Guided comets

This week we were informed that Prof. Avi Leib, who heads the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University, has announced a project to search for signs of external visits to Earth, past and present. Prof. Leib is also the one who has argued in recent years that the interstellar bone Umuamua, which passed through the inner solar system in 2017, was probably not "just" an asteroid or comet – but a bone guided by outer ones outside the solar system. This of course can not help but remind me of posts I have posted here in the past, and especially the post "Guided Comets", originally posted on October 7, 2006. As part of the blog's 17th birthday next month, I will re-upload a number of founding posts, and I am happy to open with this post from the series "Back To alternative history".

C0502550-שביטים מונחים


Researchers of species origin in the high schools of galactic intelligence, and certainly in the lower schools as well as some of the readers here were privileged to attend, had no answer to the question of whether the wingless mammals that began appearing 50 million years ago in the blue button at one end of the galaxy, and for one scientist who was known to have somewhat delusional ideas, they reminded in their nature the humans, they are indeed the product of a genetic formula stolen from the labs of one of the high schools (which had the exclusive franchise for the distribution of human DNA in the areas of the inter-stellar-system authority), as argued the scientist. They did not completely disqualify it. The phenomenon of stealing small research spaceships and genetic treasures from school laboratories, and burying them on buttons then found beyond the reach of the inter-stellar authority was, unfortunately, quite common.In fact, this argument (in which some have even argued that the new mammals are a new creation of the ancient masters, who still need slaves as before, but prefer them with more limited mobility, heavier and cumbersome and with slightly smaller brain capacity) is considered boring by most developing communities. All sorts of new species of life that have grown on all sorts of distant planets, have long since ceased to employ the most developed civilization of the interior of the galaxy, which by this time, 49997994 years BC, had already seen it all.
If it was interested in something at those distant, marginal systems whose "low isolated solar radiation reaching their planets is unlikely to ever be enough to provide the energy needed to form thinking and engineering minds", as the president of the scientists put it, at the same meeting of the middle-high schools, where it was decided to limit the budget of the study called 'Species Origin' given hitherto without a line, these were the guided comets caches that were at the ends of many of these systems.

The guided comets
Back then, in the distant past, shrouded in the mists of telepathic reverberations and stories that no one today can know the extent of their veracity, when spacecraft were not yet a common means of transportation because high-speed means of transportation were unfamiliar, hide those whoever hid, knowledge between the stars on guided comets.
Comets, those ice and other frozen materials small stones, and large rocks lumps, which as they approach the sun, as the ice melts, erupt from an aura of gases released from the frozen nucleus, used by those who used it as spacecraft, being the fastest bodies known. On top of those comets, which he learned to guide and control their movements, he transferred from the ends of the systems to their opposite ends, and even from system to system, passengers of various kinds, engineers and workers, raw materials, frozen sperm and other treasures that were valuable to him.

These comets are a known fact in the galaxy. It is not known who used these comets and guided them. Those who still believe in the mythology of the War of the Masters and the bee humans, say that comets are the ancient spaceships of the masters, before the human slaves who worked in their service engineered the small spaceships. Some even claim that the masters themselves are these comets, and their proof of this is that the masters have always been described as long crocodile creatures whose tails have reached innumerable miles, just like the comets.
Others claim that ancient cultures lost from the world preserved on top of these comets, before losing, the basics of their knowledge, shared in encrypted ways, for the sake of the future civilizations thhat will know how to decipher, and continue where they left off.
These comets and their treasures continue to attract treasure hunters on the one hand, especially in remote areas of the galaxy that are less subject to government search bans, and on the other, high school research expeditions, which still find unsolved riddles that justify asking for more budgets from the governments of the galactic civilization.
(From "Etipedia" – the free telepathic encyclopedia of the Galactic Internet)

In the 1950s, according to the count of people in the blue button in one of those remote and low-energy solar systems in the Orion arm, began to be recorded, at listening stations of the Federation which are closest to it, located in Epsilon Aridnus and Sirius Alpha, signals that indicate a new development taking place in the 50-million-year-old young mammals in the button. The signals of nuclear weapons being fired there did not excite the centers of civilization in the universe, whose history is rooted in the warfare of horns that split planets, and no longer is a considered planet, not equipped with 100% safe interceptors. Still, an unsubstantiated broadcast received in late 1961 at one of the unmanned IT stations, according to which the blue-button "human" managed to launch a first spacecraft out of the atmosphere a few years earlier, raised some particular, irrational concern.
Nevertheless, the treasure troves discovered by a high school research spacecraft that arrived at that solar system at one time in one of the comets, treasures of rare material of quality that had long been looted by adventurers from other places in the universe where it once was, occupied galactic civilization and filled its telepathic internet discussions throughout Time, much longer than it was occupied by the expedition reported, according to which it managed to guide the same comet to the vicinity of the blue button and even abducted with it three human cubs, which were taken for follow-up research on one of the historical planets of human civilization in the galaxy.

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