that he was not here to make such considerations. And they know it too, so they called for him. But how can he really cut off the evil, heavy web of webs that closes in on the blue diamond that continues to vibrate nervously, as if not realizing where it is? He knew there was special equipment for this, but it had to be brought from where it was, it's not really close here and at any moment there is a better chance that they, the capturers, will come back, and take him and the blue female warrior next to him as well. This is a dangerous area. He looked at the webs again, and again, and then realized that there was something simpler, that was right in the bag on his back, he had not used it since Earth, how many years had passed? For the first time since, he did not feel foolish for his insistence, at all the stops he has gone through since he was abducted, to stay with the schoolbag with which he was torn from Earth, and continue to take it on his back even to the war grounds. He also thought how idiotic it was that these outsiders, for all their billions of years of seniority, had not yet invented something as simple as scissors. Meanwhile a light cloud began to appear on the asteroid horizon, as if from a greater distance, and Chapa knew it was not a cloud, and he was in a race against time.

The color of it, as it got closer, was black-gray and most disgusting from moment to moment, Chapa knew that not many more moments would pass until it started raining on him and on the female warrior what would make them captives too, he just did not know if they would be captives like the blue creature he tried to rescue, or captives of one of the other types, and he did not want to bet which one. He kept cutting and slicing the webs around the blue like crazy, with the blue female fwarrior running around them making movements which the blast beams sent from it against the cloud could be seen sharp and clear, but it was a sign that the cloud was taking over the little air in the field, and the heat increased and penetrated through the tight safety skin.
He did not know how long her forces would last, but he was happy even in those moments for they both had hands (upper limbs) which none of the others in the field had. The webs had already been cut almost all of them and the vibrating diamond-like blue had already begun to extricate itself from what was left when Chapa felt the cloud touching him, a stinging and sharp touch. He was about to faint.

Then they arrived, the other rescuers, accompanied by a huge line of battle spacecraft that repelled the cloud far, far away. Chapa was tested and found un-captive, as were found the female Blue Warrior and the vibrating Blue, the important one, he extracted, and that was the beginning of two wonderful friendships.

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