The first spacecrafts – Introduction

As an opening to any discourse on the first spacecraft, it should be noted that bee humans, the ancestors of the Yahwes, that they are our ancestors, were born into a universe where fast spacecraft, or in more recent language – dense cargo transport options at the speed of the cosmic web – already existed. It is not known who discovered or created it.

Not that there is not a wealth of explanations, theories and stories about it. But it should be understood that when we talk about knowledge in the universe, even if it is knowledge of intelligence A, we are talking about knowledge that is fragmented. There is no such thing as a "super library', super directory', or a 'super Google' accessible to all 'cultures', even human cultures. True, there is a telepathic internet, but like our small internet, and more than that, it is full of reverberations some of which are in languages ​​that minds born today are no longer equipped with tools to understand, and it is also full of fakes, and there are neither bouncer, nor single 'super language' despite attempts to establish it. And there are many cultures, there is no single 'human' or 'Yahweian' culture, just take us as an example in the micro: if in our small world we still manage somehow and are able, thanks to the Internet, to create an almost worldwide 'network discourse', even with North Korea, imagine a situation to come coming years when there will be a settlement of the Earthlings on Mars. Within a generation or two, the cultures of Earth and Mars, which will grow under different conditions, body sizes will change due to gravity gaps (Martians will be higher, and will not be able to visit Earth) they may have a hard time understanding each other, they may be so foreign that the slang 'Speaking Martian' would describe something very tangible literal. And the internet will not help, maybe even worsen the situation. Now multiply the same thing by the number of human-Yahweian cultures already scattered in the universe. In places like the 'High School of Galactic Reason'. Attempts are made to unify knowledge, these attempts have to deal with all sorts of laws and prohibitions of federations on knowledge coordination (under one of these prohibitions our world is imprisoned), are not completely successful and knowledge that already exists, it is sometimes difficult to separate within between myths, beliefs, and various studies, which came from different angles and were made at different levels, in different planets.

Thus, the question of how the fast spacecrafts (i.e. the transport of dense cargo through the cosmic web) came to the universe has no clear solution, other than the consensus that they existed before the human-bee being.

There is knowledge in the 'unifying' galactic schools about 'space animals' – asteroid (and perhaps larger) objects with biological and not just physiological properties, which provide themselves with breathable gas and heat to survive in space temperatures from an internal source inside, or from gas reserves in space (Nebulae and more) near or within it these animals are found. What further characterizes these animals, unlike what we usually say about the space bodies we know, is that they move in a 'free orbit', meaning that they can determine their orbit and not be fixed in orbit like planets and asteroids, it can be said they are able to 'swim' against gravity of the systems. In fact, these 'space animals' are natural spacecraft and there are theories that attribute to them or to some of them a built-in ability to 'connect to the cosmic super-space network' / 'cancel the universe' / and thus bypass or reduce the speed-of-light problem. Those theories see them as the source from which were copied, by those who copied, the first flying vessels found in the hands of the terrestrial (earthly) cultures. There are stories that even go beyond that and claim that the first spacecrafts were space animals that were enslaved. I have already written about that too In the chapters of alternative history.

One well-known school in the Higher School of Galactic Intelligence claims that the earliest animals that had this ability were space animals that C called, while still studying at the School of Galactic Intelligence, 'spiders' – these are the earliest space animals that their existence attributed to the fifth billionth of the universe (according to the Earthy counting method that C synchronizes to the accepted board of his school). C called them spiders because they were weaving around them long and extensive networks of sensors that reached distances of light years, and according to the people of the same school, these spiders (whose shape was round) were able to connect to the super-space cosmic network and motivate themselves, while significantly-not-explained reducing their weight, for vast distances. Some even go so far as to say that they themselves weaved this super-space network. Many believe that modern 'leap' sites that exist in space (through which "the stolen" Stoli and C traveled in the last voyage, and a post about it written before 12 years were edited and soon to be republished) are built on paths that were weaved in the space by the ancient spiders.

Anyway (although there are versions that say that enslaved humans were the ones who built the first crafts for the alligators), what most schools agree on is that bee humans that appeared in space 3-4 billion years ago found flying tools in the universe in various forms, capable of traveling very far, And at least according to the common myth, they were not in their hands but in the hands of masters – alligators in whom it was necessary to rebel, and on the way to take out of their hands the all-powerful tools, or learn how to restore and build such tools and through those tools to equalize in their ability to the alligator masters who, like the space animals, are also attributed to birth not on earth, but in the cosmic soup generated by the black holes in the centers of galaxies, while swallowing stars on their systems.

Either way, at one point bee humans had the ability to fly in space, bypassing the speed of light, what humans on Earth seemingly are just beginning to think about how to get to. And this is where begins the bee-human's path to be Yahwes. Thanks for reading.

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