What do Yahwehs believe in?

At the beginning of the Yahwehs way (before the became Yahwess), they also believed in local gods, vengeancers and grudge bearers, each of whom protects his tribe or believers, makes them superior to the rest of the Adamites, and above all, gives his priests and his believers and those who speak in his name the right to rule over others and take their property.

The discovery of the universe, the development of space flights and the growth of the first interplanetary adamic federations, brought about a new conception of God, and some say that a new conception of the deity was a condition for the formation of a multiplanetary and multisolar system of adamics or any creature of their kind. In short, the Adamic beings who they are our Yahwehs, who engineered us (along with other sibling beings who are not necessarily similar to us) and the structure of our cognition and consciousness, believed in a force that is in the universe, or beyond the universe, and is the 'spirit of the universe' or the 'final answer' to the question of why the universe exists, and is also the 'correct intention' of things', sometimes he was also called 'the good spirit', but the only way for Adamites (i.e Yahwehs) to connect with him is to 'feel or know the intention of the things, the processes, the direction they are going' and this must be a joint action. The Adamic Yahwehs denied revelation to individuals, and praying to God to change things for them became a meaningless concept for them. You can bless, wish "that you find the right intention of things", something similar to "may the force be with you", not more. But any activity of worship connection was brutally displaced and confiscated. Various practices obtained (or were appropriated) by the ancient religions of space in their efforts to connect with the deities were collected and preserved in places that the priests of the religions could not reach, in the schools of galactic reason/intelligence.

Now ask, what is the galactic intelligence, and the intelligence of the creation ray? All the intelligences that C talked about, are they different from this 'force'?Well, there are those who think there is no difference, and C personally knew Yahwehs who identified 'the Force' with the Galactic Intelligence, the Ray of Creation and other concepts in a series I have not yet written about. But the origins of the concepts are different and belong to different periods and regions of the Yahweh civilization and so are the concepts behind their creation, and it is therefore necessary to understand the background and concept behind each concept.All i’ll say, is that although this seems to contradict some Tamket legends, apparently the concept of "the Force" is earlier than the concepts of galactic intelligence and the ray of creation, etc. by how much? Certainly in a few billion "small" Earth years. The concept of "the Force" is a concept agreed upon by 'sacred' agreement as a concept of faith, not of knowledge or science and not of law. Consepts as the concepts of the Ray of the Creation Intelligence and the Galactic Intelligence are concepts that are a function of knowledge, which were created as a result of research done in the schools of the galactic intelligence over the course of several million ("small") Earth years, research that revealed that Intelligence does exist in the universe, the galaxies, the stars. the stardust and what has survived From "the universe that preceded them" ("the primordial universe" which – by the way – according to the consensus of scientists in the school of galactic reason – is a remnant of a previous universe that ended its life by contracting – and expanded again, creating our universe, and this is how it happens and will happen in endless cycles).

The scientists of the schools of galactic reason/intelligence emphasize in all their conversations with others on the subject, that the intelligences they have discovered, from which they also learn many things about the universe in the conversations they have with them on the most ancient telepathic internets of the cosmos, are not the same "force" or "god" that many of the Yahwehs believe in, but are an accumulation of cognition processes formed from reactions in the dense cosmic matter soup in which the galaxies and star systems were formed, and most of the scientists (and so the philosophers) oppose any act and ritual of faith towards these cognitions. Still, many say "with the help of the clear galactic intelligence" or "with the help of the creation ray" when their meaning is quite similar to "with the help of God" or "with the help of the Force".

Another intelligence that exists in the universe is the Dark Intelligences, which was created within huge gravitational fields like the black holes, much of it is galactic and stellar intelligence that was devoured by these huge "dark holes/sinkholes". There is disagreement among scientists about the extent of this intelligence. Some claim that it occupies the most volume among the intelligences in the universe, and some claim that it is not so.

When C talked to us about these things, I thought that the world of the creators of our consciousness, the Yahwehs, on the whole is very similar to our world in terms of concepts, beliefs, the concept of the cosmos, and perhaps everything that seems to us to be thoughts and concepts that we invented, is simply something that we inherited from them in the common ancient basic structure or In the programming of the insight in which they programmed us, indeed, "in their image as their likeness".

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  1. חפא נשאל בהרצאות ובפגישות בהן דיבר על היהווים ואמונתם, אם הוא עצמו מאמין בכוח הזה. פעמים אחדות תשובתו הייתה "לא אבל אני מאמין בכוחות, כולל כוחות שבית הספר של התבונה הגלקטית אינו מספר עליהם".
    בפעמים אחרות הוא אמר "בוודאי שאני מבין, אבל כמי שירד לסוף דעתם ותבונתם של הוגי האמונה הזאת, המילה 'כוח' היא מטעה, וגם 'רוח', הייתי רוצה לכך מילה ייחודית אבל אין"
    "מה עם אל" הציע מי שהציע
    "אל הוא בורא, אני לא יודע אם ניתן לייחס האצלה כזאת למשהו הנמצא בתוך היקום. יש 'בורא היקומים' אבל אין לך מושג כמה הוא רחוק".
    חפא אמר פעם, כששמע על הרמב"ם וקיבל הסברים מסטודנטים לפילוסופיה, שהוא לא יתפלא אם גם הרמב"ם נלקח באיזה שלב לא ידוע של חייו למסע גלקטי בבית הספר של התבונה הגלקטית.
    "אני בורא יקומים, ואני נמצא כאן בחדר הזה".
    "אבל אם לא היית יודע שיש יקומים או שאפשר לברוא אותם, היית בורא, או חושב על בריאתם? תן לעצמך תשובת אמת ותדע אם אינך סתם חקיין. זה יכול כל אחד להיות".


  2. "מה עם 'הDNA של היקום'? הצעתי. האמנתי תמיד שיש דבר כזה, שהוא מפה כתובה של היקום הנמצאת בכל פרט, ולכן 'האל' הוא משהו שנמצא בכל אחד. חפא הסכים איתי שיש דבר כזה, 'אבל הבורא נמצא בחוץ, מחוץ ליקומים כולם'.


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